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Tonight is the night the beginning of WrestleMania weekend! We have a large in person crowd again, a beautiful stage, celebrity appearances, and musical performances! It's an exciting time and check out Wrestling News World for content surrounding the event this weekend including previews of each night and Live Coverage of each night! 

Here are predictions for the matches from some of the WNW staff. What are your predictions? Say in the comments or on Twitter using hashtag #WNWWrestleMania.

Night 1 Predictions

Tag Team Turmoil: Naomi and Lana vs Carmella and Billie Kay vs Natalya and Tamina vs Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose vs The Riott Squad - Winner faces Women's Tag Champions on Night Two

Justin Lucciano- Naomi and Lana

Natalya and Tamina might have the most momentum but the winner faces the Women's Tag Champions for the titles night two and Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler the champions are heels. So I think a face team will win and they have plenty of history with Naomi and Lana and they are the team with the second most momentum.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose

Frankly, I have no idea. I'm a fan of every performer in this match individually, but the Women's Tag division on the main roster has generated zero excitement for me outside of my weird schoolboy crush on both Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose. So, I'll just pick them if only because that would make me happy to see.

Ja’ Von York - Naomi and Lana

When it comes to the Women’s Tag division the WWE has no idea what they are doing with them. Since the beginning of Sasha and Bayley’s second reign with the belts they have been used as props in main title feuds. Anyways back to the match the only two logical teams to win are Ravishing Glow and Natalya and Tamina. I would happen with either team but I think Naomi and Lana will get the win.

Robby DeShazer - Natalya and Tamina

This one took me a minute to decide, but I gotta say I'm still super impressed with that promo Nattie cut on Talking Smack last week. Having two veterans of this division go over in front of a live crowd would be a massive "thank you" to both Tamina and Natalya for their years of hard work. 

RAW Tag Team Championship: AJ Styles and Omos vs The New Day (c)


Justin Lucciano- AJ Styles and Omos

Some think the heels will lose and a split will occur but I think that one of the reasons New Day beat Hurt Business for the titles was so they could be transitional champions and babyfaces against Styles and Omos in the first match of Omos.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - AJ Styles and Omos

This match is about one thing and one thing only - to introduce Omos as a major threat outside of being AJ's Diesel. Of course, a win for the heels does something for everybody - AJ Styles gets a tag championship to help him get that Grand Slam, and New Day get a chance to win another reign and add on their count to win that "Most Tag Title Championships" record.

Ja’ Von York- AJ Styles and Omos

The New Day are ELEVEN TIME TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. The focus of this feud has been wether or not Styles and Omos are a real team and about Omos’ in ring debut at WrestleMania. I think that this match only came about since New Day have ran through all the teams on RAW and need fresh opponents and to make Styles a Grand Slam Champion. The New Day will take the L here and it wouldn’t hurt them as they are bulletproof at this point. Plus with this being a tag match it makes it easier on Omos in his first ever match. 

Robby DeShazer - AJ Styles and Omos

As much as I love The New Day, this most recent run with the titles has screamed transitional to me. WWE didn't want Styles and Omos to have to take the titles off of Benjamin and Alexander who were working heel, and The New Day are an obvious face team that deserves a match at Mania. Even though it feels like a lock, this match should still deliver. 

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro


Justin Lucciano- Cesaro

This is Cesaro's first singles WrestleMania match on the main card and he has been pushed recently. I think the push is going to continue for him to a title match and beating a guy of Rollins caliber will be a huge step in that direction.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Seth Rollins

This will be an amazing match - maybe even one of those show-stealer, "Savage vs Steamboat" legends that get brought up on one of those in-house WWE documentaries in 10 years. And it'll be a long one, too. But, at the end of the match, Seth Rollins will end up the winner because Rollins is the bigger star. 

Ja’ Von York- Cesaro

Cesaro has been with WWE for over 10 years now and so many people have preached that he has all the potential in the world to be a world champion but potential can only take you but so far. This is also Cesaro’s first singles match on the grandest stage of them all and I think he will be able to pull out the win here and this will be the start of his push to bigger and better things. His opponent Seth Rollins has done everything there is to do in WWE and is also on that bulletproof tier and will be just fine taking the L here.

