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The show opens up with a recap of the Kiss My Foot Match between Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Bret Hart.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels

Smoking Gunns vs Phantom Black and Jason Ahrndt:
The bell rings and here we go. Billy and the Black Phantom start off the match. They lock up and Billy gets the advantage with a sideheadlock leading to Black Phantom grabbing the hair of Billy and shooting him off into the ropes. Billy then comes off the ropes as Phantom drops down and Billy leaps over him leading a hip toss attempt by Phantom that is blocked and turned in a sideheadlock that Phantom shoots off immediately into the ropes. This leads to a shoulder tackle from Billy taking down Black Phantom. Billy then hits the ropes an leaps over Phantom leading Black Phantom attempting to leapfrog but gets caught midair by Billy into a slam. Billy then hits an armdrag takedown and tags in Bart who kicks the arm of Phantom as he enters the ring. Bart then twist the arm of Black Phantom leading to a forearm shot from Phantom to the face of Bart. Phantom then tags in Jason who runs into a drop toehold from Bart. The finish of the match sees Bart catch Jason off the ropes and spins him around before Billy leaps off the top rope for a stomp to the chest for the pinfall victory.
Winners: Smoking Gunns via pinfall

After the match we see footage of Jerry Lawler trying to clean his mouth from earlier in the day. Jerry says that Bret Hart hasn't seen the last of him. Jerry says that his dentist was a former wrestler and is out for revenge against Bret too.

Scott Taylor vs Skip:
The bell rings and here we go. Skip shows off his muscles and does a few jumping jacks in from of Scott. Skip then goes for a right but it's blocked by Skip who lands a few strikes of his own. Scott then attempts to irish whip Skip into the ropes but Skip counters and irish whips Scott into the ropes then drops down as Scott leaps over him leading to Skip leapfroging over Scott. Scott then goes forna right but Skip slips through the legs of Scott and looks for a kick but gets caught by Scott but Skip counters it into a enziguri. The finish of the match sees Skip hit a top rope hurricanrana and gets the pinfall victory as he does push ups.
Winner: Skip via Top Rope Hurricanrana

After the march we see a video package of a celebrity charity baseball game involving some WWF Superstars including the WWF Champion Diesel.

King of the Ring Report:
Todd Pettengill recaps the events of then 1995 King of the Ring. Todd also announces Diesel vs Sid in a Lumberjack Match at In Your House on July 23rd, 1995

We then go backstage as Savio Vega talks about his Intercontinental Championship match against Jeff Jarrett in the main event.

RAW Next Week:
Bam Bam Bigelow vs Sycho Sid

Man Mountain Rock vs Phil Apollo:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Phil gets the advantage by raking the eyes of Mad Mountain Rock. Phol then slaps Mad Mountain Rock across thebfsce ams atrempts a slam but to no avail and Mad Mountain Rock clubs the back of Phil. Mad Mountain Rock then hits a belly to belly suplex leading to him choking Phil on the ropes before irish whipping him into the corner. He follows him in but Phil moves out of the way and Rock stops before hitting the turnbuckle. Rock then hits him with a right leading to a slam then the whammy bar for the submission victory.
Winner: Mad Mountain Rock via Whammy Bar

Kenny Kendall vs King Mabel:
The bell rings and here we go. Mabel chokes Kenny before throwing him into the turnbuckles. Mabel then sends Kenny face first into the turnbuckle before laying in multiple kicks to the midsection. Mabel then hammer throws Kenny into the opposite turnbuckle and does it again as Kenny goes chest first into the turnbuckle. Mabel then hits an enziguri to the back of Kenny's head but Kenny tries to fight back with shots to the midsection but Mabel puts a stop to that with a clubbing blow to the back. Mabel then hits a huge suplex before sending him into the ropes then tossing to the outside. The finish of the match sees Mabel catch Kenny off the ropes and ropes with a belly to belly suplex for the pinfall victory.
Winner: King Mabel via Belly to Belly Suplex

After the match we get a cryptic message from the newest WWF Superstar Waylon Mercy.

We then see a recap of the WWF Hall of Fame 1995.

Jeff Jarrett vs Savio Vega(Intercontinental Championship):
The bell rings and here we go. Savio is distracted by Jeff Jarrett which allows for The Roadie to come in the ring behind him and almost get the sneak attack. The Roadie escapes smd this allows for Jarrett to come in a attack Savio from behind. Jeff continues to lay in the rights then attempts to idish whip him into the ropes but Vega counters and sends Jeff into the ropes. Savio then catches Jeff off the ropes with a hip toss then sends him face first into the turnbuckle. Savio then irish whips Jeff into the opposite turnbuckle and follows him in but sees that Jeff got the feet up and puts on the brakes and hits him with a right. Vega then gets to the top and comes off with a sledgehammer fists then goes to the top of another turnbuckle and drops the first for a two count. Jeff begs for a break leading him pulling Vega face first into the middle turnbuckle. Jeff then lays in the kicks, fists, and stomps. Jeff then attempts to irish whip Vega but Savio counters into an irish whip of his own and follows in with a clothesline. Vega then hits him in the midsection then uppercuts him in the chin. Vega then irish whips Jeff who counters and irish whips Vega into the ropes leading to a leapfrog from Jarrett. Vega comes off the ropes and catches Jarrett who attempts another leapfrog. Vega slams him down to the mat and lays in the rights leading to The Roadie getting up on the apron distracting Vega. Jarrett tries to capitalize on this but Vega moves out of the way and knocks down The Roadie. Vega then clotheslines Jeff out of the ring. Jarrett and The Roadie begins to jaw jack with Shawn Michaels at ringside before Vega comes out and throws Jared back in the ring. Behind the back of the offical The Roadie pushes Savio back in the ring allowing for Jarrett to get the advantage and stomp repeatedly on Vega. Jarrett then comes off the ropes and kicks Vega in the midsection before hitting a swinging neckbreaker then multiple elbow drops into a suplex for a nearfall. The finish of the match sees The Roadie get launched back into the announce desk which leads to The Roadie and Shawn getting into it. Jeff Jarrett comes to ringside and tries to break it up which distracts the referee and allows for Shawn to get in a few rights on Jarrett before tossing him back into the ring. Vega rolls him up for a pin but The Roadie causes the DQ with a clothesline to Vega.
Winner: Savio Vega via DQ

After the match Shawn Michaels and Savio beat up Jarrett and The Roadie and clear the ring. As the show goes off the air The Roadie and Jeff Jarrett come back out and Jarrett cuts a promo on Shawn Michaels.

My Grade: A
This was the post King of the Ring 1995 show and it was a solid show and I saw no problems with it. The show had a great title match, the debut of King Mabel, and we got the main event of In Your House for next month. This show had good matches, storytelling, the annoument of the next ppv, and so much more. This was perfect. 

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