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Following his Wrestlemania defeat at the hands of "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, John Cena is living up to his "You Can't See Me" catchphrase and hasn't been seen since the weird yet wonderful Firefly Fun House match. 

The Fiend has been dubbed by some as the 'Human Lake of Reincarnation' with each of his conquests so far experiencing some form of rebirth in the aftermath of defeat.

The demolition of Finn Balor saw the first ever Universal Champion turn heel with the return of the Prince in reference to his time in NJPW. Seth Rollins lost his Universal Championship to The Fiend and shortly after proclaimed himself as the 'Messiah of Monday Night RAW'. Over on Smackdown the 'Yes Movement' was revived as a result of Bray laying wake to Daniel Bryan while the heel Miz we all know and love was restored in all his glory. 

So, what next for the sixteen time champion, will he return hurt, healed or unaffected from his psychological warfare that saw a usually unflappable Cena broken by The Fiend?

For years, a section of the WWE universe including myself have clamoured for a heel turn and this could be the perfect time to finally pull that trigger? The Firefly Fun House segment portraying him as a member of the New World Order blew up social media as fans explored the idea of him leading an nWo style faction in the WWE. The potential formation of the Cena World Order could be the perfect way to reintroduced Cena as a heel looking to avenge his defeat at Wrestlemania.

But who would join the newest faction in professional wrestling? In an attempt to quash the accusations on burying talent I have identified underutilised individuals who John Cena would elevate by having them part of the cWo. Some potential members may also have specific attributes or talents which have a direct link to Cena and his journey since making his WWE debut. 

John Cena


Cena himself would lead the cWo, it's his name and his reputation that makes this faction credible. As a part timer however he will hand over responsibility to his stable mates who will have the opportunity to shine in the absence of their leader. For someone with a reputation of burying talent this is generous of him don't you think?

Drake Maverick


Maverick who was recently released seems to be clinging on to his WWE career by a thread as he attempts to become the Interim WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Can Cena save the former 205 Live General Manager and appoint him as the cWo's answer to Eric Bischoff?

Apollo Crews


Cena's debut run in the WWE almost saw him fired by Vince McMahon however reports claimed he remained employed by the company due to his muscular physique. The Firefly Fun House match saw Bray Wyatt use this against him therefore Apollo Crews' inclusion goes against the theory that large, muscular wrestlers don't have other talents. Crews is athletic, talented and has the in-ring ability to match his muscle. Hopefully, working with a master of promos in Cena could help create a character that finally resonates with the WWE universe.

Bo Dallas


The former NXT Champion has never quite fulfilled his potential on the main roster, despite some success in the tag team division alongside his recently released tag team partner Curtis Axel. Not only is this underutilised superstar in need of an opportunity, he is also the real life brother of Bray Wyatt. Bo recreating his brothers cult leader character could create an interesting angle and give Cena some psychological ammunition if he decides to seek revenge on The Fiend. 



Drifter by name, Drifter by nature, Elias has been drifting around in WWE without purpose or direction since his call up from NXT. Despite having a couple of memorable encounters including one with Cena himself he is in desperate need of a meaningful storyline to make him relevant. Cena's stint as the Doctor of Thuganomics went some way in reviving his career in the WWE therefore Elias adding a little bit of extra edge to his often entertaining promos could have the same effect for him. 

Lars Sullivan


Lars Sullivan would be a perfect Enforcer to keep this faction in check when their leader is off making movies, I certainly wouldn't argue with a 6ft 3" monster. Unfortunately personal issues and injury has seen him out of action since June of last year but with no sign of his return does the WWE feel he is ready to play a prominent role or could he join the raft of talent on the released list?

Shorty G


When part of a tag team Chad Gable had some success in NXT and on the main roster winning the NXT, RAW and Smackdown Tag Team Championships. In stark contrast him and his 'Shorty G' gimmick has seen his singles career fail to take off despite reaching the final of the King of the Ring tournament where he was defeated by King Corbin. His talent and charisma are unquestionable and he could bring some much needed comedy value to the cWo and as one of the smaller superstars on the roster he can be used to prove that size alone doesn't make or break or a career in the WWE. 

Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan


Ruby Riott showed heaps of promise however never quite got the rub when facing the Charlotte Flair's and Ronda Rousey's of this World with Injury halting her progress even further. Sarah Logan fell victim to the roster cut and was recently released however the real life wife of current WWE Superstar Erik has been rumoured to be back with the company. Their former stable mate Liv Morgan's repackage has proved hugely successful as she continues to impress week on week, could a repackage for these two as part of the cWo produce similar success? They would give the faction a much needed women's touch and could also provide some genuine competition for the Women's Tag Team Championships. 

The cWo is born from years of accusations that Cena has buried talent on his way to the top, normally he would brush off these accusations however Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Fun House finally broke him.

So, giving opportunities to these or any other potential underachieving misfits is the first stage in overcoming his demons as he seeks revenge on "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt.

I would book the faction reveal with what seems to be your typical John Cena promo only for him to turn on the fans by describing them as fickle, he would cite Daniel Bryan and the return of the 'YES Movement' as a prime example. 

This would trigger the former Planets Champion to confront Cena before a war words turns into a physical brawl. Just as Bryan begins to get the upper hand, the ring is surrounded by superstars who issue a beat down to Bryan as the Cena World Order announces itself to the world.

With Cena's appearances likely to be limited it's the responsibility of his new followers to carry the faction and take their opportunity to shine while simultaneously playing their part in seeking revenge on Bray Wyatt.

Cena will use the cWo to disprove the accusations made against him as well as rewriting his failings through the eyes and talent of these underutilised superstars. This will set the stage for him challenging The Fiend to a Firefly Fun House rematch in his quest for vengeance and that record seventeenth world title.

Despite loving every single second of the cinematic masterpiece at Wrestlemania I would like the rematch to resemble a traditional match which ends in the middle of the ring.

This time out Cena would need no invitation as he arrives at the Firefly Fun House unannounced to get the upper hand against 'Fun House' Bray. In a desperate attempt to turn the tide Wyatt would lead the brawl to The Fiend's chamber where his alter ego would announce himself on the match and take control with some brutal offense in a horror movie like environment. 

In a similar fashion to their previous encounter The Fiend would attempt to use psychology and history to destroy his opponent however using the cWo to acknowledge past failings has built up an immunity against these psychological tactics.

This results in The Fiend's 'psychological powers' being deemed temporarily useless as Wyatt is forced to complete the match as just Bray which puts Cena back in the driving seat.

At this stage both men would re-enter the arena as they continue to brawl on the stage, in the stands and in the ring. With Cena failing to seal victory with his finishing moves alone we see a re-creation of the moment at Wrestlemania 30 where he had the chance to finish Bray Wyatt with a steel chair shot to the head only to back out in favour of winning the match clean.

As Bray kneels in the centre of the ring, the cWo step up on the apron to surround the ring, one member hands a steel chair to their leader who takes his shot to defeat Bray Wyatt in heel fashion to become the seventeen time champion. What an epic way to conclude this long term feud and what am epic way to break Ric Flair's record.


The booking options following this long term feud would be endless. Who's next for Cena? Does the cWo turn on their leader in a bid to forge their own paths? Does Cena retire from the WWE on top? 

Let me know your thoughts on Twitter at @CresswellDJ and @WNWNews. 

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