AEW Double or Nothing is set for this weekend from Jacksonville, Fl and will feature a first time Stadium Stampede match. The show last year featured the debut of Jon Moxley and you have to wonder what surprises may be in store this year. It is currently set for eight matches and one pre-show match however that may change. The staff of WNW will be presenting you with their predictions for the show however I would urge you also to become a premium member where you can see backstage news regarding AEW and how it affects this event.

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Dustin Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears

CJ: Dustin wins...not much else to say about this one, but idk why they would bring Dustin back just to lose again...& I think his retirement will be when a crowd is allowed back into arenas. Winner: Dustin

Chris: Bit of a nothing match this, but it should be fairly entertaining. Spears can go and Dustin definitely still has it. Spears should be a bigger deal than he is in AEW - a win here could help kickstart his disappointing tenure. Winner: Spears

John: Booking questions aside (I don't get why SS would antagonize Cody when he's in another feud) I think that they wouldn't bring back Dustin just to eat another loss, despite the fact that Spears needs another win. The Natural can brings out the best when the stakes are highest and will do the same here as he defeats Spears after a 10 minute bout. Winner: Dustin via pin.

Ja'von: Dustin is coming off a humbling loss to Lance Archer and Spears could really benefit off a huge win over Dustin. I just don't see Dustin losing for the second year in a row at this event. Winner: Dustin picks up the win.

David: In my opinion Spears needs a big win, he's the one still trying to make a name for himself as opposed to Dustin who's had long, successful career as the son of Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. Winner: Spears to get the win


Casino Ladder Match: Ray Fenix vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Darby Allin vs. Colt Cabana vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Kip Sabian vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Luchasaurus vs. Mystery Opponent (Winner Gets AEW Championship Match)

CJ: Brian Cage. He’s healthy, he’s a monster (which the AEW roster really needs), he can be a baby-face or heel and he brings immediate legitimacy to whoever the winner of this match will be for years to come...he might not even be in the match, but he’s still my pick. Winner: Cage

Chris: First of all, this is absolute nonsense. A Royal Rumble element to a Money In The Bank match. Madness. I'd love to see Darby win, likewise Lucchasauras. My head though is telling me that the mystery 9th entrant will win. Rumours are flying about Brian Cage and he would be a great addition to a roster that needs more muscle. My prediction is MJF pulls double duty and wins. Winner: 9th Entrant - MJF

John: There are so many variables as to why anyone could win. There have been rumors of who the mystery person will be and we'll include that in the end, so it will be two predictions. Let's eliminate those who we know won't win it because, reasons: SCU, Luchasaurus, Colt or Orange Cassidy. That leaves us with the final four so let's break it down: Allin is rising but not ready for the World Title scene yet, Kip is just developing his team with Jimmy Havoc and even if the mystery opponent is Brian Cage, AEW wouldn't risk immediately throwing them against the World Champion, so I'm going to say that Fenix, who they have really displayed well lately, wins the chip. We don't know when Death Triangle will be cleared to come back, so Fenix/Moxley can be a different mix that would be interesting to see on a temporary basis. Winner: Fenix

Ja'von: What do you get when you mix both the Royal Rumble and MITB you get the Casino Ladder Match. The match has a great variety of participants but my money is on the 9th entrant. I believe that 9th entrant will be the debuting Brian Cage. Winner: Cage grabs the chip.

David: This match should be great and despite it being wide open I'm going for the one of wrestlers who's impressed me most since his arrival in AEW, Darby Allin. Some say he's not ready and not big enough to be the AEW Champion but I say why not. I'm also intrigued to see who the surprise entrant is. Winner: Darby

MJF vs Jungle Boy_0

MJF vs. Jungle Boy

CJ: MJF wins. I think MJF is on the cusp of superstardom and an AEW World Championship opportunity. This will be an MJF showcase, but they’ll let Jungle Boy look good and get some offense in. Winner: MJF

Chris: Obviously MJF. A hastily booked and nonsensical match that doesn't deserve much attention. Winner: MJF

John: This is going to be the most interesting match of the night. We've seen what these guys can do on an earlier episode of Dynamite. I don't think that MJF is going to lose just yet, and Jungle Boy can absorb a loss. This will lead to a tag team match that will set up the seeds for Luchasaurus/Wardlow. Winner: MJF

Ja'von: This match seems like a throwaway match and a let down. This is no knock on Jungle Boy but he is no Cody. MJF's biggest win in AEW is over Cody and he hasn't done much of anything to build off of that. I have MJF winning here. Winner: MJF

David: With all the hype surrounding one of the biggest heels in the business I'd be shocked if this match saw anything but a victory for MJF, so he's my pick. After he's done with Jungle boy he needs to enter the AEW or TNT title picture. Winner: MJF


Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander **News About This Match In Premium**

CJ: Britt wins...I don’t think this match will happen, though. Winner: Britt*

Chris: I'm pleased to see how much Bakers character has come along even if her in ring work still leaves something to be desired. Statlander is no doubt a good talent, but has been messy since day one. This division urgently needs something to improve it. Anyone got Fit Finlays number? Britt to win if the match even goes ahead after recent news. Winner: Britt

John: I'm basing this on the fact that this match will still happen. Britt's turn is one of the best things in AEW, and they will find a way to keep her strong by having her sell the injury so much that Kris will win using the Big Bang Theory, but Britt can claim that she was not 100%, thus continuing this rivalry. Winner: Britt*

Ja'von: This match just introduced a new variable with the Baker knee injury. This should be a soild outing for both ladies and Britt has been amazing since settling into her heel character. I have the Alien picking up the win over the Dentist. Winner: Statlander

David: Britt Baker has been one of the more prominent wrestlers in the women's division as of late and I expect her push to continue with a win at Double or Nothing. The knee injury she suffered on Dynamite could come into play but I'll stick with The Dentist. Winner: Britt

