WNW Reader Report From Ringside With Jim Ross In Chicago

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Wrestling News World reader Jake Monhaut attended the Jim Ross event in Chicago, IL last Saturday night. He filed the following report:

I was at Ringside with Jim Ross in Chicago Saturday. Here are some tidbits.

50 or so people for VIP. 300 or so for show.

At VIP I asked him about GFW. He says Jeff Jarrett has a great mind and thinks he will do well. Hopes to have him on podcast soon.

Said Steve Austin/Bret Hart from WM 13 was best match in Chicago history.

Told a story about the McGwire twins and how they were extremely sensitive even know they were 660 and 640 pounds.

Said one of Jesse Ventura`s security guards told him to refer to Jesse as `Gov Ventura` to which he responded ` you mean that guy over there I used to smoke dope with in WCW? I'll call him Jesse thank you!`

Said he was told of Owen Hart`s death 10 seconds before announcing it to PPV audience.

Thinks Chris Benoit matches and segments should air unedited but doesn't want to see him in HOF.

Is 100% behind CM Punk and his decisions. Can relate.

Put over Jim Cornette a lot.

Talked about how heels have it tougher now than any era ever.

Brought out Tommy Dreamer and Lisa Marie. Really put Tommy over as a guy who would watch every match that a talent would send in via tape/DVD.

Said that the Natalya/Charlotte match from NXT was amazing.

Great time and worth going. Put over Chicago as hands down the best wrestling city in the world (I agree but biased). I went with my older brother who got me into wrestling when i was 10 in 1994. Funny guy, extremely kind, and I'm glad I got to spend the day with 300 other people, especially my brother, who have the same love for this business that I do. There is nothing like the wrestling fans in a wrestling environment.

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