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The show opens with Jeff Jarrett whos says that tonight is the night and that he isn't afraid of The Undertaker and that he is a shoe in for King of the Ring. The gong then sounds and Jeff Jarrett runs away.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Sid in Action:
As Sid is making his way to the ring commentary announces that due to the powerbomb from Sid Diesel had to get reconstructive surgery on his right elbow and will be out for a few weeks. The bell rings and here we go. Sid turns around and hits his opponent with a kick to the midsection sending him into the corner followed up by around kick then a few punches as well. Sid then grabs his opponent Mike by the hair and tosses him into the turnbuckles leading to a powerbomb for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Sycho Sid via Powerbomb

After the match we go to Birmingham, Alabama as Diesel explains that his injury happened when he got chokeslamed by Sid and it got worse after the powerbomb. We then hear from Dr. Andrews as well.

Adam Bomb vs Bob Cook:
The bell rings and here we go. They go for a lock up but Cook grabs the arm of Adam and goes behind him but he reverses it and goes behinf Cook with his arm now. Cook then elbows Adam and hits him with a punch to the face and looks to irish whip him but Adam reverses it and irish whips Cook. Adam Bomb then catches Cook off the ropes with a hip toss leading to multiple powerslams then another hip toss before locking in a working hold on the arm and shoulder. The finish of the match sees Adam Bomb go to the top rope and hit a diving clothesline for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Adam Bomb via Diving Clothesline

King of the Ring Report:
Todd Pettengill starts of the report by announcing Diesel/Bam Bam Bigelow vs Sid/Tatanka for KOTR

Todd Pettengill then says he would like to see Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler and Jerry says that he will give Bret his answer when he is good and ready. He then says that Bret is a dog and doesn't want anymore of him.

Hakushi vs John Snakowski:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Hakushi locks in a sideheadlock but Snakowski shoots him off into the ropes and he comes off the ropes and knocks John down with a shoulder tackle. Hakushi then comes off the ropes again and leapfrogs over John and hits him with a palmstrike. The finish of the match sees Hakushi slam Snakowski to the mat face first multiple times leading to a running senton flip for the win.
Winner: Hakushi via Senton Flip

Hall of Fame Report:
The Hall of Fame takes place on June 24th the night before King of the Ring.
Class of 1995:
Antonino Rocca
Ernie Ladd
Ivan Putski

In-ring Interview with Alundra Blayze:
Vince asks Alundra about Bertha Faye attacking her back on April 3rd. Alundra says that she doesn't know who she is but is ready for her and is happy to be back in the WWF.

RAW Next Week:
Owen Hart vs British Bulldog (King of the Ring Qualifier Match)

Men on a Mission vs Gary Scott and Aaron Ferguson:
Neither team gets an entrance for this match. We come back from break and the bell rings. Mo locks up with Gary Scott for all of a second before hitting him with a knee in the midsection followed up by clubbing blows to the back. Mo then irish whips Scott into the ropes and looks to hit him with a clothesline but Scott ducks and kicks Mo in the midsection and begins to lay in some punches before hitting him with a dropkick for a one count. Scott then gets put down and is dragged to his opponent's corner and Mo tags out to Mabel who hits a HUGE back bodydrop on
Scott. The finish of the match sees Mabel take out Ferguson then hits a running splash on Scott leading a belly to belly suplex for the win.
Winners: Men on a Mission via Belly to Belly Suplex

King of the Ring Report:
Todd Pettengill runs down the list of WWF Superstars who have already qualified for KOTR:
Shawn Michaels
Bob Holly
Razor Ramon

Jeff Jarrett vs The Undertaker (King of the Ring Qualifier Match):
The bell rings and here we go. Jeff Jarrett was busy talking to The Roadie and almost gets caught by The Undertaker but he ducks out of the way. Jeff Jarrett then runs to the outside as he wants nothing to do with The Undertaker. The Undertaker then follows him to the outside and Jeff Jarrett slides back into the ring and catches The Undertaker as he comes back in. Jeff Jarrett hammers away on him before irish whipping him into the ropes leading to The Undertaker coming off the ropes and taking him. The Undertaker hits him with a right hand and sends him to the corner and chokes him for a bit. Undertaker then irish whips Jarrett into multiple turnbuckles and goes Old School. The finish of the match sees The Undertaker catch Jeff Jarrett coming off the top with a chokeslam then hits him with another leading to the tombstone piledriver for the win.
Winner: The Undertaker via Tombstone Piledriver

RAW Next Week:
Savio Vega RAW Debut
Man Mountain Rock in Action
British Bulldog vs Owen Hart (King of the Ring Qualifier Match)

We then hear from Bob Backlund who says that he is gonna try and abolish Rock and Roll music and force everyone to listen to classical music.

My Grade: C
This was another Average but solid show as we continue on the road to King of the Ring. We learned some of the participants for the tournament and the main event was Jeff Jarrett vs The Undertaker in a qualifying match. 

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