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Commentary: Jim Ross and Larry Zbyszko

Marcus Bagwell vs Bob Cook:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Bagwell gains control of the wrist with a wristlock but Cook kicks him in the midsection and gets a wristlock of his own. Bagwell then hits Cook with a forearm and locks in a wristlock again but Cook steps in between the ropes to break things up. Wjen then have a collar and elbow tie up leading to a drop toehold from Cook. Cook the floats over into a front facelock but Bagwell immediately counters into a hammer lock and drives his knee into his arm twice. Both guys get back up and Bagwell is able to take down Cook with a hip toss and locks in a working hold on the arm and shoulder area. The finish of the match sees Bagwell hit a hip toss then a dropkick sending Cook into the corner leading to an irish whip into the opposite corner which eventually sets up for the fisherman's suplex for the win.
Winner: Marcus Bagwell via Fisherman's Suplex

After the match we get a recap of all the first round U.S. Heavyweight Title Tournament matches last week

We then go back to December 30th, 1992 where Vader beat Ron Simmons to win the WCW Championship. Jim Ross announced that Sting and Ron Simmons will be apart of the Thundercage at Clash of Champions.

We then see Harley Race put of the WCW Champion Vader

Van Hammer vs Randy Sledge:
The bell rings and here we go. The lock up and Hammer pushes Sledge back off him. They lock up again and Sledge hits an armdrag takedown on Hammer and looks to follow it up with a clothesline but Hammer ducks and takes him down with a hip toss. Hammer then tosses him halfway across the ring and hits him with a front facelock takedown for a nearfall. Hammer then locks in a hammer lock and turns Sledge over for a two count. He then locks in a sideheadlock as Sledge punches him multiple times in the ribs which breaks the hold. Hammer is then shot off into the ropes and takes down Sledge with a shoulder tackle. The finish of this match sees Hammer hit a slingshot suplex for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Van Hammer via Slingshot Suplex

After the match Jim Ross announces that Van Hammer will challenge Tony Atlas to an Arm Wrestling Contest at Clash of Champions this Wednesday.

We then go backstage as Tony Schiavone interviews Van Hammer. Schiavone announces that Hammer will also be apart of the Tundercage match at Clash of Champions. Hammer then hypes up his arm wrestling match and the tundercage match for Clash of Champions.

WCW Clash of Champions Match Card:
Sting, Ron Simmons, Van Hammer, & Dustin Rhodes vs Barbarian, Barry Windham, Rick Rude, & Vader(Thundercage)
Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas vs Brian Pillman and Steve Austin(Unified Tag Team Championship)
Cactus Jack vs Erik Watts(Bounty Match)

Z- Man and Gunn vs Donovan and Thor:
The bell rings and here we go. Mike Thor and Johnny Gunn start off the match with a lock up bit end in a stalemate. They lock up again and this time Gunn gains control and locks in a front facelock before transitioning into a hammer lock then picks the ankle and takes him down to the mat. They lock up once again and Gunn gets the advantage again locking in a sideheadlock before being shot off into the ropes and hitting a shoulder tackle. This leads to a back and forth leapfrogs and Thor being swatted down to the mat. The finish of the match sees the match break down and Z-Man takes out Donovan as Johnny Gunn hits a Lou Thez Press for the win.
Winners: Z- Man and Johnny Gunn via Lou Thez Press

After the match we go backstage as Teddy Long interviews Cactus Jack and Tony Atlas. Jack runs down what he and he squad will be doing at Clash of Champions. They interview is then interrupted by Erik Watts and Dustin Rhodes. Watts is tired of hearing about a bounty on him and a brawl between all for men break out.

2 Cold Scorpio vs Mustafa Saied:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Scorpio pushes Saied into the ropes and we get a clean break. They lock up again and this time Saied gains control of the wrist locking in a wristlock but Scorpio is able to break free and take down Saied. The finish of the match sees Scorpio hit a superkick then a goes to the top rope for a 450 splash for the win.
Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio via 450 Splash

After the match we go to a sitdown interview with Barry Windham.

Slazenger and Pierce vs Vegas Connection:
The bell rings and here we go. DDP and Pierce start off the match and they lock up but immediately come to a stalemate. They lock up again and this time Pierce pushes DDP into the corner and the referee breaks them up. They lock up again and Pierce once again pushes DDP into the corner. DDP ks able to take advantage and gain control of the match. He makes sure that his body is blocking the view of the referee as he puts his thumb in the throat of Pierce. DDP tags in Vegas and they take down Pierce with double back elbows for a nearfall. The finish of the match sees Vinnie Vegas saves his partner DDP by hitting Slazenger with a chair after DDP was being hung with a rope. The match ended in a double DQ
Winners: Double Disqualification

This week's WCW Up Close is on the WCW Champion Vader

U.S. Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-finals: 
Tony Atlas vs Dustin Rhodes: Dustin Rhodes via Bulldog
Barry Windham vs Ricky Steamboat: Ricky Steamboat via DQ

After the match we go backstage as Teddy Long interviews Steve Austin and Brian Pillman

My Grade: B
This was a solid show from WCW. The match of the night was Ricky Steamboat vs Barry Windham. These two put on a classic for the chance to move on to the finals and plus Steamboat was out for revenge. Overall solid show. 

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