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The show opens up with Bob Backlund campaigning outside of the arena earlier in the afternoon.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Vince McMahon announces that Bret Hart has accepted Jerry Lawler's challenge for a Kiss My Foot match over the weekend.

Savio Vega vs Kenny Kendall:
This is Savio's RAW in-ring debut. Before the bell could even ring Kenny tries to get the jump on Vega who side steps out of the way. Vega then lays in some punches before irish whipping Kenny into the opposite turnbuckle. Savio is right on top of Kenny as he hits him with a huge clothesline as Kenny is hitting the turnbuckle leading to a chop to the chest. Savio continues to chop the chest then irish whips Kenny into the opposite turnbuckle and mounts him with ten punches. Savio goes for another irish whip but Kenny counters and hits Savio in the midsection with a knee. He then sends Vega into the corner and continues the onslaught but Vega is able to counter an irish whip and regains control of the match. The finish of the match sees Savio Vega lock in an abdominal stretch for the submission victory.
Winner: Savio Vega via Abdominal Stretch

After the match we get a highlight video of the WWF Champion Diesel.

We then go backstage to Ted DiBiase, Sycho Sid, and Tatanka as they hype up their upcoming tag team match against Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow at King of the Ring.

We then go to The Bodydonnas as Skip is running back and forth up and down the stairs in preparation for his debut match.

Barry Horowitz vs Skip:
This is The Bodydonnas debut and Skip's in-ring debut. The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Skip performs an armdrag takedown leading to a hip toss. Skip then celebrates by doing a couple of jumping jacks but gets caught with a couple of European uppercuts from Horowitz. Barry then shoots Skip off the ropes and leapfrogs over him leading to a hip toss then an armdrag into another armdrag then a scoop slam into a dropkick. The finish of the match sees Skip climb up to the top rope and hit a legdrop for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Skip via Legdrop

King of the Ring Report:
Todd Pettengill announces that the tag team match between Diesel and Bam Bam vs Sid and Tatanka will be the main event of the PPV.

Todd then breaks down the bracket for the King of the Ring Tournament:
Mabel vs Undertaker
Shawn Michaels vs Kama
Bob Holly vs The Roadie
(The Roadie qualified by beating Doink on Superstars)
Razor Ramon vs The winner of Bulldog/Hart
Todd also announces Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler in a Kiss My Foot match

Owen Hart vs British Bulldog:
This match was filmed at another location and Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon called the action. The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Bulldog gains the advantage with a wristlock on Owen and takes him down to the mat. Owen tries to trip up the British Bulldog but to no avail as he is taken back down to the mat. While still in control of the wristlock Smith gets a nearfall on Hart who kips up and grabs the hair of Davey but Smith brings him back down to the mat again. Hart is then able to break free of the wristlock and grabs the hair of Smith to take him down to the mat and locks in a wristlock of his own. Owen then drops the knee on the elbow of Smith and locks in a working hold on the arm and shoulder area. The finish of the match sees both compeitors exhaust the 15 minute time limit resulting in a draw. Both Smith and Hart are out of the tournament.
Winner: Time Limit Draw and both are out of the tournament

We then go back to Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler as we see the video promo of Jerry Lawler challenging Bret Hart to a Kiss My Foot match at King of the Ring.
We then go to the ring as Vince McMahon conducts an interview with Bret Hart. Bret hypes up the Kiss My Foot match and dedicates the match to his family and friends.

Jean-Pierre LaFitte vs Jerry Fylnn:
We come back from break both guys are already in the ring as Flynn shoots LaFitte off the ropes and drops down as LaFitte jumps over him leading to a shoulder tackle. LaFitte then grabs hold of Flynn's wrist but only for a second as Flynn takes control and sends LaFitte into the corner and lays into his with multiple kicks to the ribs. The finish of the match sees LaFitte climb to the top rope and hit a senton for the pinfall victory. During the match Vince McMahon announces that nedt week Lex Luger will face Yokozuna for the final spot in the King of the Ring Tournament.
Winner: Jean-Pierre LaFitte via Top Rope Senton

After the match we see Bob Backlund is still outside campaigning.

RAW Next Week:
Lex Luger vs Yokozuna(King of the Ring Qualifier)
Bam Bam Bigelow in Action
Man Mountain Rock in Action
Jerry Lawler Exclusive Training Video

We then see a video package on the history between Yokozuna and Lex Luger

My Grade: B
This is a very solid show from the WWF as we learned the first round matches for the King of the Ring. We also got to see a classic when brother in laws Owen Hart and British Bulldog compete to a 15 minute time limit draw for the final spot in the King of the Ring Tournament. 

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