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WNW Fantasy Booking: The Undertaker Vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt


Following the WWE Network series 'The Last Ride' recent reports indicate that the time has finally come for The Undertaker to rest in peace and retire from professional wrestling after 30 years in the business.

As a lifelong fan it has been difficult to witness a living legend struggle to let go of his dream, as he has battled his demons and limitations in search of a storybook ending befitting of his legacy.

It seems that The Deadman is finally at peace with his career coming to an end following an epic Boneyard Match with AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 36. This cinematic masterpiece was arguably the highlight of an unprecedented two-night mania and the near perfect execution resulted in a match befitting of one of the greatest performers the sport has ever seen.

Despite his apparent retirement could Mark Callaway's loyalty to Vince McMahon see him return for 'one more match' in the event that the boss comes calling with an offer he cannot refuse?

So, if I'm Vince, this is my pitch to The Undertaker to persuade him that the story has one final chapter. 

“The Boneyard match with AJ Styles was spectacular, no doubt about it however in terms of celebrating your entire career and reliving your journey to immortality, what better way than a Firefly Fun House match with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt?

The match would take place at the event that witnessed birth of one of the greatest superstars to grace the squared circle, Survivor Series.

Just one more time, one more match, one more entrance but this time in front of thousands of fans who have loved you for 30 years and a chance for The Deadman to say goodbye in person and finally Rest In Peace.

And one more thing when was the last time you fought for a title? Well the Universal Championship would be on the line.”

Putting the title on the line is questionable however I believe it adds to the importance of the match, as there's nothing to say The Undertaker couldn't win and then retire and relinquish the title. 

In terms of booking the match itself I would book the match to almost replicate the format of the Firefly Fun House match between Bray Wyatt and John Cena. I loved this match equally if not more than The Boneyard Match however I accept the criticism that it wasn’t really a match. On that basis I would include more actual wrestling segments with the match representing a perfect combination of the Firefly Fun House match, Boneyard Match and Takers in ring work throughout his entire career.


The main event begins as the 'Present-Day' Deadman enters the arena, this classic entrance still gives me Goosebumps until this day and as the last entrance of his career I would sanction an unlimited budget on production to give him the send-off he truly deserves.

Bray Wyatt then appears on screen as host of the Firefly Fun House and invites Taker to his world and asks the question “Do you still have what it takes to become the Universal Champion old man?”

The gong sounds, darkness hits, lightning strikes The Deadman and he disappears into thin air. He would reappear in the Firefly Fun House as he sets his sights on Bray Wyatt and the Universal Championship.


As he enters the door to the Firefly Fun House he steps into a throwback, pre-match promo from his debut at Survivor Series with manager Brother Love issuing a warning to Bray Wyatt. In the form of ‘Original' Undertaker he would end the promo by warning Bray that "There will be no Resting in Peace and you will Burn in Hell!".


As he makes his way to the ring area he sees ‘Fun House Bray’ fighting ‘Fake' Undertaker, Bray hits a devastating Sister Abigail however when the referee refuses to count the pin fall he realises that the real Undertaker has only just arrived.


With both Real and Fake Taker stood face to face Bray Wyatt retreats up the ramp, he cuts a confident figure until a sudden hit of fire and brimstone welcomes Kane and Paul Bearer to the entrance stage. The Big Red Machine lays out Bray with a big boot before throwing him back into the ring, Paul Bearer then proceeds to setting the ring perimeter on fire to set up an inferno match.

Both men proceed to having an in-ring battle which sees Taker roll back the years with his speed, agility and trademark moves which results in segment that does his in-ring work justice. 

Corp Ministry 2

With Bray close to defeat and begging for mercy two men in robes make their way to the ring, they extinguish the flames and stand in opposite corners in the ring with their arms raised. At this moment a large Undertaker Symbol is lowered from above as they look to set the stage for a Sacrificial Ceremony paying homage to his Corporate Ministry days.

The men in robes lift Bray Wyatt and strap him to the symbol ready for Sacrifice and reveal themselves as ‘Higher Powers’ Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon.

With ‘Fun House Bray’ strapped to the Symbol he begins to cut a promo representing ‘Wyatt Family Bray’ and at the end of his promo the lights would go out to the Wyatt Family "RUN" and suddenly Bray has disappeared.


The Titan Tron screen would then play the same creepy video played ahead of his return at Judgment Day 2000 and there would be a motorcycle at ringside ready for The American Badass to ride to the Wyatt Family Compound for a fight with Bray Wyatt.

I would have this segment produced as a shorter Boneyard style match that sees both men destroy each other in the confides of an alternative location where anything goes. Once both men almost have nothing left Wyatt would try an escape in his truck with Taker in hot pursuit on his motorcycle.


They arrive back to the Firefly Fun House arena with the ring now enclosed by the unforgiving Hell in a Cell structure. They both climb to the top of the Cell bringing back memories of unforgettable contests between The Undertaker and Mick Foley as they recreate the moment Taker threw Foley off the top of the cell.

With Wyatt not moving after crashing through the announce table Taker climbs down the cell to drag Bray into the ring however he's disappeared? The Fiend suddenly appears inside the ring as he goads The Phenom to enter the cell.


At this point Degeneration X music hits and Triple H and Shawn Michaels make the way to the ring. The question is are they here to take down a man they failed to defeat on the grandest stage of them all or will they help a legend they respect get that storybook ending he deserves?

The Game and HBK enter the cell, hit The Fiend with the sledgehammer, superkick from Michaels, Pedigree from HHH, Undertaker covers Wyatt for the win? He kicks out at two and three quarters in the same way Taker kicked out versus Triple H at Wrestlemania to leave each man stunned and create that nearly moment and pop for the fans.

Darkness then hits, you hear the screeching sound of horror and as the lights come back on The Fiend has both members of DX in the Mandible Claw. Darkness hits again and The Fiend has disappeared again.

The Deadman goes in search of The Fiend and comes across an old Morgue. As he enters he can hear the voices of Paul Bearer, Brother Love, Kane and Paul Heyman as Bray Wyatt tries to get inside his head. He then comes to a long corridor lined with caskets.


As he walks past each casket he realises that each casket represents each conquest of his legendary Wrestlemania streak. The last casket has the name Brock Lesnar on it which gives flashbacks to the night the streak was ended by the Beast Incarnate.

This is all the distraction The Fiend needs as a Sister Abigail onto the casket followed by a Mandible Claw sees The Undertaker laid to rest in a casket original made for Lesnar. The Fiend would slam the casket shut and scribe the Undertakers name in blood on top as he is victorious to cement his status as the new face of fear.

The Fiend then enters the main arena, wheeling in the Undertakers casket which also has his Black Hat, Gloves and Coat resting on top. As he reaches the ring The Fiend takes The Deadman’s gear and places it in the centre of the ring. He then exists the arena with the casket and puts the final nail in the coffin as the Undertaker can truly Rest In Peace.


The Fans would fill the arena with chants of "thank you Taker" and while there will no doubt be tears it will be send off that's befitting of his legacy as he passes the torch to Bray Wyatt.

Thank you Taker, now Rest in Peace.

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