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The show opens up with taking a look back at the rivalry between Yokozuna and Lex Luger. They also call each other out before their KOTR Qualifier Match in the main event.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Duane Gill:
The bell rings and here we go. Duane looks for a lock up of sorts but Bam Bam rolls out of the way. They finally lock up and Duane gets the advantage with a sideheadlock. During the match the WWF Champion Diesel is phoned in. Bam Bam shoots Gill off into the ropes and catches him with a shoulder tackle. Vince asks Diesel if he will be 100% for King of the Ring. Bam Bam hits Gill with an enziguri as Diesel explains that he is not at 100% but that he will indeed be at King of the Ring. Gill heads to the corner as Bam Bam pulls him out of the corner and hits him with a headbutt. Bam Bam then stands on Gill as Vince says that people are saying that he is returing to action too soon and there is a possibility that he could re-injury himself. Bam Bam looks for an irish whip but Gill reverses and looks for one of his own but Bam Bam puts a stop to it. Diesel says that while yes he is returning to action too soon he says that everyone including Bam Bam is counting on him since he is the WWF Champion. Gill then pokes Bam Bam in the eye leading to multiple clubbing blows to the back then an open hand strike to the face. Gill continues the onslaught as Vince asks Diesel "What if Sid powerbombs you?" Diesel responses by saying "But what if I jacknife Sid?" Gill then lays in some punches and a clothesline but Bam Bam doesn't go down. Gill then comes off the ropes and gets caught into a powerslam by Bam Bam. Bam Bam goes for a splash but comes up empty. Gill climbs to the top looking for a diving attack but gets caught and slammed into the corner leading to a suplex. Bam Bam goes to rhe top and hits a diving headbutt for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow via Diving Headbutt

After the match we get a look at the newest WWF Superstar, Waylon Mercy. He says that he doesn't like worms crawling on him and he does like the WWF Superstars crawling and touching him and all of them both the worms and WWF Superstars are gonna get squashed.

Kama vs David Haskins:
The bell rings and here we go. Kama kicks gis feet at Haskins to keep him at bay before hitting him low in the midsection and a neck wrencher to take him down. We then see two undertaker fans dressed in all black with a black wreath hanging on the steel guardrail. They lock up and Kama grabs the arm and takes down Haskins. He locks in a single leg boston crab. Kama let's go of the hold and stares at the two Undertaker fans allowing Haskins to jump him from behind. Kama then spin kicks him in the midsection then kicks him multiple times in the chest. Kama then shoots Haskins off the ropes and catches him with a huge clothesline that turns him inside and out. The finish of the match sees Kama hit an overhead belly to belly suplex for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Kama via Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex

After the match Kama confronts the two Undertaker fans in the crowd.

King of the Ring Report:
Todd Pettengill talks about the main event tag team match of ppv. We then hear from Ted DiBiase, Sid, and Tatanka about the match. Todd then talks about the Kiss My Foot match between Jerry Lawler and Bret Hart. We go back to ringside to hear comments from Jerry Lawler.

First Round KOTR Matches:
Undertaker vs Mabel
Shawn Michaels vs Kama
Bob Holly vs The Roadie
Razor Ramon vs Yokozuna or Lex Luger 

Mad Mountain Rock vs Bob Cook:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Rock takes him down with a hip toss into a sideheadlock. Cook breaks the grip and both guys are back to their feet. Rock locks in a sideheadlock before Cook shoots him off into the ropes and Rock takes him down with a shoulder tackle. The finish of the match sees Mad Mountain Rock lock in the whammy bar for the submission victory.
Winner: Mad Mountain Rock via Whammy Bar

Hall of Fame Report:
The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony takes places the night before King of the Ring
Here is the class of 1995:
Antonino Rocca
Ernie Ladd
Ivan Putski
The Fabulous Moolah
Pedro Morales
The Grand Wizard
George "The Animal" Steele

We then see Bob Backlund backstage with Mad Mountain Rock's guitar and he destroys it.

Tekno Team 2000 vs John Crystal and Mike Khoury:
The bell rings and here we go. Troy and Mike Khoury start off the match. They lock ul with Troy getting the better of the exchange with multiple armdargs leading to Khoury tagging out to gis partner John Crystal. Crystal and Troy lock up and Troy pushes Crystal to the corner. Crystal is able to escape and slaps Troy across the face. They lock up again with Troy getting the advantage and locking in a sideheadlock. Crystal shoots Troy into the ropes but eats a shoulder tackle from Troy. The finish of the match sees Travis climb to the top rope and hit a diving spinning crossbody for the pinfall victory.
Winners: Tekno Team 2000 via Diving Spinning Crossbody

After the match we see Mad Mountain Rock in his locker room upset about Bob Backlund destroying his guitar.

RAW Next Week:
Sid and Tatanka vs The Headshrinkers

Lex Luger vs Yokozuna(King of the Ring Qualifier Match):
The bell rings and here we go. Yokozuna gets in the face of Luget and pokes at his chest multiple times before Luger had enough and lays in the punches and comes of the ropes but gets caught by Yokozuna who scoop slams him to the mat. Yokozuna then comes off the ropes but misses with the elbow drop. Luger then begins to focus his attack on the shoulder and arm of Yokozuna. Luger then gains control of the wrist and twist the arm and locks in a wristlock. Yokozuna is able to escape and send Luger into the corner and looks to splash him but Luger side steps and locks in the wristlock again and immediately moves into a working hold on the arm and shoulder. Yokozuna is able to push Luger back into a corner and hits Luger with a forearm to the chest. Luger is able to escape and Lex hits Yokozuna's face eight times into the turnbuckle before hitting him with a right hand that sends Yokozuna to the floor. The finish of the match sees Yokozuna shove Lex Luger face first into the ringpost and hit a legdrop for the countout victory.
Winner: Yokozuna via Countout

RAW Next Week:
Undertaker will be in action
Shawn Michaels will be in action
The Headshrinkers vs Sid/Tatanka

We then see Jerry "The King" Lawler's special training video for his Kiss My Foot match against Bret Hart.

My Grade: C
This was an average show nothing really too special. We got the debut of a new tag team us we filled the final slot in the King of the Ring Tournament. 

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