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The show opens with a run down of the card for the show.

Commentary: Jim Ross and Larry Zbyszko

BREAKING NEWS to kickoff the show Cowboy Bill Watts announces that Rick Rude wouldn't be cleared until the first of March. He also announced that since Rude has defended the title since November and that Rude has been stripped of the title. So the finals of the U.S. Heavyweight Championship Tournament will now be for the title. Watts says that his son is still suspended until the conclusion of the investigation.

Barry Windham, Brian Pillman, and Steve Austin vs Johnny B Badd, Brad Armstrong, and 2 Cold Scorpio:

The bell rings and here we go. Pillman and Armstong start off the match. They lock up and Armstrong gains the advantage as he goes behind with the hammer lock. Pillman is able to break free and chops the chest of Armstong multiple times before shoving Armstong's head into the turnbuckle. Pillman locks in a sideheadlock but Armstong immediately shoots him off into the ropes but gets caught with a shoulder tackle from Pillman. Pillman leaps over Armstong as he drops down then leapfrogs over him leading to both guys locking arms and bringing each other down to the mat. Armstong then gains the advantage and dropkicks Pillman out of the ring. Windham comes into the ring and eats a dropkick as well and Austin attempts to get in the ring but then thinks better of it and joins his team on the floor. The babyfaces then hold the ring strong. Scorpio then goes to the outside and takes down Windham and throws him back into the ring. The match order is restored and Pillman and Armstong are still the legal men of the match. The finish of the match sees the match breaks down and Windham gets the advantage and hits an Impaler DDT on Armstrong for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Barry Windham, Steve Austin, and Brian Pillman via Impaler DDT

After the match Larry Zbyszko interviews Barry Windham. Windham says that Steamboat is gonna win the title and that he will be watching the match.

We then see Vader's invitation to Sting to the White Castle of Fear for SuperBrawl 3.

Big Van Vader vs Tim Dixon:
Vader enters the ring and Dixion runs at him but gets body checked by Vader before the bell could even ring. The bell finally rings and Vader headbutts then short arm clotheslines him. Vader then irish whips Dixon into the corner then hit him with a running splash. Vader then comes off the ropes and takes down Dixon with a body check again then puts him in the corner and lays in forearms to the chest of Dixon. Vader then climbs to the top and hits a splash leading to a powerbomb for the pinfall victory.
Winner: WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader via Powerbomb

After the match we go backstage to Teddy Long as he interviews Ron Simmons about Big Van Vader and what 1993 holds for him.

We then see Tony Schiavone interviewing Erik Watts about the altercation between Arn Anderson and him at a Charlotte, NC gas station.

Wrecking Crew vs Keith Cole and Chris Sullivan:
The bell rings and here we go. Rage and Cole start off the match as they lock up. Rage immediately shoves off Cole and they lock up again and Rage shoves him off again. They lock for the third time with Rage locking in a sideheadlock on Cole before being shot off into the ropes and hitting Cole with a shoulder block but doesn't take him down. They lock up again for the fourth time with Cole getting the advantage and putting Rage into a sideheadlock before being shot off into the ropes and hitting a shoulder block but unable to take down Rage. The finish of the match sees Rage make a blind tag to Fury leading to the Wrecking Ball for the pinfall victory.
Winners: The Wrecking Crew via Wrecking Ball

After the match we go backstage to Tony Schiavone who interviews Dustin Rhodes about his championship match later in the show.

We then go to Jim Ross who is in the control center and previews SuperBrawl 3

We then go backstage and see Tony Schiavone who interviews Ricky Steamboat about his championship match later in the show

Max Pain vs Rick Savage:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Pain gets the advantage hitting Savage in the kidney are then start laying in clubbing blows. Pain then hits Savsge with a suplex then a belly to back suplx with a bridge for a nearfall. The finish of the match sees Pain preform a hammer lock takedown into an armbar for the submission victory.
Winner: Max Pain via Armbar

After the match we go backstage as Larry Zbyszko Vinnie Vegas who has been challenging Van Hammer to an arm wrestling match

We then get a reacap of Cactus Jack over the last week and he then addresses his rivals

Marcus Bagwell vs Chris Benoit:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Chris immediately shoves Marcus off of him. They lock up for the second time and Chris goes behind but Marcus counters and goes behind with a waistlock. Chris then counters and goes behind with a hammer lock only for Marcus to do the same to him. Chris then counters with a hip toss then locks in a wristlock. Marcus breaks free with a forearm to the face and gains control of the arm with a wristlock of his own. Chris is able to roll through and hit a back bodydrop to break free of the hold. The finish of the match sees Chris Benoit hit a Full Nelson German Suplex for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Chris Benoit via Full Nelson German Suplex

After the match we get a WCW Close Up with Brian Pillman and Steve Austin, the number one contenders to the Unified Tag Team Championship. They challenge the champions to a 2 out of 3 falls match.

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff vs Cactus Jack:
Jack attacks Orndorff before the bell even rings. The bell rings and Orndorff has the advantage pushing Jack into the corner. Orndorff and Jack begin to exchanges punches with Jack getting the better of the exchange leading to an irish whip into the ropes and Jack catching him with a boot to the midsection then a forearm to the face taking him down. Jack then sends him face first to the top turnbuckle. Jack then bites him but Orndorff is able to turn the tide and sends Jack to the floor. The finish of the match sees Cactus hit Orndorff will an elbow leading to Vader coming out and attacking Jack to cause the DQ.
Winner: Cactus Jack via DQ

After the match Orndorff and Vader double team Jack leading to The Barbarian to make the save but the heels stand tall.

Dustin Rhodes vs Ricky Steamboat(U.S. Heavyweight Championship):
The bell rings and Dustin tries to go low and sweep the leg but Steamboat moves out of the way. They lock up Steamboat shoves Dustin off and we have a stand still for a bit. They lock up again and Steamboat gets the advantage with the scoop slam. They lock up again with Steamboat gaining the advantage with a sideheadlock but Dustin immediately shoots him off into the ropes then drops down twice allowing Steamboat to hop over him but catches Steamboat off the ropes with a scoop slam of his own. Steamboat rolls to the floor and Dustin waits for him to come back in the ring. They lock up again for the third time with Steamboat quickly taking down Rhodes with an armdrag and locking in a working hold on the arm and shoulder area. Rhodes gets back up but Steamboat takes him back down with a drop toehold leading to a hammer lock then rolls him up for a nearfall but maintains the hammer lock. The finish of the match sees the match break down as the referee goes down. Barry Windham then comes out and hits Steamboat with a DDT on the floor allowing Dustin to the title via countout.
Winner: Dustin Rhodes via Countout

After the match Jim Ross and Larry Zbyszko get post match comments from Dustin about the finish of the match.

My Grade: B
This was a solid showing from WCW. I can't believe I'm saying this but WCW can put on some good matches. I really enjoyed Benoit vs Bagwell and the US Heavyweight Championship match. 

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