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WNW Fantasy Booking: The Fiend Vs. Braun Strowman Vs. Roman Reigns


Ahead of tonight's Triple Threat match at WWE Payback I can safely say this is the most invested I have been in a Universal Championship match since the title was introduced back in 2016.

The personal feud between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman has evolved over time and credit to WWE creative for their booking which has kept me captivated throughout.

Now throw the newest 'Paul Heyman Guy' Roman Reigns into the mix and we have a Universal Championship match that should steal the show at Payback. The 'Big Dog' made his long awaited return at Summerslam, his t-shirt read 'Wreck Everyone & Leave' and that is exactly what he did to take out both The Fiend and Strowman. Reigns' character change is long overdue and I am excited to see what this Roman Reigns can do under the management of Heyman.

With endless possibilities the Triple Threat match itself should be an epic contest and I am intrigued to see how WWE creative decide to book one of the biggest matches of the year.

Will Alexa Bliss Let in The Fiend or will she instead stay loyal to her long time friend Braun Strowman? Will Roman Reigns take advantage of the bad blood between the former Wyatt Family members to become the Universal Champion? Could Goldberg be a factor during the match or in the aftermath?

All will soon be revealed at Payback however with my Fantasy Booking head on this is how I would book the finale to tonight's Triple Threat showdown. This is a prediction, not a spoiler. 

Following months of feuding the Summerslam main event itself was slightly underwhelming and was saved only by the shock return of Roman Reigns. On that basis I would ensure tonight's match is an epic, professional wrestling contest even before there is any controversy or interference.

The turning point in the match would come when Reigns hits Braun and The Fiend with a double Spear through the barricade, this would signal the arrival of Alexa Bliss.

Despite teasing an alliance with Bray during the Wyatt Swamp Fight and during recent episodes of Smackdown, I personally don't see Alexa as a suitable Sister Abigail character. Her involvement in the feud worked well due to her relationship with Braun but long term I actually see her managing Strowman which in turn could elevate both superstars.


With all three men layed out a sea of red lighting would take over the Thunderdome and Bliss would appear on the titantron. She would offer The Fiend her soul in return for the Universal Championship which is a sacrifice he is happy to accept. Bliss then appears on the stage and leads The Fiend away in order to improve Strowman's chance of regaining the title he lost at Summerslam.

With Braun and Roman brawling in the corner, Goldberg would appear out of nowhere as he looks to seek some payback of his own. The former Universal Champion looks set to hit 'The Big Dog' with the Spear however Reigns reacts quickly to sidestep the onrushing Goldberg resulting in 'The Monster Among Men' being taken down instead.

Roman would take advantage by hitting Goldberg with a Superman Punch and Spear of his own to leave him on the cusp of glory if he can finish off Braun. At this point Paul Heyman throws the Universal Championship into the ring as his client uses the title as a weapon to guarantee victory and become the new, Universal Champion.

This would play perfectly to the huge storyline of Reigns becoming a 'Paul Heyman Guy' and continue his momentum following his shock return at Summerslam.

Despite having few weaknesses it is no secret that The Fiend can be targeted psychologically so this outcome still keeps him looking strong and does not damage his reputation of destroying his opponents in the ring. I also believe he does not need to be champion to have epic, captivating feuds, his Wrestlemania match with John Cena proved this point.

That just leaves Braun Strowman who despite taking the pinfall and loss has been elevated through his time as champion, his feud with Bray Wyatt, and the fact he has been in the spotlight with some of the best in the business. There is still plenty of room for improvement and I believe Alexa Bliss becoming his permanent manager could do wonders for both superstars careers and keep them in the mix for championship gold and main events.


This outcome would also lay the foundations for potential blockbuster matches between Roman Reigns, The Fiend and Goldberg as the battle for the Universal Championship looks to be heading for the main event at Wrestlemania 37.

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