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The show opens up with Paul Orndorff and Barry Windham discussing their tag team match with United States Heavyweight Champion Dustin Rhodes and a mystery partner later in the show as they are interviewed by Tony Schiavone.

Commentary: Jim Ross and Larry Zbyszko

Shane Douglas and Ricky Steamboat vs Joe Cruz and Fred Avery:
The bell rings and here we go. Ricky Steamboat and Fred Avery will start off the match. They lock up as Fred Avery immediately gets the power advantage and hits Steamboat with multiple clubbing blows to the back before irish whipping him into the ropes and Steamboat ducks the clothesline and comes off the ropes with a crossbody for a one count. Steamboat then locks in a working hold on the arm and shoulder area if Avery. He continues the onslaught by clubbing the shoulder and wringing out the arm. He spins the arm around and tags out to Shane Douglas who climbs the ropes and jumps down right onto the arm. Douglas then grabs the arm of Avery and locks in a working hold. Avery breaks free of the hold by raking the eyes of Douglas and looks for a powerslam but Douglas slides out the back door. Shane seems to have tweaked his knee coming off the top as he hobbles to punch Avery in the face before dragging him over to his corner ro tag out to Steamboat who comes in and attacks the arm of Avery. The finish of the match sees Steamboat hit a high crossbody from the top rope onto Cruz for the pinfall victory.                                                               Winners: Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas via Diving Crossbody 

After the match we go backstage to the locker room area as Dustin Rhodes is interviewed by Tony Schiavone and has his mystery partner with him but covered with a sheet.

We come back to the show and we go up close on WCW Up Close with guest Gordon Solie.

Big Van Vader vs Rick Thomas:
The bell rings and here we go. Thomas looks for a lock up but Vader hits him with a huge right hand knocking him down to the mat. Vader then picks him up and hits a Samoan Drop then climbs up the ropes for the Vader bomb then hits a powerbomb for the pinfall victory. After the match Harley Race enters the ring and rubs face paint on Thomas as Vader whips him with the leather strap.
Winner: Big Van Vader via Powerbomb

After the match we go backstage to the Hollywood Blonds as they are interviewed by Jim Ross as they discuss Steve Austin's Beat the Clock Challenge against Marcus Bagwell.

Steve Austin vs Marcus Bagwell(Beat the Clock Challenge):
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up as Bagwell gets the power advantage and pushes Steve into the corner. Steve then turns it around puts Bagwell in the corner and we get a clean break between the two. They lock up again and Bagwell takes down Steve with an armdrag takedown. They lock up again but Bagwell immediately goes behind with a waistlock and Austin counters into a waistlock of his own. Bagwell ia able to spin out of the hold and take down Steve with a waistlock takedown. Austin gets up quickly and drives his knee into the midsection of Bagwell and brings him back down to the mat with a front facelock. Both men make it back up to their feet and Austin drivess his knee into Bagwell multiple times and looks for a suplex but Bagwell counters each attempt. Bagwell hits a suplex on Austin leading to a two count and Austin powers out and sends Marcus to the floor. The finish of the match sees Marcus Bagwell last the entire 10 minutes with Steve Austin
Winner: Marcus Bagwell via Time Limit Draw

SuperBrawl 3 Update:
Eric Bischoff is in the control center this week to give the update.
Match Card:
Brian Pillman and Steve Austin vs Marcus Bagwell and Eric Watts
Davey Boy Smith in Action
2 Cold Scorpio vs Chris Benoit
Rock 'N Roll Express vs The Wrecking Crew
Cactus Jack vs Paul Orndorff(Falls Count Anywhere)
Dustin Rhodes vs Ron Simmons(US Heavyweight Championship)
Barry Windham vs The Great Muta(NWA World Championship)
Sting vs Big Van Vader(White Castle of Fear)
We then hear comments from Sting and Big Van Vader ahead of their leather strap match at SuperBrawl 3.

Paul Orndorff and Barry Windham vs Dustin Rhodes and ???:
Dustin's mystery partner is Catcus Jack. The bell rings and here we go. Dustin and Jack charge at their opponents and begin laying in punches and bunches on them. Rhodes attacking Barry Windham and Cactus Jack is all over Paul Orndorff. Rhodes irish whips Windham into the ropes and hits a back bodydrop sending him to the floor and Dustin follows him to the floor. Back in the ring Jack is still hammering away on Orndorff in the corner. Catcus Jack begins choking out Orndorff in the ring while Windham and Rhodes trade blows back and forth with each other. Jack takes down Paul with a clothesline then a punch to the face as the match seems to be under control now. Roodes slides up on the apron as Jack drives Orndorff head first into the turnbuckle before making the tag to Dustin. The finish of the match sees the match break down as Cactus Jack brings in a shovel and hits Orndorff with it.
Winners: Barry Windham and Paul Orndorff via DQ

After the match se go backstage to Jim Ross as he interviews The Wrecking Crew as they have their eyes set on the tag team titles.

Z Man and Johnny Gunn vs Ali Pasha and Bob Cook:
The bell rings and here we go. Bob Cook and the Z Man start off the match. They lock up and Z Man gets the advantage as he locks in a sideheadlock on Cook. Cook shoots the Z Man off into the ropes and gets taken down with a shoulder block by the Z Man. Z Man then hits a sideheadlock takeover but Cook makes it make to his feet and pushes Z Man into thr corner. Cook then drives his shoulder into the midsection of Z Man twice before looking for an irish whip which is countered by Z Man and Cook is sent into the corner. Cook then cgarges at Z Man only to get taken down with a hip toss followed up by a dropkick. The finish of the match sees Z Man and Johnny Gunn irish whip Pasha and Z Man catches him with a superkick into a thez press from Johnny Gunn for the pinfall victory.
Winners: Z Man and Johnny Gunn via Thez Press 

My Grade: D

This was not a go showing from WCW as they continued to build towards SuperBrawl 3. The show only lasted for an hour but it was not the best hour of wrestling television. None of the matches were steller or great the only saving grace if I was forced to pick one would have to be Steve Austin vs Marcus Bagwell in the beat the clock challenge. Here's hoping that the go home show for SuperBrawl 3 will be better as they go back to their regular two hour format. 

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