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Vince opens the show with a recap of last week's record setting television audience WWF Championship Match and what happened afterwards.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Allied Powers vs George Anderson and Ron Hagan:
Lex Luger and George Anderson start off the match. They lock up and Luger gets him in a sideheadlock but Anderson pushes him back to the ropes and shoots him off leading to an attempt at an armdrag from Anderson but Luger puts a stop to that and hits him with an armdrag of his own. Luger then hits a scoop slam then another armdrag. Luger tags in The British Bulldog who climbs the ropes and drops the hammer on the arm of Anderson. Smith then locks in a working hold on the arm and shoulder area of Anderson. Anderson is able to hit a forearm in the face of Smith breaking the hold and tags out to his partner Ron Hagan. Ron comes in the ring and hits a kneelift then a series of elbows sending Smith into the corner as he begins to lay in some punches. Hagan goes for an irish whip but gets reversed by Smith into one of his own leading to a backdrop suplex. Smith then hits a delayed vertical suplex. Hagan then tags out to Anderson who doesn't want back in the match but Smith brings him in the hard way. Luger tags in and hits Anderson with a series of running clotheslines leading to a kneelift before tagging back out to Smith. Smith gets caught in the midsection on his way back in the ring. Anderson then pushes Smith to a corner and hits a series of shoulder tackles to his midsection leading to an irish whip into the turnbuckle. Anderson looks for a running elbow but Smith sidesteps the attack and scoops up Anderson on his shoulders and hits a running powerslam for the win.
The Allied Powers win via pinfall

After the opening contest we get highlights of the Intercontinental Championship match between Jeff Jarrett and Bob Holly. Jarrett got caught cheating so the match continued and Holly won the title but Jarrett had his foot on the rope during the pinfall. The Roadie and Jarrett showed the referees what happened which caused the WWF President to hold the championship in abeyance until the following week where there will be a rematch.

Bob Holly vs Butler Stevens:
They lock up and Stevens gets the advantage by hitting Holly with armdrag takedown but Holly gets back up. They lock up again this time Stevens pushes Holly into the corner and lays in a series of forearms before irish whipping him into the opposite turnbuckle but Holly goes up and over and hits a scoop slam on Stevens. Holly then gets him back up and shoots Stevens off the ropes and hits him with a hip toss. Holly shoots him off the ropes again and hits another scoop slam for a nearfall. Holly shoots him off rhe ropes leading to a back elbow. Stevens tries to regain control of the match by attempting to irish whip Holly into the ropes for a hip toss but Holly counters and hits him with one instead. Holly then takes him down with his head leading to a knee drop to the face. Holly now with control of the wrist wrenches the arm of Stevens. Stevens is able to break free as he hits Holly with a forearm. The finish sees Bob Holly climbing up to the top and hitting a crossbody for the win.
Bob "Spark Plugg" Holly wins via pinfall

In Your House Report:
Todd Pettengill gives us breaking news that the 1-2-3 Kid will not be medically cleared in time for In Your House but Razor still wants the match. It will now be Razor Ramon vs Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie in a handicap match.
Match Card:
Diesel vs Sid(WWF Championship)
Bret Hart vs Hakushi
Razor Ramon vs Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie(Handicap Match)
Todd brings up the IYH Sweepstakes
Next Week:
Owen Hart vs Bart
Doink vs Jeff Jarrett

Mantaur vs Sonny Rogers:
The bell rings and here we go. Mantaur charges Sonny back first into the corner then tosses him halfway across the ring. Then tosses him again back to the opposite side of the ring. Mantaur then hits him with a headbutt then two forearms in the chest before sending him to the turnbuckle with an irish whip. He follows with a splash but Rogers moves out of the way leading to a roll up and a nearfall for Rogers. Sonny then boxes the ears of Mantaur followed by two dropkicks but as he looks for the third Mantaur swats him away. Mantaur then clubs him in the back leading to a belly to belly suplex. The finish of the match comes by Mantaur hitting a military press slam for the win
Mantaur wins via pinfall

Razor Ramon vs Pyscho Sid:
Both guys make their entrance to the ring but Sid attacks Razor from behind during his and hits him with a powerbomb. Sid then hits Razor with another powerbomb which leads to Diesel coming out and making the save. 

Adam Bomb vs Dave Sigfrid:
They lock up and Dave gains control of Adam's wrist. Adam breaks free and gains control of Dave's wrist now leading to a snap suplex then a take over. The finish of the match is Adam climbing to the top rope and hitting a diving clothesline on Sigfrid for the win.
Adam Bomb wins via pinfall.

After the match we go back to the locker room area for an update on Razor Ramon who was attacked by Sid before their match. Razor is seen holding his neck. Earl Hebner says he doesn't know what happened because everything happened so fast that they couldn't even ring the bell.

We then get a promo from Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Man on a Mission vs Kevin Kruger and Bill Duke:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Mabel immediately sends Kruger into the ropes hitting his face on the mat. Kruger then atrempts to gain control of the wrist which leads to a shoulder tackle from Mabel. Mabel then picks him up with both hands by the neck and slams him to the mat. Mabel then goes for a scoop slam but Kruger slips out the back and hits the ropes ducking clotheslines from Mabel. Kruger then attempts a sunset flip but to no avail. Mabel tries to counter by dropping straight down on Kruger's chest but Kevin moves in the nick of time. Kruger then goes on the attack with a clubbing blow to the back and a dropkick. He then tags in his partner Duke and they both attempt to hit a double dropkick but Mabel swats them away. Mabel then brings Duke to his corner and tags in Mo. They slam him back first into the turnbuckle. Mo focuses his attsck on the back of Duke leading to a snapmare and Mo locking in a working hold. Duke is able to break free and comes off the ropes and eats a knee to the midsection from Mo. The match comes to an end after Mo hits Duke with a DDT then gets two nearfalls as he is toying with him. He then brings him to his corner to tag in Mabel and he hits a splash on Duke leading to a belly to belly for the win.
Man on a Mission wins via pinfall

Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler Face to Face:
Bret Hart makes his way to the ringside area to confront Jerry Lawler. The pop he gets when is comes out is deafening. Vince tells Bret that Jerry believes he signed a match against Hakushi for In Your House cause he is scared to face him. Bret calls Jerry a liar then says he has a commitment to his match at In Your House and that he will beat Hakushi. He says that after beating Hakushi he will accept Jerry's challenge and beat him as well in his house. He then says when he beats him Jerry will be going straight to the outhouse.

My Take and grade: C
This episode was good as we got some new matches announced for the In Your House PPV, storyline progression and a look at a new superstar coming to the WWF. My match of the night has to be the opening match with The Allied Powers. 

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