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WrestleMania 36 News Update: What We Currently Know **Potential Spoilers**

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As the world deals with a pandemic the WWE looks to bring you some normalcy and joy. They spent the better part of this week taping tons of content, including WrestleMania. The show that is now too big for one night, has faced major changes.

Yesterday there were rumors swirling that issues happened at the taping for WrestleMania. Then last night Ryan Satin dropped a bombshell that Roman Reigns had pulled out of WrestleMania. The immediate question for some like myself was who would replace Roman. 

It is known that Braun Strowman was at the tapings this week and he did not have an announced match. It is worth noting that WWE taped multiple weeks worth of content this week. The consensus at this point is that Braun Strowman was the likely replacement for Reigns. 

Late last night Dave Meltzer dropped another bombshell that other matches were affected on the card due to higher than allowed temperatures. WWE has been checking everyone as they enter the building and not allowing anyone it who has over a 100.4. It's been rumored Bobby Lashley was one of those superstars . 

The WWE did complete taping of WrestleMania yesterday and the show will go on. So there is no likelihood of cancelation or postponement due to WWE already having the show taped. As we find out more please stay tuned with us at WrestlingNewsWorld for all the latest news regarding WrestleMania. 

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