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WNW Staff Predictions: WWE Backlash Predictions

This Sunday on the WWE Network is WWE Backlash and it will take place in the Performance Center in Orlando, Fl. The show will feature five championship matches and also a match being promoted as the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever". You can see our staffs predictions below and if you would like to become a premium member and help support this team you can join here for a 30 day free trial!

Apollo Crews vs. Andrade - United States Championship

Chris: As much as I love Andrade, I'm also thrilled for Apollo finally being given a chance to shine. The fact he has been given a new theme makes me even more certain he retains here. Winner- Apollo 

CJ: There’s no way that Apollo loses the title this fast...and especially not to the guy he just beat for it. Winner - Apollo

Ja'Von: Crews just won the belt two weeks ago from Andrade plus he just got a BANGER of a theme. I don't see him dropping this early. Winner: Crews

John: I like how WWE is giving Apollo the ball and letting him run with it. This is arguably be the best pure wrestling match of the night so I'm going with Crews to retain. Winner: Apollo

David: I'd be shocked to see Apollo lose after finally making his mark in the WWE. I also believe Andrade is WWE Champion quality and needs to be in the main event picture. Winner: Apollo Crews

Standing Streamer:  Easy pick.  Apollo goes over & the story of the dissension in Zelin'a crew advances.
Winner: Apollo Crews


Kat: I can't imagine Apollo losing the title so soon. Andrade has had a bad taste in his mouth since losing the belt and will be looking to get it back! Winner: Apollo Crews


Matt: Apollo needs a lengthy run with the title to establish himself moving forward, he ain't losing this one. Winner: Apollo

Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy

Chris: I hope this is the end of this feud already. Jeff is my favourite WWE superstar of all time, but I also have a lot of time for Sheamus. The Fella should not have been booked the way he has since his return and I hate the fact that he will lose here. Winner - Hardy

CJ: I think they have plans for Jeff to go on a bit of a final run to end his career...and it’ll start here with a win over Sheamus. Winner - Jeff Hardy

Ja'Von: All signs point to Sheamus as the driver. Hardy wins here to get revenge making him 2-0 in his feud with Sheamus. Winner: Jeff Hardy 

John: I gotta lean Hardy here. Sheamus probably is the driver but I think they are setting up Jeff for one final run as well. Winner: Hardy

David: I love Jeff and have actually enjoyed the play on his real life personal problems but with Sheamus in the best shape of his career he can't keep losing to the aging Hardy. Winner: Sheamus


Kat: I still need a Hacker exclusive on the accident, but I have a strong feeling that Sheamus was involved! This is nothing but personal for Hardy which will fuel him even more! Winner: Jeff Hardy


Matt: The narrative is all about the Jeff Hardy redemption story, it's just a shame he has to step on the celtic warrior on the path to said redemption. Winner: Jeff Hardy

Standing Streamer: 
Going to be a great match, but in the end, we have no clear cut winner.  Sets up a stipulation match in the future.
Winner: DQ, nobody wins.

Braun Strowman vs. The Miz & John Morrison - Universal Championship

Chris: Another filler match until the real program begins. Strowman will squash Johnny Drip Drip and MC Miz on his way to facing The Fiend at the next PPV. Winner - Strowman

CJ: Braun is winning this easily...the only real question is, does The Fiend attack him after the match. Winner - Braun Strowman

Ja'Von: This feud is just buying us time until Bray comes back as The Fiend. Winner: Braun Strowman.

John: This is a time waster and simply a set up for the Fiend to get his rematch. Winner: Braun

David: Not a fan of these handicap matches for the title and a Strowman victory is the likely outcome. I just hope we see a glimpse of the Fiend to set up their rematch for the Universal Championship. Winner: Braun Strowman


Kat: They can huff and puff, but Miz and Morrison will not blow Strowman away! Enough said! Winner: Braun Strowman


Matt: Braun is inevitably on another collision course with Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend, so i'm going with a retention in this one. Winner: Braun Strowman

Standing Streamer: 
Braun tips a bunch of stuff over.  
Winner: Braun Strowman

Asuka vs. Nia Jax - Raw Women's Championship

Chris: If Jax wins this one, we riot. Asuka has to retain it's as simple as that. She needs a lengthy reign, with a win over Charlotte at some point soon. Defeating someone as imposing as Jax would be a great start. Winner - Asuka

CJ: If Nia Jax wins may never hear from CJ again. Asuka needs to win this and Nia Jax needs to just not concuss her in the process. Winner - Asuka

Ja'Von: This will be Asuka's first defense as champion. Nia has been booked like she should. Winner: Asuka

John: Asuka has been the MVP of WWE (figuratively) since the move to the PC. Thankfully WWE has recognized this and given her ample opportunities to shine. She will continue to do so against someone who honestly has no business being on the main roster. Winner: Asuka

David: I really want Asuka to have a strong run as a fighting champion so she can't lose this...especially to Nia Jax who isn't a worthy champion at this stage. Baszler and Belair are two women I'd like to see ahead of Nia in the pecking order. Winner: Asuka


Kat: Nia Jax is a former champion, but she's not the right woman to lead the RAW women's division! Asuka is coming into this match with a bone to pick against Nia for the recent attacks! Winner: Asuka


