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WNW Reader Report From Ringside With Jim Ross In Chicago

Wrestling News World reader Jake Monhaut attended the Jim Ross event in Chicago, IL last Saturday night. He filed the following report:

I was at Ringside with Jim Ross in Chicago Saturday. Here are some tidbits.

50 or so people for VIP. 300 or so for show.

At VIP I asked him about GFW. He says Jeff Jarrett has a great mind and thinks he will do well. Hopes to have him on podcast soon.

Said Steve Austin/Bret Hart from WM 13 was best match in Chicago history.

Told a story about the McGwire twins and how they were extremely sensitive even know they were 660 and 640 pounds.

Said one of Jesse Ventura`s security guards told him to refer to Jesse as `Gov Ventura` to which he responded ` you mean that guy over there I used to smoke dope with in WCW? I'll call him Jesse thank you!`

Said he was told of Owen Hart`s death 10 seconds before announcing it to PPV audience.

Thinks Chris Benoit matches and segments should air unedited but doesn't want to see him in HOF.

Is 100% behind CM Punk and his decisions. Can relate.

Put over Jim Cornette a lot.

Talked about how heels have it tougher now than any era ever.

Brought out Tommy Dreamer and Lisa Marie. Really put Tommy over as a guy who would watch every match that a talent would send in via tape/DVD.

Said that the Natalya/Charlotte match from NXT was amazing.

Great time and worth going. Put over Chicago as hands down the best wrestling city in the world (I agree but biased). I went with my older brother who got me into wrestling when i was 10 in 1994. Funny guy, extremely kind, and I'm glad I got to spend the day with 300 other people, especially my brother, who have the same love for this business that I do. There is nothing like the wrestling fans in a wrestling environment.

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