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WNW Fantasy Booking: Undisputed Balor Club


Unfortunately for the newly crowned NXT Champion, injury during his victory over 'Limitless' Keith Lee has forced Karrion Kross to relinquish the NXT Championship.

These unforseen circumstances left the NXT hierarchy with a decision to make and William Regal would announce an epic Fatal Four Way, Iron Man match to crown a new NXT Champion. Four of the best ever to grace the black and gold brand would go to war as Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Finn Balor and Adam Cole would attempt to regain the title that made them stars.

The match itself didn't quite live up to expectations however I really enjoyed the conclusion which saw both Balor and Cole secure late pinfalls to tie the match on two falls a piece. This would set up a singles match at tonight's NXT 'Super Tuesday II' as the NXT General Manager looks to crown a new NXT Champion.

The Irish stars return to NXT teased an alliance with DIY to battle the Undisputed Era however an instant heel turn saw him hit Johnny Wrestling with a Pele Kick as his quest for the NXT Championship would be put on hold.

Leaders of both the Balor Club and Undisputed Era eventually locked horns only for Gargano to seek revenge on the Prince to cost him the NXT Championship. This history creates a feeling of unfinished business and I cannot wait to witness two world class performers battle for supremacy and title of arguably the greatest NXT Champion of all time.

Usually WWE book most feuds as babyface versus heel however in this instance, two heel characters battling for one of the most prestigious titles in professional wrestling creates an interesting dynamic.

Despite being portrayed as a heel since his arrival in NXT, Adam Cole is one of those superstars who is so good at what he does, in the ring, on the mic that it really is a challenge to hate him.

This may therefore be the perfect opportunity to push the former NXT Champion as a top babyface that has the support, fanbase and attributes to succeed on the main roster. Following defeat to Keith Lee at the Great American Bash I thought his call up was only a matter of time and I believe that time should be now.

In contrast Finn Balor has already had his time on the main roster and despite becoming the first ever Universal Champion, the injury he suffered during his match against Seth Rollins put pay to any momentum he built during that time. His return saw him floating around the main roster, underutilised and lacking direction so a brand switch to NXT was a welcomed one as he looks right at home in the familiar setting of Full Sail.

I would stop short of describing his current NXT run as a revival however he has certainly made a huge impact as a heel and has even contributed to putting over new talent in the process. I am also hopeful that a feud with NXT UK Champion, Walter will be revived when normality resumes and Balor staying in NXT certainly improves the chances of this dream match becoming a reality.

So, Main Event time on NXT 'Super Tuesday II' has arrived and there is a big fight feel inside Full Sail. Two of the greatest NXT Champions of all time prepare to put on a clinic and prove to the world they are two of the absolute best that professional wrestling has to offer.

Finn Balor is first to enter the squared circle as he cuts a confident yet focused figure looking to become two-time NXT Champion. Adam Cole is not far behind, however he decides to give Strong, Fish and O’Reilly the night off as all four members embrace at the entrance ramp before going their separate ways. This is a bold move from the Undisputed Era front man who has used his stable mates to full advantage during his title tenure however could this be all part of his masterplan?

As the match enters the final stages both men are running on empty and while ‘fight forever’ chants would be warranted Balor and Cole could be one big move away from winning NXT gold. As Balor looks to hit the Slingblade, Cole dives out of the way resulting in the referee being taken out by the move which is all the encouragement the Undisputed Era needed to make their way to ring side.

Finn suddenly finds himself in a sticky situation way as four of NXT’s top stars look to set to finish him off to secure victory for one of the most dominant factions in WWE history. With steel chairs in hand, Strong, Fish and O’Reilly walk towards Finn as they threaten to end him there and then only for him to offer up the ‘Too Sweet’ which is reciprocated by the three members of the Undisputed Era.


These shocking turn of events would see Cole’s so called family turn their back on the man they have protected for all these years as they would each strike him with a steel chair to leave him beat down and motionless in the centre of the ring. The brutality would not stop there as steel chairs would be stacked on top of Adam Cole before Finn Balor would produce a devasting Coup De Grace to seal victory and mark the birth of a new alliance in NXT, the 'Undisputed Balor Club'.

The nature of this defeat would set up a long-awaited call up to the main roster for Adam Cole who has everything in his locker to become the face of the company and breed some much needed life into Monday nights. The main roster certainly seems heel heavy and while babyfaces have not always faired well in recent times I would put money on the former NXT and North American champion breaking the mould and becoming a top star on his own merit. The only thing he lacks is sheer size but hopefully Vince has enough monsters on the main roster to appease his desires allowing Cole to become a star attraction on the big stage.

I have no doubt he is a future WWE Hall of Famer as the world of professional wrestling and sports entertainment will forever remember the name, Adam Cole Bay Bay.


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