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WWE ranged in the new year with the first ever WWE Day 1 Premium Live Event which saw Brock Lesnar become the new WWE Champion in a Fatal Five Way Match. 

Last year WWE announced the Premium Live Event schedule for this year so we decided to take matters into our own hands and to map out next year 2023. 

Many people have been complaint and begging for the wrestling industry to have an off season to give the wrestlers a chance for their bodies to rest and spend time with their families.

While this doesn’t seem achievable as many companies with a major TV deal have to fill 52 weeks of content. Plus when you count all the live events there really is no way of fitting downtime into their busy schedules.

This is why we have devised a Premium Live Event schedule that would add stakes, make sense and some form of off season. 

Here is my full 2023 Premium Live Event Schedule:

Day 1 (January 1st):

WWE will ring in the new year with the Day 1 show making it an annually traditional. On this show whoever is the sole survivor will become the challengers to the champions on their respective brands. 

If they’re multiple sole survivors then they will battle it out on the RAW or SmackDown after Survivor Series. 

If the show lands on Monday or Friday then they could make RAW or SmackDown a Day 1 special. In 2023 January 1st lands on a Sunday.

New Year’s Evil (January 3rd):

This will be just like the Day 1 show as NXT will ring in the new year. The winning team from War Games will face off and the winners of those matches will go on to face the champion of their choice.

Royal Rumble (January 29th):

There is nothing to change here as the rumble winners will be able to challenge the champions of their choice at either days of WrestleMania. I would also be ok with WWE using a celebrity or two in the rumble if they are promoting a movie or show.

Crown Jewel (February 9th):

This is a mandatory saudi show. Here you could have big payoffs for your TV feuds. You can also book your champions to defend their titles and play the story of them being in danger of losing their titles before Mania.

Elimination Chamber (February 26th):

We will see two chamber matches on the card. Both chamber matches will determine number one contenders for the men and women world champions that the rumble winners didn’t choose.


The final stretch heading into WrestleMania 39.

WrestleMania Hollywood (Saturday April 1st & Sunday April 2nd):

This is we’re you have big blow offs and crown new champions. You could also have some massive returns

Backlash (May 21st):

This show would be used to wrap up any remnants of WrestleMania matches plus any rematches if new champions were crowned.

KOTR/QC (June 23rd):

Qualifying matches will take place on both RAW and SmackDown for the King of the Ting Tournament. When it comes to the Queen’s Crown tournament I would have qualifying matches across all three brands. Three matches will come from NXT. 

Winners of the King of the Ring and Queen’s Crown Tournaments will earn a title shot at anytime of their choosing plus the their kingly/queenly garments. They would have to turn in their crowns for the title shot. This will be an ACTUAL premium live event.

NXT Great American Bash (July 4th)

Money in the Bank (July 16th):

Qualifying matches will take place beginning right after KOTR/QC. The winners of the tournaments will get a bye into their respective ladder matches.

SummerSlam (August 19th):

The biggest party of the summer. Blow off any big summertime angle here. A celebrity appearance for a promotion can happen here. The show will either happen in the UK or Australia.

Crown Jewel (September 14th):

Mandatory Saudi show but also use it to build to Night of Champions

Night of Champions (September 30th):

All titles on the line in MEANINGFUL storylines. Use the show to begin the build to Survivor Series


Build towards Survivor Series. Multiple invasion angles.

Survivor Series (November 19th):

Brand Supremacy. Sole Survivors will earn title shots. Multiple survivors will face off on their brand and the winner will get the title shot. 

The losers of the Survivor Series matches will be the first five entrants in their respective rumble matches. The winning team members who aren’t sole survivors will enter anywhere between 25 and 30.

I would try to squeeze in a small off season/break beginning a week before Christmas. The build to Day 1 can begin right after Thanksgiving.

NXT War Games (December 9th):

Winning teams face off the NXT after War Games and the winner faces the champion of their choice at New Year’s Evil. 

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