Robby DeShazer - Seth Rollins

Rollins has been getting his comeuppance a bit too much the last few weeks. Sure, a loss wouldn't hurt the Monday Night Messiah, but if they want him to stand as a credible threat in the main event scene soon Seth has got to go over this weekend. 

Steel Cage Match Shane McMahon vs Braun Strowman


Justin Lucciano- Braun Strowman

I got the monster among men here, I don't see anything to gain from McMahon winning. I don't really see a win doing much for Strowman either but a loss will hurt him so he needs to win in my eyes.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Braun Strowman

You're kidding, right? If they aren't planning on having Strowman beat Shane in a friggin' steel cage at WrestleMania, they might as well just release him. Because, otherwise, the only reason to keep him employed after that is to just make his life miserable and there's no reason to do that to someone.

Ja’ Von York - Braun Strowman 

I don’t know who in the writing room pitched this idea but I believe that we have seen this one before. This is a carbon copy of the feud between Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax heading into WrestleMania 34. This feud just doesn’t work for a character labeled as The Monster Among Men. Why would comments from Shane McMahon of all people bother him. We all know that Shane is gonna bump like crazy for this match and Strowman will take down the bully.

Robby DeShazer - B-B-B Braun Strowman

This is as straightforward as Otis vs Dolph last year. The bullied has to overcome the bully and that's fine. I just wish that it wasn't happening on the grandest stage in sports entertainment. 

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest vs The Miz and John Morrison

maxresdefault (1)

Justin Lucciano- Bad Bunny and Priest

Come on the good guys are going to win and the celebrity in the match is going to get his moment especially considering everything that has happened in this feud. Miz and Morrison defiled the Bugatti of Bad Bunny and has attacked him, destroyed his DJ set and I do not see Bad Bunny not avenging all of that.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Bad Bunny and Priest

The team with the celebrity on it. Seriously?

Ja’ Von York - Bad Bunny and Damian Priest 

When has a celebrity ever lost a match in WWE let alone at WrestleMania. Miz and Morrison have felt they have been disrespected by Bad Bunny so they are gonna beat the respect into them. But we all know that the good guys will pick up the win here plus Miz and Morrison have to pay for painting Bunny’s Bugatti.

Robby DeShazer - Bad Bunny and Damian Priest

It's a WrestleMania match with a celebrity in it, so of course Bad Bunny is taking it. That being said, I am looking forward to seeing how Priest can perform on the big stage. Don't sleep on this one. 

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley (c)

Justin Lucciano- Bobby Lashley

This one is more of what I want to be honest. Lashley has waited 17 years to be champion and for a moment like this and if he lost after only having the title for two months that would not be best for business in my opinion. McIntyre is great but it is the time for the Almighty to have the title for at least 6 months in my opinion. 

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Drew McIntyre

Considering this is opening the show on night one, this could go in a number of ways. If I was fantasy booking, I'd have Drew win, and Lashley and MVP introduce the new Hurt Business to help him get his WWE Championship back the next night on Raw. 

Look, if Lashley loses, this isn't going to be his only WWE world title run. Lashley might be an older dude, but he's in better shape than the entire WWE roster combined (except for Finn Balor, who is in better shape than anyone in the history of ever) and he's going to get at least three (count 'em, three) more world title runs. But Drew opens WrestleMania with a title win.

Ja’ Von York - Drew McIntyre 

Both guys wanted over a decade to become WWE Champion but due to the current state of the world Drew’s moment was taken from him. WWE also announced that this match will open Night One which means when Drew wins he will get the loudest reaction and his moment in front of fans. If Lashley was to lose this could set them up to reform the Hurt Business with new members and we all know that this isn’t going to the last we see of The All Mighty as champion.

