WNW Reader Live Report From WWE's Show In Tokyo, Japan On Friday


Wrestling News World reader Hiroaki Kawafuji sent in the following live report from WWE's show on Friday in Tokyo, Japan:

Match 1 : Rob Van Dam & Dolph Ziggler defeated Eric Rowan & Luke Harper
The crowds cheered Rob Van Dam. Ziggler roll-up to Harper for the win.

Match 2 : Big E defeated The Miz
Before the match. The Miz said in Japanese for fans to - shut up, stupid, I'm awesome. Japanese fans suck. Big E hit big ending for the win.

Match 3 : Adrian Neville defeated Sami Zayn to retain the NXT Title
Neville hit red arrow for the win.

Match 4 : Paige defeated Alicia Fox
This is fan's choice match. Fans chose dance contest. Fox tryed to attack to Paige but Paige threw Fox to outside and take the mic, said I had come to Tokyo to fight, ring the bell. Paige hit PTO and Fox tapped out.

Match 5 : Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins by DQ
Rollins hit Ambrose with MITB briefcase. Rollins tryed to hit curb stomp but Ambrose woke up and take the briefcase. Ambrose hit Rollins with briefcase.

Match 6 : Cesaro defeated Kofi Kingston
Paul Heyman was Cesaro's ringside. Cesaro hit neutralizer for the win.

Jimmy Hart came out and said tonight was special day for everyone. The video package of Hulk Hogan aired and came out. Hogan thanked to fans and said he had fought with great legends as Antonio Inoki, Andre The Giant, Fujinami Tatsumi, Choshu Riki, Tiger Jeet Singh and was glad to return to Japan. He spoke of John Cena as a current great WWE Champion. The crowds chanted "Hogan," as he tore his shirt.

Match 7 : John Cena and Roman Reigns defeated Kane and Bray Wyatt w/Erick Rowan and Luke Harper in Bray's corner.
Reigns speared Kane, Cena hit the attitude adjustment on Bray and double pinfall, Cena and Reigns win. After the match, Cena went backstage, Reigns took Cena's title belt and posed. Cena back to the ring and stared Reigns down. Reigns returned the belt to Cena, and did high-five with crowds of ringside to end the show.

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