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The show opens with a recap of the main event from the Survivor Series PPV which saw Bret Hart defeat Diesel to win the title.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler 

We then see a recap of The 1-2-3 Kid turning of Razor at RAW and The Kid winning at Survivor Series and then costing Razor his match. 

Hakushi vs 1-2-3 Kid:

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up with The Kid getting the advantage by locking in a headlock on Hakushi. During the match Razor Ramon is on the phone with McMahon and Lawler. Hakushi then looks to shoot The Kid off into the ropes but The Kid holds on and brings him down to the mat. Vince then asks Razor about the events that took place on the RAW before Survivor Series. Hakushi looks to shoot him off again but The Kid maintains the hold and brings him back down to the mat. Razor says that The Kid sold out and double crossed him so now he is gonna pay. Hakushi finally breaks the hold and transitions into a top wristlock but The Kid uses the ropes to try and flip out of the hold but eats a chop to the chest instead. They look to lock up again but Hakushi is able to lock in a headlock leading The Kid shooting him off into the ropes. Hakushi comes off the ropes and takes down The Kid with a shoulder block the hits the ropes again leaping over The Kid. The Kid then leapfrogs over Hakushi then looks for a spinning heel kick but Hakushi rolls out of the way. Hakushi then hits The Kid with a dropkick leading to an armdrag takedown into a working hold. The finish of the match sees Ted DiBiase push Hakushi off the top rope leading to a spinning heel kick from The Kid for the pinfall victory.

Winner: The 1-2-3 Kid via Spinning Heel Kick 

After the match Jerry Lawler interviews The Kid and Ted DiBiase at ringside. Marty Jannetty comes out to confront The Kid leading to Sid powerbombing Jannetty on the floor. 

Survivor Series Slam Jam with Dox Hendrix:

This is the final Slam Jam as he recaps the events of the Survivor Series PPV. He then announces the next PPV will be In Your House #5 on December 17th. 

The first match announced for the card: Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog for the WWF Championship. We then hear comments from Bulldog. 

We then learn that Henry O. Godwinn will face Hunter Hearst Helmsley in an Arkansas Hog Pen Match

We then see former WWF Champion Diesel entering the building.

Skip vs Savio Vega:

The bell rings and we are underway. Skip tries to get at Vega in the corner but is held back by the referee. Skip is able to get passed the referee and looks to hammer away on Vega but Savio turns it around and puts Skip in the corner and begins hammering away with rights. Vega then lights him up with chops to the chest before whipping him into the corner only for Skip to reverse it sending Savio into the corner. Savio comes out of the corner and takes down Skip with a clothesline and finally takes off his ring jacket. Vega then lays in the rights to Skip as he backs him up into the ropes. Vega then whips him into the ropes and looks for a clothesline but Skip is able to slip between the legs of Vega leading to an enzurgi taking down Vega. Skip then picks him up and looks for an irish whip but it’s reversed by Vega who then looks for a superkick but Skip is able to duck the kick. The finish of the match sees Diesel come down to ringside and attack Skip leading to a no contest as the bell didn’t ring and nothing was announced. 

Winner: No Contest

After the match we hear from Diesel saying for the first time in a year he went to bed and slept like a baby. He says that what happened at Survivor Series was just the tip of the iceberg. He also says that Big Daddy Cool is back and he only cares about his family and friends. 

RAW Next Week:

Kama vs The Undertaker for the Gold Chain

Brother Love returns to interview the new WWF Champion Bret Hart 

Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart:

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up with Owen Hart having the advantage as he locks in a headlock on Michaels. Shawn then shoots him off into the ropes but gets taken down with a shoulder block from Owen for a two count. Owen then hits the ropes and takes him down again with a shoulder block for a two count. Owen then takes him down with a headlock takedown for another two count leading to Shawn breaking the hold by locking in a leg lock of Hart. Owen is then able to flip over and land on the chest of Michaels for a two count as Shawn bridges out of the pin into a backslide on Owen for a two count. Michaels then takes down Owen multiple times with two armdrag takedowns leading to a back bodydrop then a dropkick sending Owen to the floor. Owen then climbs to the apron but Shawn grabs a hold of his wrist and brings him in the hard way leading to him twisting and pulling down on the arm. Shawn then locks in a working hold but Owen is able to make it back to his feet and shoots Shawn off into the ropes. Michaels hits the ropes and leaps over Hart leading Owen going for a leapfrog but Michaels puts on the brakes leading to a hurricanrana from Shawn who then grounds and pounds on Hart. The finish of the match sees Shawn Michaels clothesline Owen Hart out of the ring then poses for the crowd before grabbing his head and collapsing in the middle of the ring.

Winner: No Contest

After the match is called off we see multiple EMTs, Vince, Jerry, and Pat tending to him and trying to give him oxygen to close the show.

My Take: 

Due to the way the show ended I don’t feel right in grading it. I will say though that the show was great and flew by as RAW has been picking up steam the past few weeks. This is also the first time that I find myself have any interest in Diesel whatsoever.

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