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The show opens with Todd Pettengill recap the action of the 20 man Battle Royal from last week.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler 

Savio Vega vs Goldust:

Before the bell can even ring Goldust gets the the jump on Vega raining down punches as he backs him up into the corner. Goldust then whips Vega into the opposite turnbuckle and takes him down with a clothesline. Goldust then kicks Savio multiple times in the ribs before dropping to his knees and hitting him with a big right hand to the face. Goldust then rakes his boot across the face of Vega before hitting two shoulder tackles in the corner then whips him into the ropes and looks for a backdrop but Savio telegraphs it. Savio then lays in the right hands as he backs Goldust into the ropes and whips him into the opposite ropes before taking him down with a back elbow to the face. The finish of the match sees Savio Vega miss a spinning heel kick then Goldust kicks him in the injured left arm and shoulder then rolls him up on the bad shoulder for the win.

Winner: Goldust via roll up 

Survivor Series Slam Jam with Dox Hendrix:

We find out that the WWF Championship match between Diesel and Bret Hart will now be a no count out, no disqualification, and no time limit at Survivor Series.

We then go backstage as we see the Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon in a shouting match with 1-2-3 Kid.

We then a cheap and cringy ad promotion for Karate Fighters with Barry Horowitz and Hakushi.

Marty Jannetty vs Joe Dorgan:

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Dorgan gets the advantage as he grabs the arm of Jannetty and twists it as he goes behind. Jannetty then counters and grabs the arm of Dorgan as he transitions and takes down Dorgan with an armdrag takedown. Jannetty then follows up with a monkey flip into a working hold on the arm. Joe makes it to his feet but Marty maintains the hold. Joe is able to push Marty to the corner and breaks the hold. Joe then lays in the shots to the chest and midsection of Marty before hitting him in the face. The referee then backs him up before whipping Jannetty into the turnbuckle. Dorgan looks to follow him in but eats a back elbow from Jannetty. The finish of the match sees Marty take down Dorgan and hits a diving forearm for the win.

Winner: Marty Jannetty via Diving Forearm

RAW Next Week:

Bret Hart and Hakushi vs Issac Yankem and Jerry Lawler 

Marty Jannetty vs British Bulldog 

We then go to the ring as Vince McMahon interviews Jim Cornette and British Bulldog about what happened two weeks ago at In Your House. 

Smoking Gunns vs Phil Apollo and John Rechner:

The bell rings and we are underway. Billy Hunn and Phil Apollo start off the match. They lock up and Apollo gets the advantage locking in a sideheadlock before Gunn shoots him off into the ropes. Billy then drops down as Apollo leaps over him and comes off the ropes again as Billy leapfrogs over him. Billy then hits a drop toehold on Apollo and follows it up by hitting the ropes and leaping over Apollo who dropped down. Apollo then looks for a leapfrog but Billy holds onto the ropes and drops him with a right to the face. Billy then takes control of the arm and brings to wring it out and pull down on it but Apollo breaks free and hits the ropes ducking a clothesline from Billy and kicks him in the midsection. Apollo tags out to Rechner who gets taken down by a drop toehold from Billy who locks in a working hold. We then hear from The 1-2-3 Kid during the match as he apologizes for his behavior at In Your House. He also demands a rematch for the belts. Bart is then tagged into the match and continues the onslaught. The finish of the match sees Bart take care of both Apollo and Rechner then picks up Rechner and spins him around before dropping him on his knee. Bully who is now the legal man climbs to the top and hits the leg drop for the win.

Winners: Smoking Gunns via Backbreaker/Legdrop combo 

After the match we go backstage and hear comments from Bret Hart about Survivor Series.

We then get a commercial for WrestleMania: The Arcade Game.

Owen Hart vs Razor Ramon(WWF Intercontinental Championship):

Razor Ramon makes a b line for the ring and ducks a clothesline from Owen and lays in a right hand to the face of Hart. The bell then rings as Razor dumps him over the top rope with a clothesline. We then see Owen Hart storm back into the ring and the match is not officially underway. They lock up and Owen gets control of Razor’s arm for about only for Razor to counter and gain control of Owen’s arm. Owen the rolls through and breaks the hold leading into a monkey flip but Razor hangs onto the wrist of Hart. Razor then hits a legdrop on the arm of Hart who then kips up and gains control of Razor’s arm. Owen the pulls on the hair of Razor as he maintains control of the arm and pushes him back towards the corner. Razor then breaks the hold and grabs Owen’s arm as he begins to drive his shoulder into Owen’s. We then see Razor continue the attack on Owen’s arm as he yanks down hard on the arm bringing Hart to his knees. Razor then spins Hart around as Owen looks to grab the ropes and he hits face first on the mat. Razor then locks in an armbar on Hart. The finish of the match sees Yokozuna return and come down to the ring and stop Razor Ramon from hitting the Razor’s Edge resulting in a disqualification. Yokozuna would then hit a legdrop on Razor as he and Owen continue the attack on Razor. The Kid would look to make the save but Yokozuna is just too much for him and he suffers a legdrop. Ahmed Johnson then hits the ring and body slams Yokozuna. The British Bulldog then hits the ring looking for a sneak attack but Ahmed turns around just in time and we have a stare down between the two as we go off the air.

My Take: C 

This was another good show as we are on the road to Survior Series. The good things about this show was that Jim Cornette made sense about Smith getting screwed and looked over. It seems like we could be getting a rematch or triple threat match for the title soon. Razor and Owen put on a great match for the IC Title until it was ruined by Yokozuna which I saw no point in I guess they are just trying to protect Owen. It also seems like Savio, Goldust, the tag team division are just floundering right now and that’s sad to say since Goldust just got here. 

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