WNW Fantasy Booking: Make-Up or Break-Up, Andrade, Garza & Theory


During this ‘Empty Arena Era’ there has been few superstars more impressive or prominent than the trio of Andrade, Angel Garza and Austin Theory. As arguably the greatest manager in WWE today, Zelina Vega has enhanced each individual with her presence, ruthlessness and leadership. Her natural ability to play the antagonistic heel has made her and her boys a must-see attraction on Monday nights.

The talented faction has already challenged for tag team gold, feuded with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and played a prominent role in WWE’s flagship show, yet despite that early promise cracks have already began to surface. In recent weeks Vega has been forced to act as mother to a dysfunctional family as tension grows within the ranks, particularly between young stars Garza and Theory.

With the uncertainty surrounding their future as a unit should this faction make-up and set their sights on Monday night domination together or should they break-up and forge their own path to glory?

Based on the events of recent weeks which has seen friction grow and losses mount up I believe the time has come for a civil war resulting in each member going their separate ways. Another question to be answered in the instance of a break-up is who gets the girl?

The Break-Up

For the break-up angle itself I would like the competition from within to create so much dysfunction that Vega herself announces a triple threat match for the United States Championship with the three men settling their differences in the ring.

I would book the match as the main event of an upcoming episode of RAW with multiple segments throughout the episode building tension ahead of what should be an epic match-up. I would certainly be interested to see the impact of this particular build on the ratings from hour one to hour three.

I would book the match in a way that would lay the foundations for the future of each superstar and give an indication of what to expect during the next chapter of their careers.

The match would end with Zelina showing loyalty to Andrade as she looks to hit Garza with a Diving Hurricanrana, a surprising turn would see Charly Caruso rush down to the ring, push Vega from the top turnbuckle to take out her business associate Andrade. Charly would then hand the championship belt to the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion who would lay out Theory with the title on his way to becoming the new United States Champion.

Andrade & Zelina Vega


Following Zelina Vega’s show of loyalty to her number one guy she would now be able to give Andrade her full attention as she plots their next move. Without the distraction of bickering stable mates fighting for supremacy it is time to get back to business and take that next step as Andrade's stock continues to rise. Yes, he may have just lost his title but he was never pinned meaning the the loss doesn't do too much damage to his reputation. 

The well-established member of the main roster has been one of the most impressive, most consistent performers in WWE since aligning with Zelina however is he ready to make that next step and be considered for a run at the WWE Championship?

I believe he is more than ready, he dethroned the ‘Scottish Psychopath’ before in NXT so why can’t he do it again on the main roster? The match really does make itself and with their history of bad blood as well as recent encounters this could be something special.

These two certainly bring out the best in each other and the in-ring action alone could provide another match of the year candidate. It will also offer McIntyre the chance of redemption following his defeat to Andrade at NXT Takeover Brooklyn.

This feud would also see Drew McIntyre and Zelina "The big thorn in my a**" Vega continue their war of words. The ruler of Claymore Country rose to the occasion during their recent squabble as it seems she brings the best out in the WWE Champion. 

Angel Garza

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Following the biggest win of his career, what next for the new United States Champion? Angel Garza has adapted to life on the main roster in seamless fashion, his ability, his charisma, he just has ‘IT’ and the biggest compliment I can pay him is the obvious resemblance to WWE legend Eddie Guerrero.

My booking of the triple match reflected this as lying, cheating and stealing his way to victory with the help of his own Mamacita in Charly Caruso pays homage to Eddie. With Chyna by his side he became one of the most popular superstars of all time and the early indication is that history could well just repeat itself with the new kid on the block.

The last thing I want is Garza to become an Eddie Guerrero impersonator as he is super-talented in his own right, however using his natural charm and charisma to gain an advantage and get him out of trouble is a character trait that he should embrace.

His obvious on-screen chemistry with WWE interviewer Caruso made her the perfect choice to become his manager if she is able to make the transition from backstage to ringside. Miss Elizabeth came out of nowhere to manage the Macho Man Randy Savage so why not? Another option could be for the Mexican to have different women vying to be his manager as the champion uses his charm to ensure he has plenty of back-up at hand. His chosen ladies would assist him at ringside to ensure he has a long, successful reign as champion while creating some interesting backstage segments, drama and even love triangles.

This almost seems like I'm looking for a cross between Eddie Guerrero and The Godfather however just Angel Garza turned up a notch or two could be one of the top stars in WWE.

Austin Theory


Admittedly I hadn't seen much of Austin Theory until he arrived in NXT but he has impressed since day one and looks to have all the tools to make it in WWE. His almost immediate call-up to the main roster may have been the result of Andrade's injury however it still indicates the faith WWE has in this potential star.

He could be labeled as the odd one out in a trio oozing with Latino flair and I'm not sure if the heel act ever really suited him. I see him emerging from this break-up as the title chasing babyface or as an ideal tag team partner.

Whether it's heading back to NXT to challenge Keith Lee for the North American Championship, facing his old adversary in Angel Garza for the United States Championship or using the Brand Invitation ruling to challenge for Smackdown's Intercontinental Championship the former bodybuilder is ready made to set the midcard alight.

The former Evolve Champion can become a valuable member of the roster as long as he finds the character to back up his talent. My preference would be a short programme with Garza as he looks to avenge being beaten by dirty tactics and robbed of winning his first Championship since arriving in WWE. 

Alternatively you could pair him with another superstar to help rescue RAW's almost non-existent tag team division.

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