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The show opens up with Shawn Michaels winning the Intercontinental Championship for the third time at In Your House over Jeff Jarrett.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Shawn Michaels vs Jimmy Del Ray:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and it ends in a stalemate. They lock up again and this time Del Ray pushes Michaels back into the corner. The referee steps in between them and looks for a clean break but Del Ray punches Michaels in the face multiple times. He then irish whips Shawn into the opposite turnbuckle but Micheals puts on the brakes and looks to leap over Del Ray but no one is there. Jimmy thinks he's outsmarted the Heartbreak Kid but Michaels turns around and ducks the punch leading to an atomic drop from Shawn which sends Jimmy into the corner. Michaels then takes Jimmy down with an armdrag takedown and locks in a working hold. Jimmy makes it back to his feet and drags Shawn to the corner. Jimmy climbs to the top and bounces off the rope into a flip which breaks the hold. Shawn then regroups and clotheslines Jimmy out of the ring. Shawn then hits Jimny with a baseball slide and loos for a second one but Jimmy moves out of the way and he gets caught by Tom Prichard. Jimny looks for a punch but Shawn escpaes and makes them collide heads. He takes both down with a punch to the face before rolling Jimmy back into the ring. The finish of the match sees Shawn Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music to Tom Prichard then slips out the back of a back bodydrop and nails Jimmy Del Ray with Sweet Chin Music for the victory.
Winner: Shawn Michaels via Sweet Chin Music

After the match Vince and Jerry recap the night for Jeff Jarrett at In Your House where he performed LIVE and lost the Intercontinental Championship to Shawn Michaels. The Roadie claims that Jeff Jarrett lip synced the song.

We then see a recap of Hakushi attacking Bret Hart four months ago as Bret was receiving an award.

Smoking Gunns vs Rick Stockhauser and John Walker:
The bell rings and here we go. Billy Gunn and John Walker start off the match. They lock up and Walker locks in a sideheadlock but Billy shoots him off into the ropes and Walker takes him down with a shoulder block. Billy drops down and Walker leaps over him leading to a hip toss from Billy then an armdrag takedown as Billy locks in a working hold on the arm. Walker then breaks the hold with a kneelift to the midsection of Billy then clubs him in the back multiple times before tagging in his partner Stockhauser who comes in and kicks Billy multiple times in the midsection. They then irish whip Billy into the ropes and catch him with double back elbows. The finish of the match sees Bart lift Stockhauser on to his shoulder and Billy climbs to the top and hits an assisted slam for the win.
Winners: Smoking Gunns via Assisted Slam

Goldust is on his way to the WWF

After the match we see a video from Fatu who says he wants to make a difference and wrestle in front of his hometown one day.

Waylon Mercy vs Gary Scott:
The bell rings and here we go. Waylon shakes the hand of Gary Scott before he knees him in the midsection and clubs him in the back. Waylon then irish wbips him into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline that nearly decapitates Gary Scott's head. Mercy then chops down Scott twice before irish whipping him into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block and begins to choke him out in front of the referee. Waylon then sends Scott to the floor and holds the ropes open for Scott but let's it go right on top of him. Mercy then rakes him boot acorss the eye of Scott before kicking him out of the ring. The finish of the match sees Waylon Mercy choke out Gary Scott with a sleeperhold for the submission victory.
Winner: Waylon Mercy via Sleeperhold

In Your House Report:
Todd Pettengill gives us the final In Your House Report. Todd announces the next PPV is SummerSlam then recaps the event that was In Your House. Todd says there was some controversy in the pinfall for the world tag tem titles and that The Allied Powers want a rematch.
We then go backstage to King Mabel and Sir Mo. King Mabel says he wants the WWF Championship and challenges Diesel to a match at SummerSlam.

RAW Next Week:
Savio Vega and Razor Ramon vs Owen Hart and Yokozuna(WWF Tag Team Championship)
King Mabel in Action
The Body Donnas in Action
Bam Bam in Action

Bret Hart vs Hakushi:
The bell rings and here we go. The handler for Hakushi distracts Bret Hart which allows for Hakushi to attack Bret from behind. Hakushi sends Hart into the steel steps at ringside and drops hom face first on the steel guardrail. Hakushi then rolls him back into the ring before kicking and stomping him in the midsection. Hakushi then sets him up in the corner and hits him with a right and Bret looks to get away from Hakushi but he stays on top of him and hits Hart with a clubbing blow to the back. Hakushi then scoopslams Bret and climbs to the second rope looking for a splash but Bret gets the knees up in time. Bret then hits an atomic drop on Hakushi followed up with a clothesline off the ropes which takes him down. Bret then drives Hakushi face first into the turnbuckle before hitting him multiple times in the midsection. He then drags Hakushi's face across the top rope then clubs him in the midsection befire hitting him with a headbutt. Hart then sets Hakushi in the corner and hits him with a European Uppercut. Jerry Lawler is beside himself all throughout this match. Bret then puches Hakushi in the face before hitting a backbreaker across his knee. The finish of the match sees Bret Hart hit a superplex before locking in the Sharpshooter for the win.
Winner: Bret Hart via Sharpshooter

After the match the handler for Hakushi tries and attack Bret but Hart turns the tables on him and is able to hit him with a piledriver. Jean-Pierre LaFitte comes out and steals the bag with Bret's wax head in it.

We then go backstage to Dean Douglas who gives us his report card. The first word we learn is Knowledge. He says that he will grade the superstars of the WWF accurately.

We then go to Vince McMahon as he interviews the new Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels to close out the show.

My Grade: C
This was the In Your House fallout show and it was more of just an average show. Nothing exciting really happened on this show. We got to see both Shawn and Bret in action. We learned that two new Superstars were on their way to the WWF and they are Goldust and Dean Douglas.

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