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The show opens up with I.R.S. and Shawn Michaels have an exchange of words before their match later in the show.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Owen Hart and Yokozuna vs Jim Dimitri and Gus Kantarrakis:
The bell rings and here we go. Owen Hart and Jim Dimitri start off the match. They lock up with Hart getting the better of the exchange locking in a sideheadlock on Dimitri. Owen then goes behimd with a hammer lock and Dimitri does the same with Owen spinning out into another hammer lock. Dimitri then spins out into another hammwr lock too bit Owen hits him with a back elbow to break the hold. Owen then hits the ropes and takes down Jim with a shoulder block. Owen then hits the ropes again as Dimitri drops down and Owen leaps over him and gets caught with a hip toss. Jim then grabs the wrist of Owen and wrings out the arm before hitting him in the shoulder area. Jim then drags him to his corner and tags out to Gus who climbs to the middle rope and drops down across Owen's arm with a double sledgehammer. Gus then wrings out the arm twice but Owen rolls down on the mat and is able to break free off the hold and take him down with a clothesline. Owen then wrings the arm of Gus and chops him in the chest leading to a dropkick from Owen. Hart then hits a gutwrench suplex into a backbreaker across the knee before tagging out to Yokozuna and they both performe the wishbone on Gus. The finish of the match sees Owen Hart tagging back in as he performs a drop toehold as Yokozuna hits the leg drop leading to a sharpshooter from Owen for the submission victory.
Winner: Owen Hart and Yokozuna via Sharpshooter

After the match we go to Todd Pettengill with the In Your House Report.

In Your House Report:
Match Card:

Allied Powers vs Owen Hart/Yokozuna(WWF Tag Team Championship)
Sid vs Diesel in a Lumberjack Match(WWF Championship)
Shawn Michaels vs Jeff Jarrett(WWF Intercontinental Championship)
• Jeff Jarrett will make his live singing debut at In Your House
1-2-3 Kid vs The Roadie
Razor Ramon/Savio Vega vs M.O.M.
Bam Bam Bigelow vs Henry O. Godwinn

Jean-Pierre LaFitte vs David Thornberg:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Thornburg gets the advantage and locks on a sideheadlock. LaFitte then shoots David off into the ropes and David looks to tske him down with a clothesline but LaFitte is still on his feet. David hits the ropes again and hits LaFitte with a clothesline but doesn't take him down. Dabid looks to make it third times the charm but LaFitte catches him off the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline of his own. LaFitte then punches David down to the mat before hitting a German suplex. LaFitte then sets David up on the middle rope and hits the ropes and crashes all of his weight on to the neck and back area. Thornburg rolls out to the floor as LaFitte scales the ropes to the top and dives onto Thornburg. LaFitte then tosses David back in the ring and ties him up in the ropes and hits him with two corssbodies. LaFitte then hits an DDT before climbing to the top and hitting a diving cannonball for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Jean-Pierre LaFitte via Diving Cannonball

After the match we get a video package highlighting Fatu as he is now a singles competitor and travels back to his roots in San Francisco.

We then see another encore presentation of Jeff Jarrett's music video "With My Baby Tonight."

Shawn Michaels vs I.R.S:
The bell rings and here we go. Shawn looks to go for a lock up but I.R.S. moves out of the way. They try for the lock up again but this time Shawn moves out of the way. Shawn then begins to showboat as he poses on the top turnbuckle and plahs with his hair. Shawn comes from off the top rope and they finally lock up with the third time being the charm. Shawn gets the advantage and uses the hair of I.R.S. to take him down to the mat. I.R.S. then tells the referee that Shawn his hair and Shawn denies pulling the hair. They lock up again and I.R.S. immediately grabs the arm of Shawn and wrings it out a bit but Michaels is able to counter and grab the arm of I.R.S. and take him down to the canvas. Shawn then teases to step on the face of I.R.S. which makes him scamper to the bottom rope and forces Michaels to break the hold and I.R.S. rolls to the floor for a breather. I.R.S. gwts back in the ring and they lock up again with I.R.S. getting the advantage and goes behind with a hammer lock. I.R.S. pulls the hair of Michaels and bribgs him down to the mat before he takes a walk. Michaels tells the official that I.R.S. pulled his hair then follows him to the floor and fights in the entrance with multiple punches to the head. Shawn then drags I.R.S. back in the ring by his tie. Shawn who is still holding onto the the tie hits him with a hotshot against the top rope throat first. The finish of the match sees I.R.S. irish whipping Shawn into the coner but he leaps ober I.R.S. and hits him with Sweet Chin Music for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Shawn Michaels via Sweet Chin Music

RAW Next Week:
Bret Hart vs Hakushi

After the match we go to the dentist office as we see Jerry "The King" Lawler see Dr. Issac Yankem D.D.S.

Kama vs Billy Mack:
The bell rings and here we go. Mack looks for a lock up but Kama drives his knee into the midsection of Mack and takes him down to the mat. Mack looks for another lock up but Kama grabs the arm and rolls him up for a one count. Mack once again looks for the lock up as Kama grabs his arm and sweeps out his leg sending him crashing to the mat. Billy Maxk then climbs to the top rope as Kama is showing off for Ted DiBiase and hits him with a missile dropkick. Mack continues the onslaught with punches to the face. Mack hits the ropes but gets hit with a back spin kick for his troubles. The finish of the match sees Kama hit Billy Mack with a knockout punch for the pinfall victory. After the match Kama gets in the face of the two Undertaker fans that are at ringside.
Winner: Kama via Knockout Punch

To close the show we see Vince McMahon in the ring as he interviews WWF Champion Diesel as he introduces his set of Lumberjacks.
Here are some of Diesel's Lumberjacks:
Bam Bam Bigelow
The Smoking Gunns
Bob Holly
1-2-3 Kid
Adam Bomb
Savio Vega
Mad Mountain Rock
Shawn Michaels
Sid then comes out and goes face to face with Diesel as all of the 30 Lumberjacks are surrounding the ring.

My Grade: C -
This was the go home show for the second In Your House PPV. This an ok show and nothing really to exciting happened. The only notworthy match was Shawn Michaels vs I.R.S. as everything else was a squash. I'm starting to become very bored of this Sid and Diesel feud as both guys are both bland and boring. I'm ready for someoe to take the belt off of him. 

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