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WNW Monday News: Takeover Takeaways, Draft Speculation, & Takeover Conference Call Notes

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Last night's Takeover presented us with the Capital Wrestling Center which is now the new location for NXT. It was stated on the post Takeover conference call with HHH that Raw and Smackdown would not be using that location and that NXT would continue using it. 

Finn Balor went to the hospital last night for X-rays and scans of his face, mainly his jaw area for fractures and potentially a broken jaw. Kyle O'Reilly also had broken teeth after last night's main event for the NXT Championship. Its unknown how these injuries will affect either Superstar in the short term. 

There is a belief that more women will be added to the Raw and Smackdown roster. There has been speculation that Tessa Blanchard will soon be making her WWE debut in some capacity. It's now believed that if she does, it will not be on NXT with Toni Storm and Ember Moon being added to that roster. She could be a major surprised for the upcoming WWE draft.

Also worth noting it's being speculated that there will be some surprises in the upcoming WWE draft, in addition to the above potential surprise with Tessa Blanchard.

More notes from the conference call:

Ridge Holland is a great performer and is thought of very highly by NXT officials. HHH also commented on the injury that happened to Gargano by Holland saying that essentially it was an accident and wasn't reckless. 

It's unsure if NXT will be part of the upcoming WWE draft this week. The WWE social media team tweeted something that included NXT in the tweet, however was deleted almost immediately. Also last night on the Takeover conference call HHH stated that he was unsure how NXT would be part of the draft. 

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