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Wrestlemania - Audio Issues, Attendance, Tag Champs, Problems With Entry, Photo Of Crowd

- There was a major audio issue during the Wrestlemania 30 Pre-Show but it was fixed before the Fatal 4-Way WWE Tag Team Championship Match started.

- The announced attendance for Wrestlemania 30 was 75,167 from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in NOLA.

- The Usos retain the WWE Tag Team Championship by going over in the Fatal 4-Way match that had elimination rules. Los Matadores were eliminated first followed by Ryback & Curtis Axel and finally The Real Americans. After the match, the Real Americans appeared to officially break up with Cesaro establishing himself as a clear babyface.

- Brooks Oglesby reported major problems entering the Superdome. Apparently he was only two sections from the door and it took him nearly two hours to get to his seats. THe halls were shoulder to shoulder motionless with security having toe make paths to let people in wheelchairs in. Apparently all four entrances were open buy everyone thought there was just one.

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