Smackdown this week kicked off the tournament to crown a new Intercontinental Champion, Otis on MizTV and Charlotte making her return to the show. In this article I'll be breaking down the show, using different criteria, I'll be taking those answers and scores adding them up and giving it a grade below. Let me know your grade on the show below in the comment section or on Twitter @view_raw. Also if you would like to support the website and get access to exclusive backstage news you can sign up here.

How well did the show create or push forward angles/stories? The show was centered around the story of Otis as Money in the Bank winner. In that the show pushed forward he and Mandy's angle, along with their problems with Ziggler and Sonya, setting up a mixed tag match next week. The Hacker made his presence felt once again and the IC Title tournament kicked off. Finally, the show also created new tension between Bayley and Sasha seeming to move it forward as well as, create a new potential challenger for Bayley in Dana Brooke. The show did very well pushing forward multiple story lines throughout multiple divisions and even weaving in the main story line into others situations. The only division the show didn't touch was the tag team division which will bring their score down a bit. 8/10

Did the show tell a story throughout the night? The main story of the show was Otis and he being Mr. Money In The Bank. The show did a fantastic job of touching on current storylines with Dolph and Sonya, as well as, tying in his continued story with Mandy Rose. In addition they added him needing to find a tag partner tonight to face Miz and Morrison, leading him to choosing the Universal Champion Braun Strowman. Giving us a dynamic of potential thought of Otis cashing in on the Monster Among Men. Smackdown did an excellent job telling an overarching story on this show. The only negative would have been giving a proper reason as to why Tucker couldn't or wouldn't be his tag partner. 9/10 

Did the show have quality matches? The show featured just four matches in it's two hour time window. However all the matches were given time, the show felt balanced and never felt as if it leaned too heavily towards pushing through stories or not enough time doing that. Elias and Corbin exceed most people's expectations on my Twitter timeline and mine as well. While the match wasn't amazing it was more than good. Dana and Naomi had a relatively quick match with Dana stealing another win from Naomi, the match was fine. Gulak and Bryan had the best match on the show which should be no surprise as these two are exceptional in ring workers. Then the main event saw the Universal Champion Braun Strowman and Mr. Money In the Bank Otis take on Miz and Morrison, the match quality wasn't superb but it likely wasn't meant to be. This main event was all about the belief that Otis could cash in on Strowman potentially and giving the fans a feel good ending to the show with the babyfaces standing tall. 7/10

Quality of promos? The promos on this show didn't miss, you had the comedic opening of the show with Miz and Morrison with Otis. This had purpose however and set the table for the show. Mandy and Otis have such great chemistry and Otis is playing this character to perfection in everything he does. The ladies on this show were amazing on the microphone, Sonya Deville cut another great promo building her feud with Mandy and Otis. Charlotte however had the promo of the night, the reason it felt so much more impactful was it started to drive the wedge between Sasha and Bayley. This is a feud that people have been wanting to see and also the promo set the table for next week's match of Charlotte vs. Bayley. 9/10

Did it make me want to watch the next show? Yes absolutely! Smackdown should give themselves a pat on the back after this show as it's the strongest they've had since maybe going on Fox. The table is set for Charlotte vs. Bayley, Otis and Mandy vs. Ziggler and Sonya, as well as the two other IC Tournament matches which appear they will continue to receive time. 9/10

Overall Score: 42/50 (84%) This show receives a pass from me. Using my metrics I feel the show could have improved in some areas, just touching on the tag team division and having a bit more out of the women's match with Dana and Naomi. However the show delivered in every other area, the promo quality and importance of the promos were great, they set the table well for next week and progressed stories, and the show was built around a specific story that was also intertwined with other angles going on. This show was story driven in my opinion and also delivered for the most part in ring and whenever had a promo opportunity. 

What was the biggest moment of the show? The show lacked a major moment however Charlotte's promo was the most impactful on the show.
MVP of the show: Otis, the show was build around him and everything he touched was golden. If I were Tucker, I would consider looking for a new tag partner.
Let down of the show: While nothing that happened on the show was a let down, the lack of creating something for the tag division was a letdown. 
Stand out performer:This section is for someone who didn't have the time as Charlotte or Otis did in their major spots. Instead it's for someone who took their time given and made the most of it. Sonya Deville would get this for me, Elias and Corbin had a very good match but Sonya made us want to tune in next week with another fantastic promo.

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