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WNW Fantasy Booking: Chad Gable


NXT Superstars making the transition to the main roster seem to have one of the biggest challenges within WWE today. Lighting up the black and gold brand on Wednesday nights counts for nothing if you can't prove to Vince McMahon and the extra competition that you're worthy of the big stage.


Following their success in NXT the 2016 draft saw Chad Gable and Jason Jordan drafted to Smackdown as Amercian Alpha were given the opportunity to showcase their talent on the blue brand. They injected some much needed life into the Smackdown tag team division and looked at home in their new environment with their athleticism and charisma.

They won gold for the first time on the main roster by defeating The Wyatt Family, Heath Slater and Rhyno, and The Usos in a four corners elimination match. This moment should have been the start of long, successful career for this talented team however the lack of competition and questionable booking resulted in a underwhelming run for the duo.

American Alpha had ran its course as Jason Jordan's draft move to RAW as the illegitimate son of Hall of Famer Kurt Angle signalled the end of a tag team which had so much potential.

Gable has floated around the main roster ever since without real purpose or direction. Despite glimpses of a push towards main storylines and opportunities he usually gets pushed to the back of a long line of talent waiting for their chance to shine. After surviving the latest wave of releases from the company the WWE hierarchy must see something in the former Olympian and maybe it is just a matter of time before he makes an impact.


His current persona of 'Shorty G' really doesn't sit well with me and does nothing for a talented performer held back by a gimmick that is neither credible or humorous. The former multi-brand Tag Team Champion and King of the Ring finalist deserves so much more and I believe I have a way to utilise his past to create a better future for him in WWE.

First and foremost the gimmick that has become a stain on his reputation needs removed immediately and I would keep this part real simple. I would have Gable come out and cut the most passionate, believable promo of his life to prove to fans he's not a joke and that he's ready to show the world what he is capable of. He would end the promo with an intense stare into the camera while warning the rest of the WWE roster that he is "READY...WILLING...AND GABLE!" 


The following week King Corbin would announce the return of the King of the Ring Tournament however this year the winner would get the opportunity to dethrone the current King at Summerslam. A revived Chad Gable would remind Corbin that he came within an inch of becoming King last year and that will fuel him to go all the way this time around.

The weeks that follow would see tournament matches held on both RAW and Smackdown. Gable would not only have to overcome his opponent each week but he would have to overcome King Corbin who would try everything in the book to cost Gable his chance of redemption and glory.

He would defy all odds to both outsmart Corbin and out-wrestle his opponents on his way to the King of the Ring Final at Summerslam in a repeat of last year's final.

The Summerslam 'Go Home' show would host the contract signing for the final to give this match a big fight feel. Last years tournament was fantastic yet it was spoiled by having the final match on RAW making it feel a lot less important and prestigious than it should. After all, previous winners and legendary superstars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin have used this tournament as a stepping stone to the main event and world titles.

With both men ready to put pen to paper the current King would belittle the challenger once more and warn him he'll use all the dirty tactics in the book to retain his crown. The possible heir to the throne would hit back by revealing he has nothing to fear and has appointed a new coach who will be in his corner at Summerslam.


Kurt Angles music would hit, the crowd goes wild, chants of "YOU SUCK!" (In the best way possible) and the King loses his mind. Corbin defeated Angle in his farewell match and he thought he'd seen the last of the Olympic Gold Medalist. Kurt would cut a promo on how he sees himself in Chad Gable and would warn Corbin despite beating an Olympian in the twilight of his career, there's no chance he can beat an Olympian in his prime. Gable would end the segment with his coaches trademark catchphrase "OH ITS TRUE, ITS DAMN TRUE!"

Their match at Summerslam would be an epic contest worthy of a King of the Ring Final as a frustrated Corbin can't keep his opponent down. He would resort to his usual dirty tactics leading to an intervention from Angle who would hit King Corbin with an Angle Slam and Gable would make him tap courtesy of the Ankle Lock. 

This would be the biggest win of Chad Gables career as the new King sets his sights on becoming a singles champion in WWE. Gables ability and charisma he shown in his NXT days does remind me of a young Kurt Angle and if he gets the opportunity there's no reason he can't have a successful career in WWE.

While he would have the King of the Ring title there would be no King gimmick for Chad Gable. In recent years the gimmick has overshadowed the achievement however this time the achievement will be the focus with the reward being title opportunities, not a crown and robe. A little humour is great, just like with Angle but too much humour and heavy gimmicks detract from superstar quality and credibility. 

This booking would also offer some redemption for Kurt Angle following defeat to Corbin in his farewell match. Their match at Wrestlemania 35 never really had enough build to carry any great importance so at least this ending would be befitting of a new King who may now get his chance to shine.

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