Workers Stealing Moves In NXT, Officials High On Enzo Amore, Eugene Returns

NXT Wrestling

- There is an interview circulating with former WWE NXT worker Knuckles Madsen where he said there are a lot of vultures flying around in the company's development system that will take a move if they like it. Madsen put over his experience, specially calling Norman Smiley a surgeon in the ring.

- WWE officials are high up on NXT worker Enzo Amore. Amore is 5'11 200lbs from Hackensack, New Jersey. He's described as someone that lacks size but makes up for it with his "tough guy mentality and reckless abandon." You can read his official profile at this link. Amore is currently sidelined with a broken leg.

- WWE developmental trainer Nick Dinsmore appeared at NXT live events last week as Eugene. This is the character he portrayed on WWE television several years ago.

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