Robby DeShazer - Drew McIntyre

I was feeling pretty certain that Drew was going over until it was officially made the show opener. That being said, we know WWE wants to make a splash in front of their first fully live crowd in over a year, and Drew getting the win would be a great way to do just that. I'd love to see Drew and Bobby play a little bit of hot potato with the belt to finish out the first half of the year, and then maybe we can move it over to another deserving star on the Raw roster. 

Smackdown Women's Championship: Sasha Banks (c) vs Bianca Belair

Justin Lucciano- Bianca Belair

I am not confident about this one and I keep flip flopping on it to be honest. Banks has never won a WrestleMania match and she should win one or more than one to be honest but she is the heel and this is the main event. There is another night of WrestleMania so the event can still end on a happy note which is usually what happens. Belair the face and Rumble winner will prevail.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Sasha Banks

Bianca Belair is the future of WWE - of either gender. She's also come a long, long, long way since her days in NXT when Sam Roberts of all people said you weren't good enough to even be in the main event there. However, Sasha is the present of WWE - so much so that the goddamned future of WWE doesn't start until she says so. Bianca and Sasha are going to put on a banger of a match, but Sasha walks out with her belt.

Ja’ Von York - Bianca Belair 

Bianca Belair has been a star on the rise ever since she step foot in the Performance Center. We all knew that she was destined for greatness. Since being called up to the main roster Bianca has had one hell of a rookie year. She went from having a showcase moment at Survivor Series last year to winning this year’s rumble and now in the main event on night one of WrestleMania. Sasha has been a great champion since defeating Bayley at HIAC but it seems that reign has become stale and it’s time for EST to reign on Friday nights.

Robby DeShazer - Bianaca Belair

I learned not to bet against Bianca after my predictions for the Royal Rumble totally discounted her short feud with Bayley. WWE is excited to tell Belair's story and the main event of night one of WrestleMania is the best place to truly crown her as the E-S-T of WWE. 

Night 2 Predictions

United States Championship: Riddle (c) vs Sheamus


Justin Lucciano- Riddle

Sheamus deserves a reward after the great performances he has delivered over the past year, but this seems like just a match to make sure the title is defended and that both men have something to do. Riddle has not held the title long and this feud is only a few weeks and seems like just something to give the two men a mania match.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Riddle

Both Riddle and Sheamus are amazingly talented performers, but putting the title on Sheamus - who doesn't need it - and drawing heat from Riddle, who you've put so much time and money into - well... that's dumb

Ja’ Von York - Riddle

Both guys have been putting out some of their best work ever since being drafted to RAW last October. We have seen these two face off multiple times already and they never seem to disappoint. Riddle recently won the title from Lashley at the Elimination Chamber PPV so I think that it will be too early for him to drop the title now. I think that this feud will continue after mania especially since they only had a couple of weeks to build up this match.

Robby DeShazer - Sheamus 

Time to put my conspiracy hat on for just a minute. I totally believe that Keith Lee was supposed to walk away from the Elimination Chamber PPV with that United States Championship, but unfortunately, that couldn't happen due to some health issues. If Keith Lee returns to Monday Night Raw soon he will be challenging for the belt very soon after. Lee has to take the championship from an established star and Sheamus is the perfect person to transition it from Riddle over to Lee. (Not to mention Vince is totally gonna punish Matt Riddle for forgetting his lines during that one promo) 

Women's Tag Team Championship: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) vs Naomi and Lana

Justin Lucciano- Naomi and Lana

I think Jax and Baszler are soon to be split and Naomi and Lana are going to get their feel-good underdog moment. 

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

Sorry, Juice. Even if Jax and Baszler are soon to be on the outs - which I think is going to happen but not nearly as soon as you apparently do - they're not going to lose it to Naomi and Lana, who are adorable together but not the team you want to build the titles around.

Ja’ Von York - Naomi and Lana 

The reign of terror comes to an end at WrestleMania. Naomi and Lana will use the miscommunication between the champions to pick up the win which will lead to a spilt between Jax and Baszler. 

Robby DeShazer - Natalya and Tamina

Just go ahead and copy and paste everything I said about the tag team turmoil match here. Nattie and Tamina deserve the recognition in front of the fans, and Nia and Shayna need to move on to the Raw Women's Championship scene. 

