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The show opens up getting us ready for Shawn Michaels’ press conference, another RAW rip-off from Billionaire Ted, plus we look back at the WWF Championship match from In Your House. 

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler 

Jeff Jarrett vs Hakushi:

When get a recap of the brawl that took place at In Your House between Ahmed Johnson and Jeff Jarrett as Jarrett smashed his gold record over his head. The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Jarrett gets control of the wrist of Hakushi leading to him going behind and pushing by him into the corner. Jarrett then looks for an Irish whip attempt but Hakushi reverses it sending Jarrett into the opposite turnbuckle. Jarrett however leaps up and over Hakushi leading to the scoopslam. Jarrett then begins to strut around the ring before kicking Hakushi in the midsection and whipping him into the ropes. Jarrett then looks to kick him in the midsection again but Hakushi catches the leg and sweeps the other sending Jarrett down to the mat. Hakushi then comes off the ropes charging at Jarrett who lifts him and sends him to the floor. Hakushi however lands on his feet and climbs to the top rope and hits a diving shoulder tackle. Hakushi then whips Jarrett into the ropes and hits him with a dropkick before whipping him into the ropes again and looks for what seems to be a back elbow bit Jarrett slides out to the floor and says he’s had enough of Hakushi. The finish of the match sees Jeff Jarrett pick up the win via submission after locking in the figure four leg lock. 

Winner: Jeff Jarrett via Figure Four Leglock 

Royal Rumble SlamJam with Jim Ross:

The Royal Rumble will take place on January 21st, 1996

New Royal Rumble Participants:

Doug Gilbert of the USWA

Jake The Snake Roberts 

Jerry “The King” Lawler 


Isaac Yankem D.D.S.

We then see another vignette on the former WCW Champion Vader who will make his debut in the rumble match

Henry O. Godwinn 

Marty Jannetty 



Takao Omori of All Japan Pro Wrestling 

We then hear from “Scheme” Gene who teases something for later in the show

Ahmed Johnson vs Jeff Brettler:

The bell rings and we are underway. Brettler who is wearing one of the most UGLIEST curtains I have ever seen that you would get from your grandma’s house for pants runs at Johnson and hits him with a clothesline but Ahmed shrugs it off and it seems like Brettler has hurt himself from it. Brettler then goes for another clothesline but Ahmed ducks and locks in a headlock before throwing him over his shoulder. Johnson then bounces him off the ropes into a clothesline which takes him down to the mat. Johnson then hits a scissors kick before whipping him into the ropes and taking him down with a spinebuster. Johnson then hits the Pearl River Pluge for the win. After the match Jeff Jarrett runs down to the ring and looks to hit Johnson with the guitar but Johnson moves out of the way. Johnson then chases off Jarrett before smashing the guitar. 

Winner: Ahmed Johnson via Pearl River Plunge

RAW Next Week: 

The Undertaker vs Isaac Yankem D.D.S.

Marty Jannetty vs Owen Hart

The Ringmaster will be in Action

The Brother Love Show:

The guest this week is the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. He says for the entire year of 1995 he has search for someone worthy of becoming the Million Dollar Champion. DiBiase says that he has found him and that person is The Ringmaster. DiBiase then crowns Ringmaster the Million Dollar Champion. The Ringmaster then announces that he is in the Royal Rumble. 

We then heard from WWF Referee Earl Hebner about why he allowed Bret to continue in the match at In Your House. 

Goldust vs Aldo Montoya:

We learn from Vince McMahon that Goldust will be facing WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon at the Royal Rumble. The bell rings and we are underway. Aldo turned him back to Goldust as he was talking to the referee which allowed for Goldust to him with a forearm to the back of the neck. Goldust then follows up the attack with a big right. Goldust then whips Aldo into the turnbuckle and he bounces off right into a boot to the face from Goldust. He then hits a backdrop suplex before picking him up and whipping him into the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline. Goldust then jumps down on the mat with the head of Aldo between his legs. He then continues the assault with multiple kicks to the head and neck area. The finish of the match sees Goldust hit the final cut for the win.

Winner: Goldust via The Final Cut

We then go to Shawn Michaels’ press conference from earlier in the day. His doctors have told him that he should retire but Shawn goes against their advice and throws his name into the ring for the Rumble. 

We then hear from other WWF Superstars about the announcement of Shawn Michaels coming back at the Rumble. 

We then see a recap of the WWF Championship match between Davey Boy Smith and Bret Hart at In Your House.

We then hear comments from The Undertaker and Paul Bearer ahead of his clash with Bret Hart for the title at The Royal Rumble. 

Vince then announces the winner of the Royal Rumble Sweepstakes. 

We then get another Billionaire Ted’s Wrasslin’ Warroom to close the show. 

My Grade: D+

Since the beginning which was last week’s show the WWF seems to have been phoning it in as the card has been terrible with only like one decent match. Also they have been showing ENTIRE matches from In Your House 5. The only thing that saved this week’s show was the debut of Austin as The Ringmaster and being crowned Million Dollar Champion. 

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