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This Sunday NXT will host it's first ever In Your House PPV event. The PPV brand that used to run throughout the year in the 90's is now back on the WWE Network. The show will feature all of their brand's titles on the line and the PPV in ring debut of Karrion Kross. Please follow our staff on Twitter you can see their handles below and also become a member of the site and get exclusive backstage news. We currently have news up regarding new contracts, a boxing legend considering a wrestling career, news on Brock Lesnar, and even when fans could return to Wrestling. Join today and get a 30 day free trial of the premium side of the site.


Finn Balor Vs. Damien Priest 

Chris - Gotta be Balor right? His eventually showdown with WALTER will be a MOTY contender for sure, so a victory over Priest here keeps his momentum going into that monumental match. However, Priest is closely one for the future and a win over Finn would be huge moving forward... Winner - Priest

Ja' Von- Damien Priest is going up against one of the best in the world. He looking to make a name for himself at the expense of Balor. Finn has a date with WALTER down the road so how can I bet against the Prince. Finn wins.

Tom - NXT has to continue to build Finn strong as Kross is gonna need opponents as well as the fact the WWE would still like to do Walter vs Finn Summerslam weekend if travel allows it. Winner - Finn

Shayne - This will be a great match, no doubt. But, it has to be Finn!

Kat - Really easy one! It has to be Finn!

David - Balor Club rises again! Give me Finn v Walter!

CJ - Finn! Is this even a question?

Chris - Surely it has to be Imperium? A deserving team who deserve a long title reign. My boys Breezango are long overdue some success after injuries have blighted their progress, but it would be too early here. Winners - Imperium

CJ- As much as I love literally anything Breezango do...I think them chasing the titles and finally capturing them in front of a live crowd will be the play, here. So, I’m picking Imperium to retain.

Ja'Von- The mat is sacred to Imperium who just beat the Newly Bros for the titles a couple of weeks ago. Glad to see the return of Breezango but it's just too soon for Imperium to drop the gold. Imperium retains.

Shayne- Breezango may be hot of their return, but Imperium just won the gold, so it's a little too soon to take the gold off of them. Imperium retains.

Tom - Imperium retain their tag title. Easy.

David- I agree with both guys above. Too soon for Imperium to drop the titles after such dominance in recent weeks. Winners - Imperium

Kat - With this being Imperium's first title defense, I don't see them losing the titles this early. While I always love a good upset, Imperium retains!

Matt - Imperium should win this one as they go on to capture all available NXT gold. Winners - Imperium

Chris - Eugh. No interest in this at all tbh. I'm going to go with team Candice though as her recent heel turn needs to maintain its pace and a loss would hurt that. Winners - Team Candice

CJ - This is a WWE classic...let’s throw a bunch of rivalries together into a tag match to get multiple people on a PPV... I guess Team Candice wins... just because of the recent heel turn.

Ja'Von- This is a match that says "Hey we don't have enough time for all of you to have your own matches so we put together this six woman tag." The heels have the momentum right now since Gonzalez and LeRae are coming off wins the past couple of weeks. Winners: Team LeRae.

Shayne- Team Candice, I guess. This match will probably be a good one, but it really makes no sense to have on the card in this format. But the recent heel turn gives Team Candice the edge.

David - No team really needs the win, but Candice & Johnny turning heel recently was a refreshing change so I'll go with Candice carrying on her momentum. Winners - Team Candice

Kat - This is a case of "Enough is Enough!" One side has had enough of the other's tactics and underhanded methods! I'm going with Team Mia for the win!

Matt - A similar prediction and reasoning to the guys above me, Team Candice to win so that the heel turn can get some legs behind it. Winners - Team Candice 

Tom - Team Candice

Chris - It simply has to be Kross. Ciampa can take the loss and it doesn't hurt him, very much in a Cena or Orton way, and Kross needs to win his first PPV match. The future's bright... the future's Kross. Winner - Kross

CJ - Has to be Kross...he’s quite possibly the hottest thing in not just NXT... not just WWE... but maybe all of Professional Wrestling... & Ciampa is NXT’s version of Randy Orton... a loss (in NXT, at least) doesn’t do any damage to his aura. Kross has to win and will win, IMO.

Tom - 
Kross over Ciampa. To me you can't build someone as well as they have built Kross and then not give him the big W.

David- Kross will lay down a marker here and show what he is all about. The hottest thing in all of wrestling right now and for the foreseeable future. Winner - Kross

Kat- I love Ciampa, but this match is screaming for a Kross victory, especially with this being his first Takeover.

Javon - Kross. Not even close.

Shayne - Ciampa has been a mainstay in NXT for a LONG time. Because of that, he can afford to lose here. It will no doubt be a match of the night candidate, if it's not that will be a huge disappointment, but Kross will get the win here.