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn w/Logan Paul

Justin Lucciano- Sami Zayn

I think even with Logan Paul turning against Zayn and helping Owens instead Zayn will somehow pull if off using his big brain. He will finally overcome the "factors" that have been working against him in his eyes and we will get a shocking outcome. 

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - nobody

Look, Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens - as a story - was a narrative that, as wrestling fans, we simply didn't deserve. The battles they had in NXT, and then on the "main roster", highlighted the amazing storytelling they put together using not just the short time they were in WWE together, but also incorporating their indie wrestling past. A WrestleMania clash to conclude their rivalry once and for all is a concept that philosophers 100 years from now will debate. 

Unless you get Logan Paul involved.

OK, so I have nothing personal against Mr. Paul. In fact, I have nothing against him at all. In fact, I hardly know anything about him at all. But, he's another celebrity that's been a part of the WWE dynamic for decades. And, these celebrity-focused angles are actually a lot of fun when done right. 

But, they've totally distracted me from a feud that didn't need it and so... I just don't care.

Ja’ Von York - Kevin Owens 

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have been fighting each other for their entire careers and put on stellar matches with great storytelling. This match at WrestleMania will be no different. We saw last week that Sami invited Logan Paul to be his guest at Mania but I think this will lead to Paul turning on Sami and giving Kevin the win.

Robby DeShazer - Kevin Owens

KO will be putting an end to Sami's conspiracy talk once and for all. I'd love to say that Logan Paul might also take a stunner, but it seems like Paul and Owens will probably end up on the same side at the end of the match. That being said this match should deliver in every possible way and should put a nice little bow on the Sami Zayn documentary storyline for now. 

Intercontinental Championship Nigerian Drum Match: Big E (c) vs Apollo Crews

maxresdefault (2)

Justin Lucciano- Big E

Big E is defending his title in his hometown and I think he will retain because of this. He's going to get his singles WrestleMania moment in front of his home crowd. Crews has lost three times already and the match is a gimmick match of his choosing so if he wins it would not shock me but he should not even have this match since he has lost to E so many times clean, but I'm sure it will be a great match both men are great wrestlers.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Apollo Crews

I think Big E is going to lose the title this weekend - and I think he's going to benefit from it.

Apollo Crews is in the midst of transferring into a career-defining (for better or worse) character change. Apollo might not be settling into this new role like a glove, But I can see in his eyes that he believes in this new character and he wants to make it work. And I think winning at WrestleMania will help.

Big E, on the other hand, is a charisma machine that makes the title more important than vice versa - at least, as far as I feel. Giving Crews the title in his new character (which has legs - it's going to do some amazing business, just watch) will not only improve the character but build upon an already amazingly established rivalry. Give Crews the win this weekend and have Big E reclaim his pride at SummerSlam.

Ja’ Von York - Apollo Crews

I think that the clock has struck midnight on the Cinderella reign of Big E. Crews and E have faced off for the title multiple times already and every time was the same outcome, Big E retaining the title. This is the reason for the heel turn and chard shift I believe that if Crews doesn’t win the title here then the turn would be for nothing.

Robby DeShazer - Big E

Big E is a future Universal Champion and honestly, he might be in contention for that belt sooner rather than later, but WWE wants to let the dust settle after the triple threat match before they push Big E to the main event. With Apollo picking a stipulation that seems to be in his favor, the stage is already set for Big E to outsmart the heel and hold on to the belt until they meet again. Apollo Crews has shown us over the last year that he can be a solid champion, and I am looking forward to his eventual run as Intercontinental Champ but his time is not coming at Mania this year. 

The Fiend w/Alexa Bliss vs Randy Orton


Justin Lucciano- The Fiend

The Fiend will avenge his loss from TLC where he was burned alive by Orton and I think after the match he will do something brutal to Orton. Bliss said the legend killer Orton will die and he will get a brutal end after the match that will have him off television for a little while I think.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Pick 'Em

Nope. It's the 1st anniversary of the original Firefly Funhouse match and, no, the match this year isn't advertised as such but, come on. The entire point of this feud is to get the audience to decide: "which one is least likely to murder everyone you love and yet also least likely to annoy me?" Whatever. Do I have to pick? F*** it, Randy Orton.

