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Commentary: Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross

Tony Schiavone Interviews Bill Watts:
Bill Watts talks about the last time he was in The Mecca, The Thundercage and that Van Hammer had a muscle tear and had surgery. Watts says Vinnie Vegas will replace him in the arm wrestling match against Tony Atlas. Tony also announces that on Sunday's main event that Erik Watts was arrested. Bill Watts says that Erik has been suspended for tonight until the investigation is completed.

Larry Zbyszko Interviews Erik Watts:
Watts says that he is upset for missing his match tonight against Cactus Jack and that these are false accusations.

Tony Schiavone announces that Cactus Jack will now be facing Johnny B. Badd.

Cactus Jack vs Johnny B. Badd:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Badd gains control of Jack putting on a sideheadlock then immediately grabbing the arm and going for a hammer lock but Jack counters with elbow strikes to the face. Jack then lays in the clubbing blows to the back sending Badd into the corner. Badd would then lay in some rapid punches to the midsection then quick jabs to the face and irish whips Jack off the ropes and looks to caught Jack with an elbow but Jack holds onto the ropes. The finish of the match sees Johnny B. Badd go from a top rope sunset flip but comes up empty and Jack hits a jumping elbow drop for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Cactus Jack via Jumping Elbow Drop

After the match Tony Schiavone announces that on January 4th, 1993 in the Tokyo Dome that The Great Muta became the new NWA Champion.

We then get a video package of 2 Cold Scorpio who tells kids that they need to be in school and that they are gonna step their way to school.

2 Cold Scorpio vs Scotty Flamingo:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Flamingo locks in a wristlock on Scorpio but he is able to break free and hit a hip toss. The referee then breaks them up and they lock up again and Scorpio locks in a sideheadlock for all of second before Flamingo shoots him off into the ropes before catching a shoulder tackle. The finish of the match sees Scorpio hit a superkick then a a legdrop leading to a 450 splash for the pinfall victory.
Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio via 450 Splash

After the match Tony Schiavone hyped up the Thundercage main event but also announces that Paul Orndorff will be replacing Rick Rude on Vader's team as Rick is still dealing with a neck injury.

Brad Armstrong vs Chris Benoit:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up for only a second before Benoit shoves him off. They lock up again and again Benoit shoves him off. They lock up for the third time and Armstrong gains the advantage with a sideheadlock but Benoit shoots him offf the the ropes then drops down leading to a leapfrog then eventually Armstrong goes for a dropkick but Benoit swats him away. The finish of the match sees Benoit hit a Full Nelson German Suplex for the win.
Winner: Chris Benoit via Full Nelson German Suplex

After the match we get a video package about the reunion of the Rock N Roll Express. During the video package we learned that Rock N Roll Express will make an appearance at SuperBrawl 3.

Vinnie Vegas vs Tony Atlas(Arm Wrestling Contest):
Winner: Vinnie Vegas. After the contest Vegas calls out the injured Van Hammer.

Wrecking Crew vs Johnny Gunn and Z-Man:
The bell rings and here we go. Z-Man and Rage start off the match. They lock up and Rage pushes Z-Man into the corner. Z-Man breaks free and they lock up again with Z-Man locking in a sideheadlock as Rage tries to use a waistlock to get out of the hold. Rage then shoots him off the ropes but to no avail as Z-Man holds onto the sideheadlock. Rage tries to shoot him off the ropes again but also to no avail. Rage finally is able to shoot him off into the ropes and catches him with a military press but Z-Man puches him in the face and slips out the back. Z-Man looks for a suplex but Rage gets in between the ropes and knocks him off. The finish of the match sees Rage hit Johnny Gunn in the back and he was hitting the ropes leading to Fury tagging in Rage as they hit the Wrecking Ball for the pinfall victory.
Winners: The Wrecking Crew via Wrecking Ball

After the match we go backstage to Larry Zbyszko who interviews the challengers to the Unified Tag Team Championship

We then go back to the stage as Tony Schiavone interviews Sting about tonight's Thundercage match and them being one man short.

We then go backstage as Larry Zbyszko interviews Vader's team for Thundercage.

Douglas and Ricky Steamboat vs Brian Pillman and Steve Austin(Unified Tag Team Championship):
The bell rings and here we go. Steve Aaustin and Ricky Steamboat start off the match. Austin is able to get an advantage as lays in clubbing blows to the the back then continues the attack leading an irish whip and a crawl for a near fall. The finish of the match sees the match break down as Austin breaks up the pin with a diving elbow drop and lays Pillman on Douglas but gets a nearfall. Steamboat then pulls Austin to the floor and they brawl but the commentary table. Austin grabs one of the belts and hits Douglas in the head with the belt causing the DQ finish.
Winners: Shane Douglas and Ricky Steamboat via DQ

After the match Austin and Pillman beat down the champions with the belts.

We then head back to the ring as Harley Race and Vader had an in-ring interview. We get a recap of the finish of Vader beating Ron Simmons for the WCW Championship. Ron Simmons interrupts the interview and a brawl ensues with Simmons standing tall. The brawl spills out to the floor and Vader takes out Simmons with multiple shoulder breakers. Sting and Dustin Rhodes makes the save.

Team Vader(Vader, Orndorff, and Windham) vs Team Sting(Sting and Rhodes) (Thundercage Match):
The bell rings ans here we go. Windham and Rhodes plus Orndorff and Sting break out and each other into separate coners of the ring. Vader is just standing back and letting them duke it out. Jim Ross reminds us that tag team rules still apply in this match. Vader is waiting on the apron while everyone else is still fighting in the ring. The referee finally gets control of the match. Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham are the legal men in the match right now as Dustin irish whips Barry into the opposite turnbuckle leading to a back bodydrop. Rhodes and Windham battle in the corner with Windham getting the best of the exchange. Windham hits a scoop slam and goes for the elbow drop but Dusting rolls out of the way. The finish of this match sees Cactus Jack run down to the ring and make his way into Thundercage. He is then able to stop Orndorff from hitting a piledriver and he climbs to the top for a diving boot to the back for the pinfall victory.
Winners: Team Sting via Diving Boot

After the match we get a post match interview with Cactus Jack and he hypes up his match with Paul Orndorff for WCW Saturday Night.

My Grade: D
This was an ok weekly ppv for me. I didn't really enjoy it too much. There were like only two matches that I enjoyed and they were the tag team title match and the Chris Benoit match. 

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