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The show opens with a look at the Bob Backlund vs WWF Champion Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels speaks for the first time since he collapsed in the ring. 

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Owen Hart vs Jeff Hardy: 

The bell rings and we are underway. Hardy looks for the lock up but Owen kicks him in the midsection and follows up with a clubbing blow to the back. Owen the chops the chest of Hardy before locking in a sideheadlock but Hardy shoots him off into the ropes. Hart comes off the ropes and takes down Jeff with a shoulder block. Owen then hits the ropes again and leaps over Hardy leading to a leapfrog from Hardy followed by a hip toss. Hardy then takes control of Owens are and locks in a working hold. We then see Diesel watching the match from the backstage area. Hart then fights back to his feet and shoots Hardy off into the ropes as Hardy ducks the clothesline only to come off the ropes and eat a knee lift in the midsection. Owen then stomps on the midsection of Hardy before hitting a back breaker across the knee. We then see Owen whip Hardy into the corner leading to an uppercut. The finish of the match sees go for a Sharpshooter but switches it up for a Jacknife and gets the pinfall victory. After the match Yokozuna gets in the ring and hits the Bonzai Drop on Jeff Hardy. Owen then locks in the Sharpshooter in Hardy as Diesel makes his way to the ring to makes the save leading to a brawl with Yokozuna and finally takes him out of the ring with a big boot. 

Winner: Owen Hart via Jacknife Pin

Chaparita Asari vs Aja Kong: 

The bell rings and we are underway. Kong charges Asari and kicks her in the midsection before whipping her into the opposite corner and follows her in but Asari moves out of the way in the nick of time. Asari then follows it up by kicking Kong in the midsection and whips her into the opposite corner. Asari then follows it up by multiple backflips into a back dropkick which bring Aja down to one knee. Asari then whips Aja back to the opposite side of the ring and back flips into a back dropkick or mule kick sending Aja back into the corner. Asari then shoots Kong off the ropes and goes for a crossbody but just bounces off Aja. Kong then whips Asari into the ropes and drops her as she comes off the ropes before picking her up and hitting two snapmares by using her hair leading to multiple kicks. Asari looks to fight back but to no avail leading a kick in the midsection. The finish of the match sees Aja Kong hitting a spinning Backfist for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Aja Kong via Spinning Backfist 

After the match we Todd Pettengill interviewing Shawn Michaels. 

We then get a promo for the WWF Championship match between British Bulldog and Bret Hart at In Your House

Ahmed Johnson vs Rick Stockhauser:

We hear comments from Dean Douglas ahead of his match against Ahmed at In Your House. Ahmed makes it into the ring only for Stockhauser to jump him from behind. Rick continues the attack with multiple forearms leading to Ahmed begging for more and Rick plans to serve as he hits him with more foream shots. Johnson then fires back with a clubbing blow and multiple kicks and punches to the body and midsection. Johnson then whips Rick into the ropes and hits a nasty and ugly looking attempt at a spinebuster. Johnson then whips him into the ropes again and hits another spinebuster leading to the Pearl River Plunge for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Ahmed Johnson via Pearl River Plunge 

After the match Jerry Lawler interviews Ahmed Johnson at ringside. Lawler gives a message to Johnson from Dean Douglas and gets comments from Ahmed ahead of his match with the Dean at In Your House.

We then get a promo video for the first ever WWF RAW Bowl taking place on New Year’s Day 1996

We then get an in ring interview with Psycho Sid and The Kid along with Ted DiBiase. 

RAW Next Week:

Razor Ramon v Yokozuna(WWF Intercontinental Championship)

Mr. Bob Backlund v Bret Hart:

The bell rings and we are underway. Backlund tried to lunge at Hart but Bret is able to move out of the way as we are still in the feeling out process. Backlund then lunges again at Bret who moves out of the way and gets the back of Backlund. Bret tries to lock on a waistlock but Backlund begins to sprawl and move around making it hard for Bret to get a grip. Backlund then transitions and looks to get a waistlock on Hart but to no avail as well. Bret then turns things around looking for another waistlock only for Backlund to get to the apron and hug the bottom rope forcing a break. Backlund reenters the ring and we get a test of strength leading to Bret getting the upper hand as he is able to go behind into a waistlock. Backlund is able to turn things around and locks in his own waistlock on Hart. Hart then takes Backlund to the ground to break the hold and looks to trap the arm but Backlund is able to lock in a leg scissors around the head and neck of Hart. Bret is able to break the hold as both guys get back to their feet and Bret locks in a front face lock. Jerry Lawler has left the announcer’s table at this time to go interview Bret’s sister Diana during the match. Backlund is able to break free of the hold but Hart doesn’t let him escape but Backlund is able to make it to the ropes and cause a rope break. Jerry Lawler is shown asking Diana about the WWF Championship match at In Your House between her brother Bret Hart and her her husband Davey Boy Smith. The finish of the match sees Bret Hart going for the Sharpshooter but Davey Boy Smith shows up and allows for Bob to lock in the Crossface Chickenwing leading to the DQ victory for Hart.

Winner: WWF Champion Bret Hart via Disqualification 

My Grade: C

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