Ja’ Von York - The Fiend 

This match has been in the making ever since Randy burned The Fiend alive at TLC. Since then Alexa has been making Randy’s life a living hell and recently brought The Fiend back from the dead. Now it’s time for him to get his revenge on the viper. Could we possibly see another murder? 

Robby DeShazer - The Fiend

"WWE doesn't do long-term storytelling!" "I'm bored why are we still doing The Fiend and Randy Orton?" regardless of what happens the IWC will complain, but let's be honest ever since we saw Randy burn The Fiend at TLC we've all known where it was going. WWE is being smart and letting Bray Wyatt get the wins he should've gotten years ago, let's see where this takes us and just enjoy the ride. 

RAW Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley vs Asuka (c)

Justin Lucciano- Rhea Ripley

I'm thinking we will see a new champion here. Ripley has only had one match on RAW since joining the RAW roster full time and it ended in dq. So it might seem weird to put the belt on her right away but she was the Rumble match runner up and pushed Charlotte Flair to the limit last WrestleMania. Asuka's reign has been very flat and a change is needed.

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley needs this win to establish herself in the upcoming hierarchy. Asuka hasn't just established herself as a legend in International professional wrestling in general - she's a legend in WWE specifically. She's an immediate Hall of Famer the moment she decides she'd like to do that. And, she's got at least another 15 years of awesomeness ahead of her.

So, a "passing of the torch" to Rhea - who has both earned it as well as fits the role - would be both a class act, as well a smart, act from the Empress of Tomorrow

Ja’ Von York - Rhea Ripley 

Rhea was teased for weeks after the rumble this year and showed up two weeks before Mania to challenge Asuka for the title. Rhea just got on the main roster and needs a huge win to make a statement and show why people should fear her and what better way than being Asuka, the RAW Women’s Champion on the grandest stage of them all. Asuka reign has been terrible and booked poorly especially since this is the first time in like six months the title has been defended.

Robby DeShazer - Asuka  

Rhea Ripley is a future champion no doubt, but the build for this match hasn't felt quite right, and that's because it is missing someone. Rhea Ripley has to win the belt by pinning the queen, Charlotte Flair, and that just isn't happening this weekend. Even though Asuka's reign hasn't be impressive at all, she's been showing some more intensity in the ring recently and I'd love to see a full heel turn to accompany her win over Rhea. 

Universal Championship: Edge vs Roman Reigns (c) vs Daniel Bryan

maxresdefault (3)

Justin Lucciano- Edge

WWE has been doing a good job at making it seem like Bryan has a chance and is not just there to take the pin to protect Reigns but I still think that is what will happen. Now Edge has been acting like a heel recently but I think he is still a face so him winning I think could still be a happy ending especially considering his journey of returning from a career ending injury 9 years later at last years Rumble then winning this years Rumble. 

Kevin Christopher Sullivan - Roman Reigns

I'd rather see Daniel Bryan or Edge win, but Roman seems like the guy who's going to walk out of WM annoying everyone. Which is what he's going for.

Ja’ Von York - Edge

I know that a lot of people are happy that Daniel Bryan has been added to this match but I’m just not a fan of it. Daniel’s recent win/loss record does equate him being added to the match. This should’ve stayed between the champion and the Royal Rumble match winner. I still think that Edge will get his moment of winning the title 10 years to the date of him retiring and it will come at the expense of Daniel Bryan which will protect Roman Reigns. The Rated R Superstar will stand tall to close out WrestleMania.

Robby DeShazer - Daniel Bryan 

Edge has not been the ratings draw that WWE hoped he would be and as much as I would love to see Edge walk away with the title 10 years after he had to retire, Daniel Bryan winning is the guaranteed pop that WWE wants. Daniel Bryan added the fire that this match needed. Is it a rehash of WrestleMania XXX? Yes. Does that bother me? Not really. 

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