The show opens with a recap of Michaels getting slammed back first into the ringpost by King Mabel last week. We then hear comments from Jerry "The King" Lawler ahead of their main event match tonight.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Ted DiBiase

Doink vs Waylon Mercy:
The bell rings and here we go. Waylon offers a handshake but Doino is not falling for his tricks and takes him down with three arkdrag takedowns and Mercy rolls to the floor. Walyon then makes his waybupbonto the apron as Doink hits him with a shoulder block knocking him off the apron. Mercy then climbs back up on the apron and Doino looks for another shoulder block but Mercy moves out of the way and so does Doink. Doink then runs at Mercy who moves and falls to the floor. Mercy being the gentleman that his is decides to hold open the ring ropes for him. As Doink is entering the ring Mercy lets the ropes go and they snap off the back of Doink. Doink then begis to mount a comeback as he kicks Mercy in the midsection then hits him with a right hand then starts hammering away on the face and midsection backing Waylon into the corner. The referee tries to get Doink to back off of Mercy which opens the door for Waylon to hit him with a right then a HUGE clothesline to take him down to the mat. The finish of the match sees Waylon Mercy put on the sleeperhold and puts Doink to sleep to win the match.
Winner: Waylon Mercy via Sleeperhold

After the match we finally get appearance from Goldust who offers some words from Hollywood

Henry O. Godwinn makes his way to ringside to confront Ted DiBiase after hearing the remarks that DiBiase said earlier. Godwinn then throws his bucket of slop on DiBiase.

We come back to see that Dok Hendrix has replaced DiBiase on commentary for the remainder of the show

Smoking Gunns vs Cody Wade and Bill Garrett:
The bell rings and here we go. Bill Garrett and Bart Gunn start off the match. They lock up and Bart goes behind with a waistlock but Garrett spins out and goes behind with a waistlock of his own. Bart looks to go behind with a hammer lock but transitions rather quickly to a sideheadlock. Garrett dhootshim off into the corner but gets knocked down with a shoulder block from Bart. Bart then hits the ropes and leaps over Garrett qnd lokks to get caught into a hip toss attempt bu Garrett but counters and takes down Garrett with a hip toss. Bart then takes down Garret with a dropkick before picking him up and twisting the arm and tagging out to Billy who kicks him in the face. Billy twists the arm of Garrett and wrings it out before getring hit in the midsection with a kneelift by Garrett. Garrett then fights back with a shot to the face of Billy. Billy then fights him off with a couple of shots leading to Garrett tagging out to Cody. The finish of the match sees Billy climb to the top rope and hits a legdrop onto Cody Wade and gets the pinfall victory as Bart blocks Garrett with a dropkick.
Winners: The Smoking Gunns via Legdrop

The Report Card with Dean Douglas:
The word of the week is Execution as Dean Douglas critics Bret "The Hitman" Hart. After reviewing a recent match of Bret Hart he grades him with an F.

We go backstage as Vince McMahon interviews the WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels ahead of his main event clash with Jerry "The King" Lawler

RAW Next Week:
Undertaker vs Tatanka

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Jeff Hardy:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Jeff looks for an armdrag takdown but Helmsley shoots him off. Hardy is then able to take down Helmsley with an armdrag takedown and Helmsley backs up into the corner. Helmsley then attwcks the midsection before hitting Hardy with an uplercut sending him to the corner and Helmsley meets him there with a chop to the chest multiple times. Helmsley then whips him to the opposite turnbuckle but Hardy puts on the brakes and leaps over Helmsley and landing a dropkick sending Helmsley into the corner. The finish of the match sees Hunter Hearst Helmsley hit a pedigree for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley via Pedigree

Summerslam Insider with Todd Pettengill:
Match Card:
Diesel vs King Mabel(WWF Championship)
Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon(WWF Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match)
Bret Hart vs Isaac Yankem D.D.S.
Alundra Blayze vs Bertha Faye(WWF Women's Championship)
Undertaker vs Kama
Barry Horowitz vs Skip: On Superstars this week Skip challenged Horowitz to a 10 minute time limit match and Horowitz lasted the full 10 minutes beating Skip again
1-2-3 Kid vs Hakushi 

Henry Godwinn vs Ross Greenberg:
We get the introductions of the combatants as we go to break. We come back and the match has already begun. Godwinn has Greenberg in the corner and is hammering away on him with HUGE clubbing blows. Godwinn whips Greenberg into the ropes as Greenberg ducks the clothesline attempt and looks for a crossbody attempt but gets caught and slammed down to the mat. Godwinn then drives his knee into Greenberg leading to a one count. Godwinn then locks in a sideheadlock and throws him into the bottom rope and hits a legdrop. The finish of the match sees Godwinn hit the Slop Drop for the pinfall victory. Aftet the match Godwinn throws the slop on Greenberg
Winner: Henry Godwinn via The Slop Drop

Jerry Lawler paid another visit to his neighborhood friendly dentist Issac Yankem D.D.S. this week

Jerry Lawler vs Shawn Michaels:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up as Lawler is able to turn it around on Michaels and pushes him into the ropes. The referee looks for a clean break but Lawler opts to hit Shawn in the midsection. Lawler then whips him into the ropes and Michaels ducks the clothesline attempt and comes off the ropes and slides through the legs of Lawler and clips the ankles on his way to the floor. Shawn then high fives some fans in the audience and reenters the ring. They lock up again as King pushes him into the corner. Lawler hits him in the midsection and whips him to the opposite turnbuckle but Shawn puts on the brakes and leaps over Lawler then sweeps the legs out from under him. The crowd is really going nuts here and driving Lawler mad as they chant Burger King at him. They lock up for a third time as Lawler pushes him into the ropes and turns to the crowd and says here's a whopper for ya. King looks for a right hand but Shawn moves out of the way and whips Lawler into the ropes and hits a back bodydrop. The finish of the match sees it get thrown out as Sid interferes in the match and takes out Shawn Michaels. Sid then hits Michaels with a chokeslam leading to Razor Ramon to make the save. Lawler then makes the save for Sid as Razor was looking for the Razor's Edge. We then see a tug-of-war between Razor and Shawn over the title. Diesel then shows up to break them up as he is friends with both guys.

My Take: A
This was a phenomenal show this week. Tons of great action and it looks like they are starting to build up Godwinn as a babyface or tweaner of sorts which I wouldn't mind seeing. Not a fan of the slop man though but anyone against the corporation is aye ok in my book. More matches were announced for SummerSlam ans we got a great main event match between Lawler and Michaels.

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