Wrestlemania 35 Location Revealed... Or Is It?


Our own Thomas Fenton is reporting the following:

Rumors were flowing this morning that NY/NJ got their bid for WrestleMania and that they once again will host the event...

Hold the phones, hold the press, while this may end up being true. Officials there are pulling a "Minnesota" and jumping the gun. Over the weekend, Philadelphia was told that they were not getting the event and that it was down to Detroit and NY/NJ (We did a huge update 2 weeks ago on where each city stood and pros and cons).

Detroit is currently hosting a sports convention today discussing future big events, all star games, NFL Drafts & Superbowls. When WrestleMania was not mentioned in the first hour, word reached NY/NJ and they assumed they landed the event. I repeat they could still get the event however WWE has not told them this and the sports convention is still on going in Detroit. Look for this to play out the next few hours.

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