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Stephanie Wiand opens the show and announces that the final King of the Ring Tournament Qualifier Match took place before the PPV began. It was I.R.S. vs Savio Vega. We then are shown the entire match.

I.RS. vs Savio Vega(King of the Ring Qualifier Match):
The bell rings and here we go. Vega goes for a lock up but I.R.S. has other plans as he kicks him in the midsection then goes for a scoop slam but Vega counters into a small package for a nearfall. Vega then hits the ropes and comes off with a sunset flip for a nearfall. I.R.S. then gets up and goes on the attack with a kick to the back then tosses him into the corner leading to a punch to the face. I.R.S. then irish whips Vega into the opposite turnbuckle and goes for a shoulder tackle but Vega side steps and I.R.S. goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle leading to a schoolboy by Vega for a nearfall. Vega then locks in a sideheadlock and takes down I.R.S. over his hips for a one count. I.R.S. is then able to roll over Vega twice and get a nearfall each time before being able to get up and shoot Vega into the ropes but is taken down by a shoulder tackle leading to Vega leaping over him as he drops down then being taken to the mat with a hip toss and a dropkick for a nearfall. Vega then locks in a sideheadlock again and as Vince tries to announce the Spanish announce team Vega was thrown to the floor. The finish of the match sees I.R.S. trying to leave the match so Vea follows him and throws him back in the ring before irish whipping him into the ropes and hitting a spinning leg lariat for the pinfall victory. Savio Vega has now entered the King of the Ring Tournament.
Winner: Savio Vega via Spinning Leg Lariat

The 1995 King of the Ring PPV is now officially underway.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix

Yokozuna vs Savio Vega(1st Round Match):
Before the match Tood Pettengill interviews Savio Vega before he heads to the ring. The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Savio gets the advantage and locks in a sideheadlock then Yokozuna shoots him off into the ropes and meets him with a shoulder tackle. They lock up again with Yokozuna getting the advantage and leaning Vega on the ropes and hits hits him with a chop to the chest. Yokozuna then irish whips him into the ropes and looks for a clothesline but Vega ducks and eats a back elbow for his troubles. Yokozuna then goes for an elbow drop but comes up empty allowing Vega to gain control of the match and work the arm and wirst of Yokozuna. The finish of the match sees the match break down as Vega hits the spinning leg lariat but Jim Cornette hops up on the apron but gets knocked down by Vega then allows for Yokozuna to get up and take out Vega. Razor Ramon then stalks Cornette leading to Owen Hart showing up and attacking Razor. The match spills to the floor and Yokozuna looks to charge Vega who side steps and Yokozuna crashes into the ring steps. Vega then rolls back in the ring as the referee counts ten for the countout victory.
Winner and advancing to the 2nd Round: Savio Vega via Countout

After the match we go back to the locker room area as Jerry "The King" Lawler is getting ready for his Kiss My Foot Match with Bret Hart and vows that Bret will kiss his foot.

The Roadie vs Bob Holly(1st Round Match):
The bell rings and here we go. The Roadie looked to take advantage of Holly heing distracted by Jeff Jarrett but gets caught with a powerslam for a nearfall. Holly the hits the ropes and meets The Roadie with a shoulder tackle for another nearfall. Holly then runs the ropes again and meets The Roadie with another shoulder tackle for a nearfall leading to Holly running tje ropes for a third time and hitting a sunset flip for a nearfall as The Roadie grabs the ropes. Holly then gets The Roadie in a small package for a nearfall. The Roadie then slides to the outside to catch his breath and gets some advice from Jeff Jarrett. The Roadie then gets back in the ring and locks up with Bob Holly who gains the advantage and pushes him into the corner. The Roadie doesn't give a clean break as he punches Holly him the face twice. The finish of the match sees The Roadie set up Bob Holly for a superplex but gets knocked down to the mat then Holly goes for the splash but eats a boot instead allowing The Roadie to pick up the pinfall victory but after the referee counts three it looks like Holly still kicked out.
Winner and advancing to the 2nd Round: The Roadie via Pinfall

Savio Vega will now face The Roadie in the 2nd Round.

After the match we go backstage to Todd Pettengill who interviews Shawn Michaels as they recap his qualifying match against King Kong Bundy. Micheals says that once he delivers the Sweet Chin Music it will be over for Kama.

