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WNW Recap: Top 5 Takeaways From AEW Dynamite (6/24/20)

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Last night's AEW Dynamite was the go home show before their 2 night Fyter Fest television special. The show was paced well and made sure to finish setting up the table for Fyter Fest. The show opened with the Lumberjack Match between Wardlow and Luchasaurus with Wardlow getting the win. Then Shida would squash an enhancement talent in just seconds. Cody would have a press conference for his upcoming TNT Championship match against Jake Hager. Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana defeated Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss in a nice tag match.

FTR defeated SCU in another very good tag match on the night. Brian Cage destroyed a local talent and then Taz cut a promo on Moxley. Matt Hardy would defeat Santana which would then lead to the main event with Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy facing off. 

That is a quick run down of everything that happened on the show last night however what were my takeaways from the show? 

Brawl For All

AEW last night went all in on furthering or setting up the majority of their feuds via brawls and post match beat downs. The Lumberjack match saw a massive brawl break out after the match, Shida and Ford had a pull apart after her squash match, Lance Archer destroyed both Kiss and Janella after their tag match and that was just in the first hour. 

Lucha Bros attacked FTR after their match, PNP beat down Matt Hardy after their match and Jericho and Cassidy had a brawl to close the show. I'm a fan of brawls and attacks however the sheer amount of them on this show was a bit much. 

AEW Women's Division

I applaud AEW for running two women's feuds at the same time on television, I'm just unsure if I would make my second feud with someone who can't wrestle. I don't mind that Shida had a quick squash match as champion, I think it made her look legitimate. The pull apart with Ford was well done and I think their feud makes for something interesting at least.

However Britt Baker continues to get the most time of any other woman on the roster and she can't work. Why have her on every show? You could showcase Swole in matches and then have Baker show up every so often. I feel like the reliance on Baker really shows how thin this roster is and how desperate they are for a star in the division. Just not sure how you are you going to make one until you invest the time into the division. 

Tag Teams Wrestling Feels Important On TNT

There is no greater strength in AEW right now than it's fully loaded, first in class Tag Team Division. AEW saw the return of the Lucha Bros last night and we are set for 8 man tag action at Fyter Fest with The Young Buck and FTR vs. Lucha Bros and Blade/Butcher. 

Combine this with the fact that none of these teams are the champions. The tag division is loaded and it's given plenty of time on the show every week. Both of the best matches on the show last night were tag matches and one of those matches featured none of the above teams or the tag champions. There is no doubt that Wednesday Night on TNT is where the best tag team wrestling is because they invest so much time and opportunity into the division. 

Do The Single's Champions Deserve More Respect?

I'm unsure how to think about the TNT Championship and AEW Championship. I'm sure both of these titles will main event their respective Fyter Fest nights however last night both were in odd time slots. The TNT Championship has been in the main event for weeks on the show and Cody did have a press conference but it's almost like it was made to look big without feeling big. It's like they did the press conference setting to give the perception of something major without making it feel that way. Lots of talking, Hager came in at the end and it was over and no more words from Cody or Hager. Also why not open the show with this?

The AEW Championship right now seems like maybe the 4th or 5th most important thing on the show. Also it's possible Britt Baker has more on screen time than the champ or the challenger. It clearly still sits in the shadow of whatever Chris Jericho is doing and while Cody had a press conference this feud got a squash match and a Taz promo. Yes, I'm aware Moxley wasn't there but I feel like this feud just isn't as important. The show presents, Cody, Jericho, and the FTR/Young Bucks interaction as more of a must see. I hope this gets corrected and I'm actually rooting for Brian Cage to take the title off Moxley. 

AEW Is All In On Fyter Fest

First off let me be perfectly clear, the two shows AEW has planned for their viewers look absolutely incredible. They have put together two nights of brilliant programming with almost every match having purpose and they tried to make sure to button it all up last night. Below are the two nights of matches that you can look forward to on the shows.

FyterFest Night 1

Tag Team Title: Kenny/Hangman v. Best Friends

Women’s World Title: Shida v. Penelope

TNT Title: Cody Rhodes v. Jake Hager

MJF/Wardlow v. Jurassic Express

Santana/Ortiz v. Private Party

Night one features three tag matches just to show off how deep that tag division is and then the other two matches are title matches. Cody and Hager should put on a good match, I'm interested in Ford's first title opportunity, and this promotion does tag wrestling better than any other promotion in the world. No doubt that this show will feature some great action. 

FyterFest Night 2

AEW Title: Jon Moxley vs. Brian Cage

Lance Archer vs Joey Janela

Nyla Rose will appear

Mr. Brodie Lee & Colt Cabana vs SCU

Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy

FTR & Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros & Butcher and The Blade

What were your takeaways from AEW last night? Which Fyter Fest night are you more looking forward to? Let me know on Twitter @view_raw and signup today to become a premium member of Wrestling News World and get a 30 day free trial!

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