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We open the show showing what happened last night on the Action Zone. Ted DiBiase introduces the newest member of the Million Dollar Corporation and it's Pyscho Sid.

Commentary: Jerry "The King" Lawler and Vince McMahon

Duke "The Dumpster" Droese vs Jean-Piere LaFitte:
The bell rings and LaFitte is taking off his multiple necklaces then turns to Duke who sticks his hand out looking for a handshake. LaFitte takes the advantage and stomps Duke in the midsection sending him into the corner then shoots him off. Duke leaps into a clothesline and continues the onslaught regaining the advantage. Duke is then able to get LaFitte on the ropes and clothesline him to the floor. LaFitte comes back in and is taken down and hit with an elbow for a two count. LaFitte is able to take back control of the match and hit multiple slams leading a middle rope leg drop for a two count. LaFitte hangs Duke on the ropes then comes off the ropes and hits a running knee. LaFitte then ties Duke into the ropes then hits two crossbodies. The finish of this match sees Duke missing a diving headbutt leading to Jean-Piere LaFitte hitting a sidewalk slam then a Swanton Bomb for the win.

My Take: This was the debut match for Jean-Piere LaFitte after getting a backstage promo from him last week. This was a good match and showcased what Jean-Piere can do. I don't know how I feel about a wrestling pirate but The Dumpster is beginning to grow on me as he was the underdog in this match but had a great showing as well.

We then go to the sandy beaches in Florida as we see Bob Backlund give us his opinion about Spring Break.

On the Action Zone we learned that Ted DiBiase was behind the hiring of Sid the entire time when he announced him as part of the Million Dollar Corporation. Bam Bam Bigelow also challenged Diesel to a match for the title next week.

Doink the Clown vs Roy Raymond:

The bell rings and they lock up with Raymond getting the advantage as he hits Doink with an elbow. He then shoots him off the ropes but Doink ducks and slides to the floor. Raymond floors him but Doink comes back in and brings him back into the ring the hard way. The finish of the match sees Doink hit a German suplex then the Whoopie Cushion leading to him distracting the referee so Dink could hit the mini whoopie cushin allowing Doink to pick up the win.

My Take: I didn't like this match at all. This match felt like it was just filler to waste time. Doink and Dink do absolutely nothing for me and don't move the needle. I'm just glad this match is over as it went way too long.

In Your House Report:
Todd Pettengill is back and introduces the In Your House PPV for the low low price of $14.99 on May 14th, 1995(Mother's Day). Due to what happened two weeks ago between Shawn Michaels, Diesel, and Sid the main event for In Your House will be Diesel vs Sid for the WWF Championship. Pettengill says that Shawn is recovering from back and shoulder injuries. Todd then talks about the IYH Sweepstakes.

1-2-3 Kid and Bob "Spark Plugg" Holly vs Owen Hart and Yokozuna(WWF Tag Team Championship):

1-2-3 Kid and Owen Hart start off the match. The kid jumps at Owen who moves back into the corner and the referee breaks it up. They lock up but Kid does a go behind but Hart is able to fight back and grab the wrist. The kid is able to break free and take down Owen for a one count. Back and forth we go with The Kid gaining control and taking down Hart and locking in a double wrist lock. They get back up and lock up again with The Kid gaining contr and hitting multiple armdrags. The Kid is able to tag in Holly and they hit a double back bodydrop. The finish of the match saw Owen Hart tagging out to Yokozuna while The Kid got the hot tag and was able to knock down Yokozuna with multiple kicks and enziguris. The Kid would then hit a corkscrew plancha onto Owen Hart then comes back in and gets caught into a powerslam for the three count.

My Take: I thought it was a solid match. I'm not a fan of Yokozuna and his work in the ring as it shouldn't be that easy to take him down. Yokozuna should be book as the monster that he is and bring nothing but devastation to his matches. Loved the hot tag from The Kid and in the end the right team won. 

Henry O. Godwinn vs Rich Myers:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up with Myers and the go behind. Godwinn muscles his way out of it and slams Myers to the mat. Henry then clubs the back of Myers then hits a gubuster on his knee leading to a military press. Godwinn remains in control and choke Myers with his boot. Godwinn then kicks him multiple times in the midsection. Godwinn then shoots him off the ropes into the slomb drop for the win.

My Take: This was the main event of the night and I have to wonder why you would have a squash match as the main event of RAW. This match was basically nothing more than a commercial to promote the show Duck Man.

Vince then announces that next week we will see the debut of Bertha Faye. This is the woman who attacked Alundra Blayze on the RAW after Mania. 

Next week we are also getting Diesel vs Bam Bam Bigelow for the WWF Championship. 

Grade: D+

The reason for giving this episode the grade that I did is because it had a debut and a title match on the card other than that the show was terrible. The episode opened with a debut which was the right way to open the show. It should've closed with the title match but it went with a commercial match instead. The other two matches were boring and did nothing to move the needle or get the crowd going. I also could've done with the Bob Backlund Spring Break segment.

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