Shawn Michaels vs Kama(1st Round Match):
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Shawn goes behind with a hammer lock but Kama immediately counters into a hammer lock of his own. Michaels then geabs the back of Kama's head and flips ober him then dodges some punches before hitting him with a shot of his own. They lock up again with Kama gaining control and puches Shawn Michaels back into the corner. Kama then looks for a shot to Michaels who ducks out of way and tries to irish whip Kama but he counters and sends Micheals into the ropes. Micheals stops the momentum and hops over Kama who runs chest first into the turnbuckle. The finish of the match sees both guys go the distance in the 15 minute time limit which results in a double draw and both guys are eliminated from the tournament.

Winner: Double Draw via Time Limit 

After the match Kama attempts to attack Micheals who ducks and hits him with Sweet Chin Music out of the ring.

Mabel vs Undertaker will now become a semi-finals match due to the double draw.

We then see how both Mabel and Undertaker qualifyed for King of the Ring.

Earlier in the day Bob Backlund was continuing his campaigning around Philadelphia.

Mabel vs Undertaker(1st Round Match):
Mabel makes his way to the ring and Stephanie Wiand asks about the match since the winner goes straight to the finals. Mabel says that Undertaker is going down and he will be going straight to the finals. The bell rings and here we go. Mabel goes for a right hand but is blocked by Undertaker who kicks Mabel in the midsection then begins to lay in the right hands to the face of Mabel as he is moved to the corner. Undertaker then irish whips Mabel into the opposite turnbuckle then looks to take him down with a clothesline but to no avail. Undertaker then tries again bit Mabel is still on his feet. Undertaker then hits the ropes and ducks under Mabel and hits him with another clothesline and this time Mabel goes down. Undertaker then grabs control of the arm and hits old school. Undertaker then chokes Mabel in the corner leading to Mabel taking down the Undertaker. Undertaker sits up but Mabel clotheslines Undertaker to the floor but he lands on his feet. The finish of the match sees the referee get taken out leading to Undertaker hitting a chokeslam and goes for the pin but the referee is down. Kama then comes out to break up the pin and takes out the Undertaker allowing Mabel to pick up the pinfall victory.
Winner and advancing to the finals: Mabel via Pinfall

After the match Kama slaps The Undertaker who then sits up and chases Kama to the back.

We then get a reacap of the 1995 Hall of Fame Ceremony that took place the night before King of the Ring.

Savio Vega vs The Roadie(2nd Round Match):
Before the match Todd Pettengill interviews The Roadie and Jeff Jarrett before the match. The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and The Roadie gets the advantage as he pushes Vega to the cornerand gets in two punches before Vega begins to fight out of the corner. Vega punches Roadie into the opposite corner then irish whips him into the opposite turnbuckle leading to a hip toss. Vega then clotheslines Roadie out of the ring and he bounces off the apron face first. Vega waits in the ring as The Roadie is trying to get him composure and Jeff Jarrett telling him to stick with the plan. The Roadie gets back in the ring and they lock up but Vega gets the advantage with a wristlock. The finish of the match sees Jeff Jarrett get on the apron and Vega irish whips The Roadie but he puts on the brakes. Vega pushes Roadie into Jarrett and rolls him up for the pinfall victory.
Winner and advancing to the finals: Savio Vega via pinfall

Here is the updated tournament bracket:

After the match Savio Vega is interview ringside by a memeber of the Spanish announce team.

We then go backstage to Bret Hart as he talks about his Kiss My Foot match against Jerry Lawler.

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Bret Hart(Kiss My Foot Match):
Stephanie Wiand interviews Jerry as he makes his way to the ring and asks him about his chances in his match. She couldn't finish the interview due to the smell of his feet. The bell rings and here we go. Jerry is bouncing all round the ring and jaw jacks with Bret before locking up with him. Bret gets the advantage and pushes Lawler into the corner before hammering away at his midsection then punches him in the face. Bret hits him with a headbutt and Lawler rolls to the floor but Hart follows him and throws him into the steel guardrail. Hart throws Lawler into the ring and continues the onslaught. Lawler rolls back to the floor and Hart follows. Lawler is able to gain the advantage by throwing Hart into the steel steps as Lawler rolls back in the ring looking for a countout. Lawler rolls back out the floor to continue the attack on Bret. Jerry then rolls Bret back in the ring and throws him face first into the turnbuckle. Jerry looks for the piledriver and hits it but Jerry panders to the crowd instead of going for the pin. Jerry then hits another piledriver then panders to the crowd again. Jerry goes for a third piledriver and is successful and goes for the pin but Bret Hart kicks out. Lawler then throws Bret face first into the turnbuckle as the crowd chants Burger King. Bret then comes back to life and attacks the midsection of Lawler. Jerry puts a stop to the onslaught with a rake to the eyes of Bret then throws him to the outside. Jerry then takes off one of his boots and with the official's back turn hits Hart with the boot as he comes back into the ring and gets a nearfall. The finish of the match sees Hakushi gets involved and cost Jerry the match as he accidentally attacks Jerry Lawler allowing Bret to lock in the sharpshooter for the submission victory.
Winner: Bret Hart via Sharpshooter