Matt: Nia is not like most girls, as a matter of fact she is in a world of her own sadly it's for all the wrong reasons. Asuka is primed for a MASSIVE showdown with The Queen down the road so she is holding the gold here. Winner: Asuka

Standing Streamer: 
On a side note, if it was not for Nia Jax's carelessness, we would not have that iconic image of a bloody Becky.  On to the match, Asuka wins.  She deserves a decent run.  Let's just hope everybody comes out ok.  
Winner: Asuka

Bayley & Sasha vs. IIConics vs. BlissCross - Women's Tag Championships

Chris: The IIconics are looking great since returning a few weeks ago and I'd love to see this more serious side to them be rewarded with a title run. Sasha and Bayley 100% leave without their belts, finally starting their feud. Winners - The IIconics

CJ: The IIconics need to win this. Bayley and Sasha need to lose this and start their feud. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are only in this to get their rematch. Give me the IIconics. And give me them NOW. Winners - The IIconics

Ja'Von: The IICONICS have returned and have looked more dominant than ever. I think it's time to put the belts back on them. Winners: IICONICS 

John: I think they are setting up for a team from NXT to win them eventually so I see the IIconics getting them back by pinning Cross, so the others are protected. Winners: IICONICS

David: Following the announcement that the winners will defend their titles against Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart on NXT I'm pulling for the Boss 'n' Hug connection. Bayley and Sasha's return home could be special. Winners: Bayley & Sasha Banks


Kat: The IIconics have looked vicious since their return and you can never count Bliss and Cross out! However, maybe too soon for Banks and Bayley to drop the belts! They can't lose them to The IIconics twice! Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley


Matt: The fact that NXT is advertising a Women's Tag Title Match next week leads me to believe that the Boss & Hug Connection retain however i wouldn't be shocked regardless of who wins this one. Winners: Boss & Hug Connection

Standing Streamer:
I am on the same page as David.  I think WWE showed their hand & we will see Bayley/Sasha win, but I just hope we see something play out that still puts a wedge between the two.
Winner:  Bayley & Sasha

Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley - WWE Championship

Chris: A really tough one here. My heart says Drew but my head says Lashley. A title run for Lashley would be long overdue but Drew deserves a lengthy reign. It all depends on whether Vince and WWE truly blame Drew for the poor ratings... Winner - Drew.

CJ: I think Bobby Lashley faces Brock Lesnar for the title at SummerSlam, in August. Idk if that title change happens now or we have a weird finish and these 2 rematch and Lashley snags the title at Extreme Rules, in July...but why not? I’ll be the guy that picks Lashley. Winner - Bobby Lashley

Ja'Von: This one is hard for me to predict as both guys are coming in looking strong and with tons of momentum. My money has to go with Drew. Winner: Drew

John: There will be a lot of ground and pound action in this one, and while I don't think WWE will take the title off Drew (yet) I got a feeling they will extend this feud until Extreme rules, or even until Summerslam. Winner: Drew by DQ

David: As much as I love Drew McIntyre and believe he's done a great job as Champion I really hope the poor ratings don't affect his position as champ. I see this as 50/50 as Lashley has impressed recently but I'm keeping the faith with the Scottish Psychopath. Winner: Drew McIntyre


Kat: As Drew said on Monday, this will be a war! Lashley is in the right frame of mind for a title run, but will have to wait a bit to taste gold! Winner: Drew McIntyre


Matt: Since Mania i've said Drew won't lose the title till at least Summerslam so with that in mind i'm staying true to... Drew. Winner: Drew McIntyre

Standing Streamer: 
I too am going to be the guy that picks Lashley.  Not real reason, just got a feeling.
Winner: Bobby Lashley

Edge vs. Randy Orton - Greatest Wrestling Match Ever 

Chris: I'd be shocked if Edge doesn't win in his first true wrestling match in almost a decade. A win here over one of the GOAT would help move him on to a feud with someone like Seth Rollins leading into Summerslam. Winner - Edge

CJ: Neither guy would be that hurt by a loss but Orton truly doesn’t need this win, one bit. This is Edge’s first “real” match since his return and it wouldn’t make much sense for him to lose it. Winner - Edge

Ja'Von: This is supposed to THE GREATEST WRESTLING MATCH EVER. So much pressure on these two to deliver. Given time and going back to the fundamentals they can pull it off. Winner: Randy

John: Let's get this out of the way: this will NOT be the 'Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.' WWE will produce it in such a way that it is going to be a well paced bout, and at the end of the day there's no way Edge is losing this match. Winner: Edge

David: The build based on Edges self-doubt whether he has the pure wrestling ability to match Orton has me feeling Edge will overcome his fears to win this one and make him a true contender on his return to WWE. Winner: Edge

Standing Streamer: Going into the match, it is Edge 1-Orton -0, so based on that I will go with Orton.  The biggest issue is, I am not sure my eyes can handle viewing "The Greatest Match Ever".
Winner: Randy Orton


Kat: I love Edge and was so happy to witness his return in person at the Royal Rumble! Because I'm expecting a trilogy...Winner: Randy Orton!


Matt: I have absolutely no idea with this one so i'm going with the logic that the rubber match happens at Extreme Rules then Edge moves on to Seth Rollins at Summerslam. Winner: Randy Orton

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