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Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Camp Cornette vs Undertaker, Diesel, and Shawn Michaels:

We come back from break and the match has already begun. Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart start off the match. Michaels has Hart in a sideheadlock which Owen then pulls the hair of Shawn to back him into the ropes and shoots him off into the opposite ropes. Owen looks to take down Shawn who counters and looks for a hip toss but it gets blocked by Hart. Shawn then takes the eyes of Hart and flips over him. Shawn then ducks the clothesline attempt by Hart and punches him in the face. Shawn then Irish whips Owen into the ropes but Hart puts on the brakes. Michaels then follows up with a right hand to the face and an elbow to the dome. Michaels then tries it again and whips Hart into the opposite ropes and Owen ducks the clothesline attempt from Shawn. They both hit the ropes again and Shawn is able to take Owen down with an arm drag take down. Shawn then locks in a working hold on the arm but Owen is able to make it to his feet and looks to reverse the hold only for Shawn to take control and shoot him off into the ropes. Owen comes off the ropes and takes down The Heartbreak Kid with a shoulder tackle then hits the ropes and leaps over Shawn who then leapfrogs over Owen and takes him down with a monkey flip. Michaels then clotheslines Hart out of the ring and to the floor but hangs onto the top rope and flips back in. The British Bulldog then enters the ring and eats a hiptoss from Michaels and a right hand from Big Daddy Cool. Owen Hart then makes it back into the ring as Yokozuna begins to enter the ring now. Shawn drives Hart face first into the turnbuckle as Undertaker takes care of Yokozuna and Diesel takes care of Smith. Diesel and Shawn then whip Hart and Smith into Yokozuna who knocks them down and out of the ring. Diesel and Undertaker both hot big boots to Yokozuna sending him to the floor as well as the babyfaces hold the ring. Yokozuna seems to be stunned and dazed at the moment as he stumbles to make it back to his feet and runs into the ring post. Smith then enters and the ring and so does Diesel making them the legal competitors in the match. Diesel punches him in the face then whips Smith to the opposite turnbuckle and follows him in with a big time clothesline. The finish of the match sees the match break down again as everyone got involved in the match. The referee then becomes more focused on getting The Undertaker out of the ring which leads to Yokozuna hitting a leg drop on Diesel after Smith hit a running powerslam allowing Smith to pin the WWF Champion for the win.

Winners: Camp Cornette via Powerslam/Legdrop combo

After the match The Undertaker hits the ring and looks to clean house but then King Mabel comes down to the ring and with the help of Yokozuna takes out The Deadman. On the apron of the ring Smith is taking it to Diesel with multiple shots across the face and chest of Big Daddy Cool. We then see Owen Hart make his way to Shawn and begins the assault on him. Dean Douglas then makes his way to ringside and drops Michaels on the steel steps ribs first. It’s absolute chaos out her as Diesel, Undertaker, and Michaels have been taken out. 

We come back from break to recap the events of the assault on Bret Hart from last week.

RAW Next Week: 

Bret Hart vs Issac Yankem D.D.S.(Steel Cage Match)

We then take a look back at the Summerslam match between Bret Hart and Issac Yankem. Vince then announces that if Jerry Lawler interferes in the cage match next week that Lawler will be put into a shark cage for the remainder of the steel cage match. 

Skip vs Fatu:

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Skip knees Fatu in the chest then hammers away with multiple rights leading to a sideheadlock but Fatu shoots him off into the ropes. Skip then ducks the clothesline attempt from Fatu and hits the ropes and leapfrogs over Fatu before taunting him. They lock up again with Fatu getting control of Skip’s arm only for Skip to counter and gain control of Fatu’s arm. Skip is able to break the hold with multiple rights to the head of Fatu and drives him face first into the turnbuckle but it has no effect on him. Skip tries again and it still has no effect on Fatu. Fatu then begins to breakdance a bit and lays in a couple of rights to the face of Skip knocking him down to the mat. Fatu looks to continue the offense but Sunny hops on the apron and distracts the referee leading to Fatu turning his attention to her and looks to be flirting a bit with her. Skip looks to sneak up on Fatu who senses him coming and takes him down with a shot to the face. The finish of the match sees Skip looking for a superplex but Fatu puts a stop to it and sends Skip crashing down to the mat with a shot to the face. Fatu then hits the splash from the top for the pinfall victory. 

Winner: Fatu via Top Rope Splash

We then come back from break and see the recap of the assault from Camp Cornette, Mabel, and Dean Douglas. 

We then go backstage to Doc Hendrix who tells us that he was in the locker room with Michaels, Diesel and The Undertaker. Fox says that Michaels tried to speak and just collapsed while Diesel is no longer Big Daddy Cool and is angry and yelling. Fix then says that The Undertaker has taken the worst of the blows and looks to have the wind knocked out of his sails.

We then go to Jim Ross who barges into the locker room of Camp Cornette and demands answers. Cornette says that Smith has been denied for too long and is finally getting his due with the title match against Diesel. Cornette also speaks on the fact that tonight Smith has been able to something no one else has been able to do and that was to pin Big Daddy Cool. We then see Mabel and he says that he did the impossible tonight too and pinned the shoulders of The Deadman. He then says that Undertaker will be put under a mountain of snow at In Your House. 

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