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WNW Fantasy Booking: Why This Is The Right Time For CM Punk To Return

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Year after year since January 27th 2014 people have speculated when CM Punk may return to a wrestling ring. He's done acting, he's done television and he even competed in MMA. This year is no different and CM Punk even took to Twitter to state that he's quarantining for a new job.

If you take a look at some of the things CM Punk has stated he would need in a return to the ring it goes as follows:

- An interesting story
- A big bag of money

Note this with things that he has said is important to him in the past such as, a WrestleMania main event and I think we have all the ingredients for a return this Sunday.

Before we touch on the top three items we've laid out let's go ahead and note other reasons CM Punk would return to WWE and not somewhere else. AEW could easily offer him a big bag of money and an interesting story with a guy like Kenny Omega. However WWE has things Punk would find valuable outside of the WrestleMania main event that no one else can offer. 

His wife can return to the ring in what is currently the most loaded women's division in all of wrestling. Someone who helped pave a path away from "Diva" and into sports entertainer. Can you imagine AJ Lee taking on Sasha Banks for the Smackdown Women's Title? How about teaming with Rhea Ripley for the Women's Tag titles? If WWE is opening the checkbook for Punk, they would most certainly do the same for A.J. Lee someone that it's been stated left on very good terms with WWE. It would certainly be interesting to see how her and her Chuck Taylor's could compete with the women of today. 

The WWE also has the man that he above anyone else credits with his major success in WWE, Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman will never leave WWE as they pay him way too well and understand how brilliant of a man he is. Punk trusts Heyman and knows that Heyman would book him like a million bucks and would have say with Heyman on how he's booked. Those are three reasons that WWE has a leg up on any other competition when it comes to signing CM Punk.

We know that WWE can throw a big bag of money at anyone they want to, especially with their new NBCU streaming deal that is paying them an additional one billion dollars. This leads me to a major reason WWE would want to bring Punk back and that's kicking off this Peacock relationship with WrestleMania on a high note. If WWE were to convince CM Punk to come back for a major WrestleMania match, ratings would rise, subscriptions would rise and interest in the product would rise.

All of this happening just after the debut of the WWE Network on Peacock would be a blessing. As soon as that icon pops up for current Peacock subscribers they may remember CM Punk or they may check it out and see the best of CM Punk. Regardless the timing couldn't be anymore perfect for interest for WWE or money for CM Punk.

Now that we have the money, let's discuss a story that makes lots of sense and that's Roman Reigns. There is no character or angle more hot right now in WWE than that of Roman Reigns being the head of the table. The same Roman Reigns that has the aforementioned Paul Heyman has his manager. The same Roman Reigns who made his presence felt in the very Royal Rumble that was CM Punk's final match in the company.

The same Roman Reigns that can proclaim Punk lost to the Rock and even he isn't the head of this family. The same Roman Reigns who CM Punk felt wasn't good enough be in The Shield and wanted Chris Hero in it instead. Imagine, if CM Punk and Chris Hero return to Smackdown with Hero teaming with KO to take on the Usos while CM Punk takes on Reigns. Punk can proclaim that Roman would still be the third wheel of a faction if he never left. 

Punk can try and get Heyman out of a situation that very much resembles the Mafia where Heyman may feel he has to be there out of safety for himself and his family. There is no wrong that can come from a CM Punk return here to take on Roman Reigns. You can argue that with how long Punk has been away from the ring it is the biggest match possible for WrestleMania.

They have a history together, Punk has a history with Heyman, Punk wants to lots of money and a WrestleMania main event. He can accomplish everything here with a return to the ring for the biggest match of he or Reigns career. He can help secure a massive deal for his wife and can continue being featured on Fox television. In my opinion, this is the first time since Punk has left where all the stars align for The Best In The World to make his return. 

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