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The show opens with a recap of Sycho Sid attacking Razor Ramon last week before their match could begin.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Jeff Jarrett vs Doink The Clown:
This is the opening contest of the night. Before the match begins highlights were shown from The Action Zone the night before were Jeff Jarrett regained his Intercontinental Championship after beating Bob Holly. Before the bell could ring to start the match Doink was all over Jeff Jarrett and sends him into the ropes leading to a clothesline. Doink then catches him off the ropes again but this time with a shoulder tackle. Doink looks to hit the ropes but The Roadie grabs his foot. Doink would then stomp on The Roadie's hand and then gain control of Jeff's wrist but he is able to send Doink into the turnbuckle and looks to attack but Doink moves out of the way and regains control of the wrist. Jeff reaches out his free hand to The Roadie who grabs it looking to pull him out but Doink kicks their hands to break it up. Jarrett is able to get his wrist free and shoot Doink into the ropes leading to a drop toehold and comes up empty on the elbow drop. Doink gains control of the wrist once again and wrings out the arm of Jarrett. Jeff looks to counter with a hip toss but Doink puts a stop to it and hits Jarrett with the hip toss. Doink then looks for an irish whip but Jeff counters and sends Doink into the turnbuckle. Now Jeff looks to send Doink into the opposite turnbuckle but Doink counters and sends him into the turnbuckle. Jeff then gets the boot up in time stopping Doink. Dink then distracts the referee allowing The Roadie to grab ahold of Doink as Jeff went to punch him Doink ducks and he almost hits The Roadie. Doink then snaps The Roadie on the ropes sending him to the floor. Doink then rolls up Jarrett for a nearfall then sends him into the ropes looking for a back bodydrop but Jarrett counters into a face drop. Jeff Jarrett then sends Doink into the ropes who comes off and eats an elbow. The finish of the match sees Doink sending Jarrett into the turnbuckle and Dink biting his butt. This leads to Dink distracting the referee as Doink has him in a submission hold. This allows The Roadie to slip in the back and clip the knee of Doink allowing Jarrett to lock in the Figure Four for the submission victory.
Jeff Jarrett wins via Figure Four

My Take: Doink The Clown surprised me in this match with his wrestling abilities. I'm still not a fan of the clown gimmick though. I was also surprised that there was a reason for this match taking place. A year ago Lawler and Jarrett embarrassed Dink on Superstars. Overall this was a great opening contest.

After the match we get a look at the newest superstars, The Bodydonnas coming to get the WWF pumped.

We then see Bam Bam Bigelow reflect on a tumultuous 1995 so far.

In-Ring Interview with Sid and Ted DiBiase:
Ted DiBiase says that there have been speculation about how long Sid was under his influence. He then proceeds to say that he was the one who suggested Shawn needed a bodyguard and he offered up Sid. He then says that the shortcut to the title was through Diesel's friend Shawn Michaels himself. We then see the sneak attacks from Sid to Shawn and Razor ovet the past month. DiBiase says that they are coming in Diesel's house and taking his title at In Your House. Sid says that he is the super predator and the master.

Next week it will be Bam Bam Bigelow vs I.R.S.

Hakushi vs Gary Scott:
The bell rings and they lock up with Scott trying to gain control of the wrist but Hakushi reverses it and gains control of the wrist for ac second. Scott counters and has control of the wrist. Hakushi breaks free with a back elbow to the jaw. They lock up again and Hakushi takes control of the wrist and brings Scott down to the mat and stomps him. The crowd during this match is chanting for Bret Hart. The finish of the match sees Hakushi go to the apron and hit a springboard splash for the win.
Hakushi wins via springboard splash

My Take: This was another squash match for Hakushi as he prepares to face Bret Hart at the upcoming In Your House PPV.

In Your House Report:
This is the final In Your House Report. The PPV will take place on Mother's Day and only cost $14.95
Todd Pettengill then ran down the match card for In Your House:
Diesel vs Sid(WWF Championship)
• We then hear a final message from Big Daddy Cool to Sid before their title match at In Your House.
Bret Hart vs Hakushi
Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler
Razor Ramon vs Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie(Handicap Match)
• Jeff Jarrett says that he is confident that Razor won't recover from Sid's powerbombs in time that he will let The Roadie start the match
Smoking Gunns vs Owen Hart and Yokozuna(WWF Tag Team Championship)
Adam Bomb vs Mabel(King of the Ring Qualifier)

Owen Hart vs Bart Gunn:
The bell rings and here we go. Owen Hart takes his time and trash talks the crowd by reminding them he is the King of Harts. They finally lock up and Bart gains control of the wrist and wrings the arm while having Owen in a wristlock. Owen looks to escape but as he is coming up off the mat Bart pushes him back down and goes for the cover. Bart gets a two count and then locks in a face lock but Owen sits out and is able to escape and locks in a hammer lock. Bart then runs and dives at the ropes which sends Owen through the ropes and to the floor freeing him from the hammer lock. Bart is then distracted by the Japanese Flag Bearer at ringside which allows Owen to slide back in behind him leading to a clubbing blow to the back. Owen the continues the onslaught and irish whips Bart into the turnbuckle. Owen then irish whips him into the opposite turnbuckle but this time Bart hops over the ropes and onto the apron. He then puches Owen then climbs to the top and faces the outside and jumps turning his body midair for a crossbody and only gets a two count. Bart then locks in a sideheadlock into a hammer lock and brings him to the mat and drops multiple knees to the arm. Bart then uses Owen's arm to lock in his boot and he drops down twice putting more damage on the arm. Bart then jumps over Owen and hits the ropes. He then jumps over him again and the sefond time he comes off the ropes Owen looks to get and leapfrog over Bart but gets caught. Bart then slams Owen to the mat and drops the elbow for a two count. Bart goes back to the hammer lock but Owen this time hits him with a back elbow leading to a shoulder tackle then he leapfrogs over Bart and as he comes off the ropes this time Bart catches him and hits a spinning sidewalk slam. Bart then looks to come off the ropes but the Japanese Flag Bearer known as Fuji trips Bart allowing Owen to get up and hit Bart with a clubbing blow that sends him to the floor. Owen then follows him to the floor and picks up Bart and drives him back first into the ringpost. The finish of the match sees Bart slammed to the floor as Owen Hart goes to the top. Jim Cornette is distracting the referee allowing Billy Gunn to push Owen off the ropes leading to a roll up from Bart for the win.
Bart Gunn wins via roll up

My Take: This a was good match between these two. I have to wonder why Mr. Fuji was at ringside but Yokozuna was nowhere to be seen. Everyone on the outside got involved at point or another during this match. Overall good match. 

We then get a tour of the free house the WWF is giving at In Your House

King's Announcement:
We first get a recap of Bret Hart accepting the match between him and Lawler at In Your House. Jerry says that he will be bringing his mother to In Your House and she will be walking him down the aisle. He then says after he wins then his mother will challenge Bret's mom.

This was really good go home show for the In Your House PPV. We found out that Ted DiBiase has been using Shawn Michaels to get Sid closer to the title. We also learned that Sid was under DiBiase influence the entire time. The only problem I had with the show was the closing segment with Jerry Lawler.

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