The Inner Circle vs. Matt Hardy, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks & Hangman Page (Stadium Stampede Match)

CJ: Inner Circle wins. They have sneakily lost a ton of big matches...they need a win...& none of The Elite get hurt from a loss, here and it’ll allow for the ongoing rift between Hangman Page and the rest of The Elite. Winner: Inner Circle

Chris: This could and should be match of the night. I love everything about the Inner Circle and Jericho is still hands down the best thing about AEW. The Circle guys have lost A LOT recently and could do with turning things around. The thing about The Elite losing is it doesn't hurt them in any way. Winner: Inner Circle 

John: This is going to be crazy and wild. The return (and leave) of Adam Page creates more questions than answers. They still have to do Blood and Guts so I think that the Inner Circle win this when Page walks away from his teammates. Winner: Inner Circle

Ja'von: AEW thought since we can't do Blood and Guts right now and a ladder match wouldn't be enough for the card so they created a Stadium Stampede match. The Young Bucks and Page have both returned last night on Dynamite and with The Elite back at full force I have The Elite picking up the win. Winner: The Elite

David: What John said, I expect some friction between Page and The Elite to pay a huge part in the match with The Inner Circle picking the win which will lead to The Elite seeking payback when the eventual Blood & Guts match takes place. Winner: Inner Circle 

Nyla Rose (Champion) vs. Hikaru Shida (AEW Women's Championship Match)

CJ: Nyla retains. I love Shida and she’s clearly the most complete Women’s Wrestler on the AEW roster but Nyla needs to keep being perceived as the monster of the division and continue to run roughshod throughout the Women’s roster. Winner: Rose

Chris: I can't see Rose leaving without the title here. She is the only legitimate threat in the division and is a great mountain to climb similar to Lesnar on WWE. Everyone wants to prove themselves by being the one to defeat her. More proof that the division needs something to kickstart it. Winner: Rose

John: The No DQ stipulation gives it away in my opinion. Nyla Rose may not be the best wrestler in the division, but her ability to work with an assortment of weapons makes her an even dangerous threat. She defeats Nyla after a couple of Beast Bombs through the table to retain. Winner: Rose

Ja'von: I don't think this match really needs the added stipulation of No DQ but this should be in Nyla's wheelhouse. This is going to be a hard hitting affair. I have the Native Beast picking up the win. I think it's too soon for Nyla to drop the title. Winner: Rose

David: With the No DQ stipulation I expect Nyla to beat her opponent fairly comfortably. More importantly for a division that's failed to impress so far both women need to put on a show, potentially the No DQ can mask in-ring deficiencies. Winner: Rose

Lance Archer vs. Cody Rhodes (TNT Championship Match) Mike Tyson Will Present The Championship **Premium News Regarding This Match**

CJ: Archer wins the TNT Title. I think Tyson gets involved and Archer gets the win. He’s fantastic, Cody will be protected even after losing, after probable interference from Tyson and Jake Roberts. Winner: Archer

Chris: God I hope its Archer. Cody is one of the very best in the world right now, which means he simply doesn't need to hold a championship. All it would do is raise questions of nepotism. Archer is an absolute star waiting to break out. Winner: Archer

Ja' Von: There is already too many variables to this match already with Jake and Arn being in their guy's respective corners and on top of that Tyson is there to present the belt. What I'm hoping for is we just get a good solid match with no outside interference. This match has been building up since earlier this year and I don't think Cody needs the title here and is bettet off just chasing it. I have Lance Archer becoming the Inaugural TNT Champion.

John: There are so many ways this match can go. Whose interference will change the outcome of the result? Arn, Jake or Iron Mike? We know that someone's eating a punch from the Baddest Man on the Planet, and my guess is that it will be Jake. As far as the actual competitors go, this is Lance Archer's title to lose. He will win in a great contest as Cody can absorb a loss here. Winner: Archer

David: I've been really impressed with Archer since his debut and with Jake The Snake by his side he has built a great rivalry with Cody. Despite Cody being one of the top guys I think he puts Archer over and it will be interesting to see if Iron Mike Tyson plays any role during or after the match. Winner: Archer 

Jon Moxley (Champion) vs. Brodie Lee (AEW Championship Match)

CJ: Moxley retains. He SHOULD lose the title and continue the chase...however, he’ll be the Champion with MJF as the next feud, IMO and with my Casino Ladder Match pick, Brian Cage, lurking in the background, it will prove to be a terrorizing Summer for the AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley. Winner: Moxley

Chris: Moxley surely, as much of a shame as that would be. He just isn't champion material. The push for Lee is baffling but not because he doesn't deserve it. Severely underrated in WWE, but this push has come out of nowhere and makes little to no sense. Apparently beating Marko Stunt gets you w title shot these days. Where do I sign up? Winner: Moxley

John: Despite my feelings on how this match was booked and where it's placed, here we are. I think they will revert back to their CZW days and put on a crazy match. Lee will get frustrated and ask for his minions to help, but in the end the Moxley will retain the championship. Winner: Moxley

Ja'von: I may not like this match for three reasons. One the rankings don't make sense for it to happen. Two I think it's way too soon for this match to happen. Lastly I think it's way too soon for Brodie Lee to win the strap. Even after these reasons I still think we will be seeing a new champion. Moxley is just better off chasing the title instead of being champion. Winner: Mr. Brodie Lee

David: Brodie Lee's shots at WWE plus Moxley's lacklustre title reign means my excitement levels aren't what they should be for the AEW Championship Match. I'm not sure Lee is deserved of a title shot at this stage so hoping that the Champion retains and goes on to face top level competition such as Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho and MJF. Winner: Moxley

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