After the match Hakushi tries to stop Bret bit attacks Jerry again. Hart clears the ring and makes Jerry kiss his foot. Then he makes Jerry kiss his own foot.

We then get a video package of the WWF supporting the 1995 Special Olympics

Mabel vs Savio Vega(Finals of the King of the Ring Tournament):
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Mabel shoves Vega into the corner. They lock up again and Mabel shoves Vega into another corner then Mabel charges him but Vega moves out of the way and lays in the rights. Vega then chops the chest of Mabel multiple times then climbs to the top rope and lays in punches to the head of Mabel. Vega then irish whips him but counters and Mabel irish whips Vega into the turnbuckle. Mabel then goes for a short arm clothesline but Vega ducks and lays in some punches to the face of Mabel. Mabel then rakes the eyes of Vega and takes him down with a scoop slam and looks for a elbow drop off the ropes but comes up empty. Vega then clotheslines Mabel out of the ring then climbs up to the top but thinks differently and stomps on Mabel but gets pulled out to the floor and Vega shoves Mabel into the ring steps. The finish of the match sees Mabel take down Vega with a powerslam for a nearfall leading to a splash off the ropes for the pinfall victory. ALL HAIL KING MABEL.
Winner and NEW King of the Ring: Mabel

After the match Mo gets in the face of Razor leading to a brawl breaking out and a 2 on 1 assault on Razor as they attack the injured ribs. The 1-2-3 Kid returns and atrempts to make the save but gets taken out as well. Mabel atrempts another Diving elbow from the second rope but the referees and security guards come out to break everything up. Mo then excuses Todd Pettengill and Mabel is crowned the 1995 King of the Ring.

We then see Jerry Lawler backstage in the bathroom throwing up and brushing his teeth after his Kiss My Foot Match.

We then go back to a video from earlier in the day where Stephanie Wiand interviews Ted DiBiase, Sid, and Tatanka about their main event tag team match.

Tatanka and Sid vs Bam Bam Bigelow and Diesel:
We go back to earlier in the day Todd Pettengill interviewed Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow about tonight's main event. Before the match could begin as Diesel was entering the ring Sid attempts to get the jump on him but Diesel counters and lays in the rights on him. Bam Bam takes care of Tatanka qnd sends him out to the floor and Diesel clotheslines Sid and he rolls to the floor. Bam Bam and Diesel stand tall in the ring. Order is then restored and it looks like Diesel will be starting the match against Tatanka. They lock up and Diesel gets control of the wrist for a moment as Tatanka counters and now has control of Diesel's wrist. Diesel counters with a clothesline usinh his surgically repaired right arm. Behind the referee's back Sid is able to get a shot in on Diesel's right elbow. Bam Bam then enters the ring to try and set things right but Tatanka attacks him and this draws the attention of the referee. This allows for Sid to attack Diesel's right elbow by hitting against the ropes and ringpost. Tatanka then skips around the ring before coming off the ropes and hitting the right elbow of Diesel which seems to be re-injured. The finish of the match sees Diesel hit the jacknife powerbomb on Tatanka and as the referee makes the count Diesel pulls him up and says he wants Sid. Sid then leaves the match and Diesel covers Tatanka for the pinfall victory.
Winners: Bam Bam Bigelow and Diesel via Jacknife Powerbomb.

My Grade: B
This was a solid show as we got to see the Cinderella story of Savio Vega who was a last minute entrant into the tournament and made it all the way to the finals before losing to Mabel. The main event was great as well as the focal point of the match was Diesel's right elbow. I think Vega should've went over as the king but it looks like Vega, Razor, and The Kid are just getting started with their hatred for the new king. 

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