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The show opens with a video package highlighting the main event WWF Championship match between Bret Hart and The British Bulldog. We then see Santa Claus giving out presents to the fans in attendance.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler 

The Kid and Psycho Sid vs Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty:

We see Goldust in the audience eying Razor Ramon as he and Jannetty make their way to the ring for tag team action. The Kid and Marty Jannetty start of the match. The bell rings and we are underway. Jannetty panders to the crowd teasing a tag to Razor which allows for The Kid to kick him in the midsection and lay in the rights and lefts. The Kid continues the onslaught backing him into the ropes leading to a whip into the opposite side. Jannetty is able to duck a clothesline attempt from The Kid and goes for a kick to the midsection but The Kid grabs the foot leading to an enzguri and a nearfall. Jannetty gains control of The Kid’s arm and looks to tag in Razor but The Kid is able to slip away. Jannetty then goes over to his corner to talk shop with Razor. Jannetty and The Kid then lock up with The Kid grabbing Marty’s hair and pushing back into the turnbuckle. The referee then looks for a clean break but The Kid shoves Jannetty who then shoved him back knocking him down on the canvas. Marty then locks in a sideheadlock which leads to The Kid shooting him off into the ropes. Marty then comes off the ropes and takes down The Kid with a shoulder block and looks to hit the ropes as The Kid drops down and Jannetty leaps over him. Jannetty then comes off the opposite side as The Kids leapfrogs over him and looks to hit a hip toss but Jannetty puts a stop to that. The Kid then hits Jannetty in the midsection and looks to flip over Marty only to be met with a short arm clothesline for a two count. Marty then gains control of The Kid’s arm and looks to drag him to his corner but The Kid escapes for only a second as Marty takes him down with a drop toehold and tries to pull him to his corner again only for The Kid to slip away. Marty and The Kid begin to trash talk each other as The Kid begins to shove Marty leading to an atomic drop and Marty tagging out to Razor Ramon. The Kid turns around to see Razor in the ring and tries to tag out but The Bad Guy is blocking his path. The Kid then slips out of the ring only for Jannetty to throw him back in. Razor then slaps The Kid and The Kid shoves back but Razor gets the upper hand as he goes for an atomic drop but Sid tags in and The slips out. Razor goes for a clothesline and The Kid ducks as Sid comes in and drops him with a clothesline. The finish of the match sees Razor Ramon hit a Bulldog off the ropes for the win.

Winners: Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty via Bulldog

We then see Jerry Lawler get in the ring and introduces the returning Jeff Jarrett. Jerry then presents Jarrett with a certified gold plaque for his album “Ain’t I Great.” Jarrett then announces his new album “Greater Than Great” and that he will be in the 1996 Royal Rumble. 

Buddy Landel vs Ahmed Johnson:

Dean Douglas makes his way to the ring and announces that his back is only at 65% and that he isn’t cleared to wrestle. He then announces his replacement Buddy Landel. The bell rings and we are underway. Dean Douglas distracts Johnson allowing Landel to light his chest up with multiple chops but they have no effect in Ahmed. Buddy then peppers him with forearm shots only for Johnson to pick him up by the neck with one hand and place him on the top rope while he choked him out. The referee steps in to break it up leading to Buddy going for a crossbody and gets caught and slammed to the match with a spinebuster. Johnson then hits the Pearl River Plunge for the win. 

Winner: Ahmed Johnson via Pearl River Plunge 

After the match Jerry Lawler gets a post match interview with Ahmed Johnson. Ahmed has had enough of Jarrett and Jerry and gets in the face of Lawler. This leads to Jarrett assaulting Ahmed but Johnson fights back and chases off Jarrett. 

We go backstage as Todd Pettengill gets comments from Razor on his victory and title defense against Yokozuna on RAW. Todd then gives him the golden envelope from Goldust. 

Henry O. Godwinn vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley(Hogpin Match):

The special guest referee for the match is Hillbilly Jim. The bell rings and here we go. The match starts off in the ring as Godwinn chases Helmsley as tries to slop him. Helmsley throws one of the people at ringside in the way as he and some of the people in the first row get slopped. Helmsley then takes down Godwinn with a clothesline and throws him back in the ring before taking off his shirt. Helmsley finally reenters the ring and hits Godwinn with a big time uppercut sending him into the corner where they begin to trade shots back and forth. Godwinn gets the better of the exchange as he whips Helmsley into the ropes and hits a huge back bodydrop as he was coming off the ropes. Helmsley then rolls to the outside but only for a second as he comes back in and pokes Godwinn in the eye and looks for an Irish whip but Godwinn reverses it sending Helmsley into the ropes. Godwinn then hits him with a big right as he comes off the ropes sending him back into the ropes and Godwinn ties him up in the ropes. Godwinn then grabs a hand full of slop and shoves it into the face of Helmsley. Hunter is able to escape the ropes and takes down Godwinn with a clothesline from behind. Hunter then begins to lay into Godwinn with multiple kicks and punches in the corner then proceeds to choke him out. Hunter then hammer throws Godwinn into the opposite turnbuckles and Mets him with a knee to the midsection followed by a running spinning neckbreaker. The finish of the match sees Hunter Hearst Helmsley hit a huge back bodydrop as Godwinn at him sending him into the Hogpin for the win. After the win Godwinn picks up Hunter and brings him into the Hogpin as well. 

Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley via Sending Henry O. Godwinn into the Hogpin

We then get a promo for the 1996 Royal Rumble which takes place Sunday January 21st

Owen Hart vs Diesel:

The bell rings and we are underway. Owen Hart finds himself being cornered by Diesel and tries to escape but Diesel with one hand throws him back into the corner. He then lights him ip with multiple knees to the midsection and elbows to the face before throwing him halfway across the ring. Diesel then walks ever so slowly to Owen as hammer throws him into the opposite turnbuckle before hitting a huge sidewalk slam. Diesel then whips Hart into another turnbuckle but this time Owen is able to leap over Diesel and begins to lay in the punches and even mounts him as he hammers away at the head of Diesel. Diesel however quickly puts a stop to this as he throws Hart off with one hand as Hart crashes and burns falling on his head and neck. Diesel then clotheslines him out of the ring and to the floor. Diesel then follows him out to the floor as Hart tries to walk away but Diesel is able to bring him back in the ring before reentering the ring himself. Diesel then picks Owen up by his hair and slams him back down to the canvas. Big Daddy Cool then whips Owen into the ropes and looks for the big boot but Owen ducks it and comes off the ropes with a spinning heel kick taking down Big Daddy Cool. The finish of the match sees Diesel hit the Jacknife Powerbomb and goes for the pin but breaks it himself to go for another Jacknife but the referee gets in the face of Diesel leading to him shoving the official and getting disqualified. Diesel doesn’t care as he powerbombs Owen again then stakes claim to getting the WWF Championship back.

Winner: Owen Hart via Disqualification 

We then see Santa Clause and Savio Vega giving out gifts to the fans. We then see Ted DiBiase in the ring as he calls out Savio and says that he can be bought. Savio says that he believes in Santa and that they are friends. It turns out that The Million Dollar Man has bought Santa Clause as he attacks Savio with his sack and hits him with a Michinoku Driver as he and DiBiase walk off together. Savio then makes it back to his feet and chases after Santa Clause and we have a brawl on our hands ladies and gentlemen. 

King Mabel vs The Undertaker(Casket Match):

The bell rings and we are underway. The Undertaker begins to walk towards Mabel who rolls to the floor and tries to get away from him. Mabel eventually gets back in the ring and Undertaker follows him back in only to be stopped by Mabel who clubs him in the back and begins to to rain down shots on him. Mabel then hits a headbutt before whipping Undertaker into the ropes and Undertaker comes back with a barrage of shots backing Mabel up into the corner. He continues the onslaught with multiple rights to the face of Mabel. Undertaker then chokes out Mabel before whipping him into the opposite turnbuckle and hitting a running splash. Undertaker then kicks Mabel in the midsection and looks to whip him into the opposite turnbuckle but Mabel reverses it. Mabel then slams him to the mat only for him to sit right back up. Mabel then takes him back down again with a clothesline but Undertaker sits back up again. Mabel then picks him up and slams him down into the canvas and looks to climb the ropes. Mabel then goes for a slams but comes up empty as Undertaker sits up for a third time to get out of the way. Both men make it to their feet but Undertaker kicks him in the midsection and hits a big right before trying to take down King Mabel with multiple clotheslines. Undertaker goes for a third attempt when he is distracted by Sir Mo which opens the door for King Mabel to hit a belly to belly suplex. The finish of the match sees Undertaker dump both King Mabel and Sir Mo into the casket grabbing the remnants of the urn and slams the casket door shut for the win. After the match Undertaker hands the remnants to Paul Bearer as he signals that he wants the WWF Championship. 

Winner: The Undertaker 

We then go backstage to Jim Ross as he interviews Jim Cornette. Davey Boy and Diana Smith ahead of the WWF Championship. 

We then hear comments from WWF Champion Bret Hart as Todd Pettengill interviews him. 

Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog(WWF Championship): 

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Davey has the power advantage as he pushes off Bret. They lock up again with Davey pushing him off again. They lock up again for a third time with Davey Boy taking down Bret with a sideheadlock takedown only for Bret to break the only hold and lock in the leg scissors around the head and neck of Smith. Davey then slips free of the hold immediately and looks to make it back to his feet only for Bret to take him down with the drop toehold and locks in an armbar. Davey then rolls free of the hold and takes down Bret with a yank of his hair and locks in an armbar of his own as he is firmly in control of the match now. Both guys make it back to their feet but Davey still has the hold in place as Bret backs him up into the corner and we get a clean break from both guys. They lock up for the fourth time with Hart immediately taking down Smith with an armdrag and goes to work on his arm with multiple knees. Bret then puts on a working hold on the arm of Smith who then makes it back to his feet and slams Hart to the mat looking to break the hold but Hart hangs on a rolls through maintaining the hold. During the match we got breaking news that The Undertaker will face the winner of this match for the title at Royal Rumble. The finish of the match sees Bret Hart after a grueling, brutal and bloody match roll up Davey Boy Smith for the pinfall victory retaining the title. 

Winner and STILL WWF Champion Bret Hart via Roll Up

After the match we hear comments from Paul Bearer and Undertaker about the upcoming title match at the Royal Rumble. We then see Big Daddy Cool confronting Undertaker. 

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