Monday Night Raw this week featured the first brand invitation match for the red brand. The WWE Champion Drew McIntyre took on Baron Corbin in the main event of the show. Also on the show the Women's Tag Titles were defended with Bliss Cross defending against The IIconics.

How well did the show push forward angles/stories? The show did push forward quite a few stories, Edge and Orton, Rollins and his disciples, the breakdown of Zelina's camp, the rise of Bobby Lashley and his partnership with MVP, The Street Profits and Viking Raiders and a new contender for Asuka and the Women's Championship. The show actually has quite a few stories going throughout the night the problem was they didn't flow well. While each story with the exception of Edge and Orton had multiple segments they just didn't fit together well. It is nice to see that Raw has invested in stories for each feud on screen, tonight wasn't the best executed of telling these stories. 7/10

Did the show tell a story throughout the night? The show didn't really have one story told throughout the night and easily could have. Raw could have told the story of Bobby Lashley and MVP coming together to be the next challenger to Drew McIntyre, while also pulling in the story of Drew and Corbin facing off in the main event. 6/10

Did the show have quality matches? This is probably the worst part of the show, while the show did have many matches featuring great talent, nothing got enough time. Riott and Charlotte and Corbin and McIntyre likely had the best matches, yet neither really had enough time to give us that satisfying feeling. 5/10

Quality of promos? The promos on the show were find and for the most part did push stories foward. However there wasn't a standout promo that made you go wow, like on Smackdown with Charlotte or Sonya Deville. Each championship had promo time as well as story to it so that is a plus. 6/10

Did it make me want to watch the next show? Due to the sheer amount of stories they are pushing forward, yes. Also Bobby Lashley finally getting this spotlight is overdue however the tag division segments are really doing it for me. Overall next week's show with the US title match as well as learning more about Rollin's faction makes me excited to watch. 7/10

Overall Score: 31/50 (62%) 

What was the biggest moment of the show? Kevin Owens return
MVP of the show: Seth Rollins continues to be the best promo on the show and his growing faction is the most interesting part of the show.
Let down of the show: The lack of quality wrestling matches on the show. 
Stand out performer: Apollo Crews returned this week and looked the most impressive he ever has. He showed tons of intensity and was explosive, I'm looking forward to see how he continues to improve.

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