WNW Backstage News: Major Push Coming For Superstar, News On Charlotte Flair Brand Invitation News & Vince's Current Demeanor, AEW Double Or Nothing Price Information


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According to our own Thomas Fenton, it appears that Bobby Lashley has caught the eye of Vince McMahon and the plans are to give him a significant push on Monday Night Raw. WWE officials want a big man as an opponent for Drew McIntyre in the WWE Championship picture. Also it appears that WWE is phasing Lana out of being the manager of Bobby Lashley and instead MVP will step into that roll to help elevate Lashley. A match could happen as early as Summerslam between the two for the championship as Paul Heyman is notably high on Lashley.

Charlotte Germany

Also you should expect Charlotte to drop the NXT title sooner rather than later. While the initial plan was for Charlotte to work on NXT for much longer, with the absence of Becky, WWE officials feel they need Charlotte back on Monday or Friday Night's. We expect that Ripley, Io and Charlotte will end up facing off in a triple threat match, with Charlotte not taking the pin to keep her strong but getting the championship off of her. 

Vince McMahon

In addition it's been said that Vince McMahon has been in great spirits backstage. There is a more comfortable feel backstage and that Vince has been seen more often than in March or April. The new brand invitation was to try to help the current climate of wrestling and the viewership. Additionally it was done as more of a long term move for the networks as they feel with more stars they can draw more eye now during this time. The plan is to stop losing eyeballs each week and try to bring back eyeballs and new households right now.

While neither WWE or the Networks are pleased with viewership, both are looking at the situation as a group effort. Networks appreciate the amount of work WWE is putting into helping curve the downward trend and also providing additional television content. 


It appears that AEW Double or Nothing PPV price is set at $49.95. It was unknown prior if they would set it at that price point, due to discussions where they  previously many companies did not have a price and it was in discussions that it may have been at a lower price point due to the pandemic.

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