One of the biggest mysteries going into Money In The Bank is the identity or identities of the hacker(s). In this fantasy booking I'll be taking a look at who I think the hacker(s) could be as well as how they could make Money In The Bank the most talked about show this year. All while wrapping up a long term story, setting the stage for an emotional feud and rebranding a credible tag team. 

First let's take a look at what the motivation is for the hacker. The hacker proclaims that it's truth that he or she is seeking however what if it's their truth. What if the truth they are seeking to expose is self serving? What if the hacker is self serving and is just looking at redemption, retribution or even revenge? The hacker has used words such as anger and has asked if he or she has your attention now?

This is possibly someone or a group of people that feel overlooked, underappreciated or feel what they've earned has been taken from them. So if it's revenge they are after they will be targeting specific Superstars. Let's take Mandy and Sonya for example, they were split up after being a semi-successful tag team. They were actually the team that defeated The IIConics and eliminated them from a fatal 4 way match where they lost their titles. 

Someone else affected by Mandy and Sonya was Tucker, Otis's tag team partner. While he has been there for Otis he may feel that he's spent more time worried about Mandy than worried about their tag team career. If you listen to what the hacker said in his last video, he spoke about anger and specifically about championship opportunities. Big Ending getting the tag championships and Carmella telling Dana they need to be focused on their match with Alexa and Nikki Cross.

What if this is speaking of the thoughts of Tucker and The IIconics? Tucker saying that he and Otis should be more focused on opportunities for the tag titles? The Hacker did say that you hear the anger before you see it. What if the latest video was just meant for you to listen to what was said, not the the people in the videos. The IIconics saying specifically they are going to be focused on BlissCross and the championships they felt they were wronged for losing. If you look at what the hacker said 3 weeks ago it was speaking about being good before, missing WrestleMania and needing to get refocused on what's important. All of that fits into motivation for the IIconics and Tucker however the question is, are they really pulling the strings?

Tucker was on screen when the hacker debuted himself and the voice has been male as of lately. WWE even made it a point to add a female voice in the last video. So if we take that at face value all of these people could be working together and could have been brought together by someone else who shares a similar belief. Who also believes he or she has been wronged and missed WrestleMania and a potential Championship opportunity.

The Hacker(s) have made it quite clear that they are near and their presence will be felt soon. What if it happens this Sunday at Money In The Bank? In a match that we have never seen before and will be shot in a way that would allow some awesome effects to be added. We know that the match will start at the ground floor of Titan Towers and they will have to fight up the building to the roof. It's also been rumored that the match will happen throughout the night and the ending will conclude the show. What if WWE decided to run glitches every time we cut to or from the match?

Each time the glitch gets worse until we get to the roof of the building. How would I book that? I'm glad you asked. I would have Otis get to the roof first, get into the ring and make it appear that he is winning Money In The Bank. Have him setup a ladder, look around and scream oh yeah! Only for a hooded figure to appear from under the ring, in the same hood that we've seen in the videos. The figure would attack Otis and would do the unquestionable. It's been rumored that WWE has looked at actually throwing someone off the roof of the building and that Vince has even taken the fall. 

What if that hooded figure that we believe to be the Hacker throws Otis off the building, shouting at Otis that this was their opportunity and not his. That he was selfish and forgot about the team and was just worried about himself. Finally he removes the hood and it's Tucker who is promptly removed by security. We then continue the match with the ladies getting to the roof next and it's Carmella, Dana and Asuka. Two more hooded figures appear and beat down the the ladies who have been battling all night. Hitting them with ladders and chairs until they are down for the count. They remove their hoods and it's the IIconics. They decided to take down Carmella and Dana since they have been hovering around the Women's Tag Titles and Asuka since she held the titles recently. 

At this point fans are unsure what to think, they've gone from being shocked at Tucker and potentially disappointed. To being completely confused as to why the IIconics have also appeared in the same robes. Security takes away the IIconics and medics have come to check on Asuka, Dana and Carmella. As moments pass it appears that Daniel Bryan who just took out Baron Corbin will climb the ladder. 

One last hooded figure appears at the top of the ladder, Bryan in shock as the hooded figure screams that should have been my title match. As he hits Bryan and Bryan falls from the ladder he removes his hood to reveal it's Ali. The man behind all of this, the new leader of a dominant faction that have been wronged. Not only does he cost Bryan the match but he also steals the briefcase. Taking back an opportunity that was taken from him, a wrong is righted. 

This would make for Money In The Bank to have a shocking and unpredictable finish. It would pay off an angle that has been brewing for months and it would also setup three stories in the process. Bryan and Ali could feud over the briefcase through the Summer. Tucker and Otis would be embroiled into a highly heated and emotional feud. The IIconics would establish themselves as real players in the Women's Tag Division. 

Give me your thoughts on this and if you would like to see this happen. Let us know in the comment section below and you can also message me on Twitter @view_raw. Please check back to Wrestling News World and become a premium member for exclusive backstage news and start with a 30 day free trial. 

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