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WM32 Tickets, Punk Comic Available, UFC Capitalizing On Divas Revolution, Usos Speak

Ronda Rousey

- You can use the password WWEVIP to obtain Wrestlemania 32 tickets at this link from now through Thursday morning at 11 AM ET. As much as tickets are going for, I wouldn’t settle of just any seat. There are going to be plenty of opportunities.

- Drax #1 by CM Punk is now available, Wrestling News World reader Pietro Giampa reports. It appears this is about a week early but he has received a copy, so it’s out there if you’re interested. This is Punk’s first comic with Marvel.

- UFC has been promoting the hashtag #RouseyRevolution, encouraging fans to share their inspirational stories. It’s interesting to see them capitalize on the Divas Revolution, oh so subtly.

- The Usos are featured in the latest kayfabe weekly interview segment with Michael Cole. You can watch now embedded in the video below:

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