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WNW Premium News: Backstage Feeling On Viewership For NXT, Officials Are High On TWO NXT Talents & Notes Regarding Raw Tag Division

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WWE officials feel that NXT has began to truly close the gap with AEW and feels they need to load up these next few weeks and especially against the 2 week FyterFest Dynamite specials. NXT did shift gears and directions this past week and obviously will have Takeover level shows on those 2 nights. Prior to recently the only talks we have heard in regards to combining titles or a winner take all is something that happened recently.

WWE officials are thrilled with how Kross and Scarlett have looked on TV and look like major stars. From a pure WWE backstage perspective this was the previous model bring in someone you wanna push strong and push them right to the top. History of wrestling will tell us that its just using basic fundamentals the correct way. Whatever one wants to call it there is little argument that it has not been a huge success. Look for WWE/NXT to continue the major push of Karrion Kross. 

Most talent and workers were in good spirits during the covid testing. Even the ones that don't take it as serious as others (and there is always at least 1 in 5), they were still happy they could make others around them feel safe. If anything most talent thought, "why did this not happen much much sooner?" WWE didn't want images of testing on social media and preferred talent not take any photos.

WWE officials are also extremely impressed with Santos Escobar (El Hijo Del Fantasma). His most recent work on camera and on the microphone some thought were even better than to be expected and are very optimistic.

Many companies are making or have already made some very hard but necessary actions regarding some talents behaviors and that were brought to light or discovered in the past 24 hours. Unfortunately with these some brought to light situations that were hidden, in others courageous story's of sharing experiences in and effort to stop the behavior, some companies would have not of made some of the decisions they will now make because they understand there has to be protocol there has to be change.

Any talent should be able to go to any promoter or management company and say this talent assaulted in this manner and the company actually investigating the situation. In the past and unfortunately in many of these situations it was so hard at the time for some to speak up because it was a repeated cycle that needed to change. (Maybe not as harsh but you get what I'm saying)

WWE wanted to add more heel tag teams to the Raw roster as they feel the tag division has too many baby face tag teams. If you look the show has the Street Profits, Viking Raiders, and Alexander/Ricochet. WWE went ahead and paired together Andrade and Garza as a tag team to go for the titles and also brought over Roode with Ziggler. Ziggler made a point to mention that his tag partner Robert Roode had been traded to Raw as well.

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