Matt - The new kid on the block will put the hurtin' on the Blackheart. Winner - Kross

Chris - I say that on this night we will have a new North American champion. Lee is doing such good work that I don't think he should be dropping the belt until he is on the verge of a main roster call up. However , Heel Gargano needs this. Winner - Gargano

CJ- Gargano is the new NXT North American Champion...after all of the backing they’ve given this heel-turn with he and Candice, he can’t lose his first feud as a heel.

Ja'Von- Lee has been on a roll since Survivor Series. He gets the seal of approval from Roman Reigns then goes on to win the North American Championship from Strong. Gargano just turned heel but doesn't need the title or NXT. Lee retains.

Shayne- Unlike with his wife I don't think the recent heel turn gets Gargano the win here. Keith Lee is just to good with that North American Title around his waist. Lee retains.

David- This heel turn has been GREAT and I definitely see Gargano picking up the win here through heel tactics, setting up a rematch down the line with an angry Lee. Winner - Gargano

Kat- Mad respect to Gargano! I love his in-ring abilities and the heel turn has brought out more of his character. HOWEVER, in this case, he's going up against a powerhouse! I'm going with Keith Lee to retain!

Tom - Keith Lee

Matt - By using all the tricks in the book, Johnny will take the NA title away from Lee. Winner - Johnny

Chris - I truly hope and pray that Io Shirai walks out as champion. The most talented woman on the NXT roster deserves her time to shine after brushing with success so often. Rhea's time in NXT should be coming to a close, so let her lose and move to the main roster. Charlotte should be back on RAW or SD challenging for their top womens prize. With all that said however I think Rhea wins her title back. She only lost at Mania because of Visa issues. Winner - Rhea

CJ- It’s Io Shirai’s time...the best Women’s Wrestler on the planet, IMO needs the title now more than ever. Charlotte needs to go to RAW, full-time and fill the massive Becky Lynch-sized void in their women’s division and Rhea needs to chase until the crowds comeback and she can get a proper reaction when she regains the title down the line. Io deserves a title run and this Sunday, she’ll get it.

Tom - Io wins the NXT Women's title. With things opening up soon, sure, WWE would love to have Charlotte stay on NXT however I think its Io's time here, and Rhea can chase.

Ja'Von- This is the match we have all be waiting for. This match in my opinion should main event the show. Charlotte as been an ok champion but has not moved the needle. Io wins the title to become the new champion.

Shayne- This one is simple, with Becky gone from the main roster, Charlotte is needed worse there than she is here. While Rhea is a great wrestler, her time in NXT is probably coming to a close, plus, we've seen her as NXT Women's Champion before, and while it wasn't a bad run, it's time for something new. Io wins.

David- Io Shirai. 100%. The genius of the sky deserves a title to match her incredible talent. Winner - Shirai

Kat- No more games! No more delays! It's time for Io to win! She's been one of the hardest working women and leaders of the NXT locker room! If she does not win, I will be truly upset! #LongOverdue

Matt - Redemption for Rhea in this one. I see her pinning Io to reclaim her title and further down the line will get revenge over Charlotte. Winner - Rhea

Chris - I want Dream to win the big one, I really do. Cole has been a phenomenal champion but it's time for a change especially of UE are ever going to have main roster aspirations fulfilled. However I still think it's a little early for Dream. Kross will be the one to dethrone Cole. Winner - Cole 

CJ- Velveteen Dream is the most charismatic superstar in Wrestling, today and on Sunday, he meets the best male superstar in NXT history, Adam Cole. This will be a cinematic match for the ages...& it’s time for the Purple Reign...

Tom - 
This one is hard because it makes more sense for Cole to lose and head to Raw or SD with the rest of UE, however that said I think it means more for Kross to beat Cole for the title. Cole retains.

Ja'Von- Velveteen Dream is someone I have been high on since he was Patrick Clark on season six of Tough Enough. Cole has been champion now for over a year and will go down in history as the greatest NXT champion of all time. This Sunday the clock strikes midnight for Cole and it will be dream over. Dream is the only person I can see taking the belt off of him. The Purle Regin begins.

Shayne- If WWE want to make good use of Undisputed Era on the main roster this year, now is the time to call them up. Cole has been great as NXT Champion, but it's time for something new. The only downside to Dream winning is he'll probably only be a "transitional champion" as Karrion Kross is waiting in the shadows, and he can't really afford to lose his first title shot. Dream wins

David- Cole to remain as champion. Big fan of Dream but he has lost all of his momentum in recent months so I'm pulling for Mr Bay Bay! Winner - Cole

Kat - A Backlot Brawl is the perfect way to settle the score between Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream. The time for a change in NXT has been long overdue. I'm going with Dream to win the NXT Championship!

Matt - By using all of his street smarts, Dream will use his advantage to finally take the belt from Cole in this brutal backlot brawl. Winner - Dream

Remember to check back to for all the live coverage of In Your House. Also we have partnered with Synergy Pro Wrestling for an upcoming event on July 11th that will be live on FITE. The show will donate all the profits to First Responders, the show will also feature a 30 minute iron man match between Alex Zayn and Blake Christian. You can pre-purchase the event HERE! 

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