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The show opens with a recap of the triple header main event of last night's In Your House PPV. Jim Cornette meets with Gorilla Monsoon about the travesty at In Your House and Monsoon was force to strip Diesel and Shawn of the tag titles as Diesel pinned an illegal man. Monsoon then granted Diesel and Shawn a rematch and that Owen Hart and Yokozuna would defend the titles this week on RAW. 

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Marty Jannetty vs Skip:

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Skip locks in a sideheadlock but Marty shoots him off into the ropes and drops down as Skip leaps over him. Skip then comes off the ropes as Marty leapfrogs over him and catches him off the ropes with a hip toss. Marty then takes him down with an armdrag takedown followed up with a dropkick sending Skip to the floor and almost out of his singlet. Skip then gwts some reassures and a hug from Sunny. The crowd is firmly behind Marty as they chant his name and he blows a kiss to Sunny. They lock up and Skip rakes the eyes of Marty leading to some right hands as Marty is being pushes back into the corner and whipped into the corner but Marty puts on the brakes and leaps over Skip. Skip then comes at Marty who leaps over him again and kicks him in the midsection locking in a sideheadlock. Skip then shoots him off into the ropes and drops down as Marty leaps over him leading to a leapfrog from Skip and a back bodydrop from Marty. The finish of the match sees Marty bring Skip into the ring from the apron the hard then he climbs to the top and hits a diving fist drop for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Marty Jannetty via Diving Fist Drop.

After the match we recap the events of the triple header match from In Your House some more. We also see Clarence Mason the lawyer of Jim Cornette and the tag champions about the circumstances of the night in question

Smoking Gunns vs Owen Hart and Yokozuna(WWF Tag Team Championship):

We come back from break and the match had already begun. Owen Hart and Bart start off the match. Both guys go back and forth hitting the ropes leading to Bart dropping down as Owen leaps over him and Bart looks for a clothesline attempt but Owen ducks. Bart then looks to come off the ropes with a crossbody attempt but Owen gets out of rhe way in the nick of time. Owen then comes off the ropes and Bart takes him down with a drop toehold. Bart then takes doen Hart with an armdrag takedown and locks in a working hold for a bit before dragging Owen to his corner annd twistimg his arm and taggingbout to Billy who kicks Owen in the midsection. The finish of the match sees the match brewak down as all forur guys end up in the ring. Billy and Bart make the champions collide heads leadkng to a top rope legdrop and back breaker combo onto Owen The referee was distracted with getting Billy out of thr ring and Yokozuna makes it ro his feet and looks to attack Bart wbo moves out of the way leading to a splash onto Owen. Billy comes back in the ring and dropkicks Yokozuna out of the ring leading to Bart making the cover and getring the pinfall victory.


After the match ae see Shawn Michaels and Diesel come to the ring to celebrate with the new tag team champions The Smoking Gunns.

RAW Next Week:

Bret Hart vs Jean-Pierre 

Razor Ramon vs 1-2-3 Kid 

We then go to the aisle way as Dox Hendrix interviews Gorilla Monsoon. We find out that Diesel will defend his championship against The British Bulldog and Shawn will defend his Intercontinental championship against Dean Douglas at In Your House #4. We also found out that Bret will face the winner of the wwf championship match at Survivor Series.

The British Bulldog vs The Undertaker:

The bell rings and we are underway. We come back to the show and The British Bulldog is on the floor staring at The Undertaker who then follows him to the floor. The British Bulldog then slides back into the ring and catches The Undertaker as he comes back in with stomps and blows to the back. Smith then whips him into the ropes and looks for a back bodydrop but Undertaker telegraphs it and whips Smith down to the mat. Smith then gets up and props himself in the corner. The Undertaker follows him in and whips him to the opposite turnbuckle chokes him in the corner. The Undertaker then turns and looks over at the referee who is scared out of his mind and goes out to the floor. Smith then recovers and pokes Undertaker in the eye and whips him into the ropes. The Undertaker ducks the clothesline attempt and comes off the ropes with a leaping clothesline and both guys are down. The Undertaker gets back to his feet and looks to go old school but Cornette hops on the apron and shakes the ropes and causes him to slip and fall back into the ring. Paul Bearer then looks to go after Jim Cornette and the referee has to stop Paul from doing such. Back in the ring The Undertaker sits back up and Smith whips him into the ropes but Undertaker reverses it and catches Smith coming off the ropes with a big boot. The finish of the match sees the match end in as King Mabel enters the ring and gets the attention of The Undertaker allowing Smith to hit him with a knee in the back and right into the arms of Mabel who hits him with a belly to belly. 

Winner: The Undertaker via Disqualification 

After the match is thrown out Smith continues the attack and hits a running powerslam on The Undertaker followed up by a legdrop from Mabel. Diesel and Shawn then hit the ring and makes the save. The former tag team champions then make an appearance at ringside and the heels have the numbers advantage but not for long as the new tag team champions The Smoking Gunns who literally just came from the showers hit the ring soaking wet and barefoot.

We then come back to the show and see a recap of Razor Ramon vs Dean Douglas from In Your House. Vince says that rumors are going around that The Kid is looking for a home and Jerry says that The Kid has been talking to DiBiase. 

My Take: B

This week's episode was the fallout from In Your House #3 and a very noteworthy show. The mess from the triple header match continued as we found out that Cornette had the titles returned back to Owen Hart and Yokozuna only for them to defend them tonight amd lose them to The Smoking Gunns. We also found out that Shawn and Diesel will be getting a return match too. I still for the life of me don't know why they put all the belts up for grabs in the fitst place and this whole storyline is awful. We did find out some matches for the next In Your House PPV. Other than this awful storyline surrounding the tag titles the show was really great this week. My favorite match was actually the tag title match. 

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