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Cesaro the wrestler that should be on the level of somebody like John Cena or Roman Reigns by now. Unfortunately, that's not the case and that is very sad. The first time I watched Cesaro wrestle was against Sami Zayn at NXT Arrival and I was amazed at the awesome performances by both men. There is no doubt that Cesaro is one of the most gifted athletic and technical wrestlers of all time. 

The other man this article is about needs no introduction. If you do not know who Paul Heyman is then you need to do some serious research before you call yourself a wrestling fan. 

To be honest, after seeing Cesaro wrestle for the first time I thought he would be a huge star for the WWE. I thought he would be a world champion down the line. So far neither of these predictions has come true. 

WWE played their cards perfectly at first on a setup to push Cesaro to the top of the company but ultimately failed. Let's first take a look at what WWE booked and then I will tell you all how I would've booked Cesaro with Paul Heyman. 


In June of 2013 Cesaro aligned with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger to form The Real Americans. Personally I loved this tag team and was one of my favorite things to see every week. The Real Americans had some success as a tag team but never reached the top and claimed the Tag Team titles for their own. In 2014 at Wrestlemania XXX The Real Americans were eliminated on the preshow in a fatal four-way elimination tag team championship match. Swagger after the match blamed Cesaro for the loss and the two men got into a scuffle that ended with a Cesaro swing. 

Later on, in the night is when the spark was ignited to get behind Cesaro and push him into one of the main spots. Cesaro entered the Andre the Giant Battle Royal as a surprise entrant and won the whole thing by picking up the Big Show and tossing him over the top rope with a body slam. The crowd was on fire for Cesaro winning this Battle Royal! The RAW right after WrestleMania the crowd was also on fire for Cesaro. 


After Cesaro was presented the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy by Hulk Hogan, he told Zeb Colter that he was now a Paul Heyman Guy. The crowd loved this pairing and that night it seemed like Cesaro was finally going to get the push he deserved. That did not happen and his push was seemingly gone within 2 months. A useless feud with RVD and Swagger. Losing an Intercontinental Title tournament. Missed opportunity after missed opportunity. On the July 21st episode of RAW, the partnership between Heyman and Cesaro was clearly over. 

Now lets book this storyline the way it should have happened. The crowd was clearly behind Cesaro after his Wrestlemania victory and his partnership with Heyman so why not push this guy through the roof. 

After getting introduced as a Paul Heyman guy I would've had Cesaro win the Intercontinental Title to start out with. He would have won the Intercontinental Title Tournament and went on to face Big E at Extreme Rules and win the Intercontinental Title. I would have Cesaro go into a heated Intercontinental Title rivalry with Jack Swagger at Payback and have Cesaro go over big time. After this PPV I would have Cesaro and Heyman come and let Heyman do his thing by putting over Cesaro and letting the crowd know that he is going after the vacant World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the Bank. I would have Cesaro earn his way into the Money in the Bank World Championship ladder match. 

During the  World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match, I would have Paul Heyman take out John Cena just before he reaches the championship and that allows Cesaro the climb the ladder and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. 


After Money in the Bank, I would create a classic rivalry between Cena and Cesaro for the World Heavyweight Championship that would create a ton of classic matchups. I would have Cesaro go over Cena in this rivalry. 

After the Cena rivalry, I would try to break Cesaro off from Heyman so he can make it on his own like I think he should. I would have Cesaro tell Heyman that he no longer needs him and wants to do things his way. This sets up for Heyman to bring in his old friend none other than Broooockkkk Lesnnnarrr to take out Cesaro and set up for a championship rivalry. Now in WWE, the Beast Incarnate would go over no doubt but I am not Vince. I would have Cesaro defy the odds and defeat the Beast Incarnate in a hard-fought matchup. Can you imagine the hard-hitting and technical matchup these two would put on? This would be a huge victory for Cesaro after Brock beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX. Yes, wrestling fans reading this I just booked Cesaro to beat Brock Lesnar get over it. 

I would have Cesaro as the World Heavyweight Champion all the way until Wrestlemania 31 where he faces Roman Reigns for that championship. At Wrestlemania 31 I would have the same finish as WWE booked. Seth Rollins sweeps in and steals the championship with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Then you can have as many Rollins and Cesaro matches as you want for that world championship because each match they have will deliver on so many levels. 

How would you have booked the Cesaro and Paul Heyman storyline in 2014? Tweet me @CEODROD on Twitter.

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