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Wrestling Fan Sets Up Crowd Funding For WWE Superstar's Surgery

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Mick Foley

It seems as if some loyal WWE fans might help jolly ol' St. Mick (Foley) with his important hip surgery. Foley noted that the surgery would cost $60,000 and that would be a difficult endeavour because he no longer had health insurance. One 14-year old fan named Abby Spencer has taken it upon herself to set up a GoFundMe Page to help pay for that very surgery with the help of some fans. They have only raised around $310 so far but it just started a few hours ago. You can check out the page here.

My name is Abby Spencer. I am 14 years old and live right here in Henderson Nevada. A couple of years ago I created a fund raising campain on Facebook called Abby’s Million Dollar Dream. I was trying to raise $1,000,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma.

During my campaign Mick Foley helped me not only bring awareness to my campaign but helped with a donation too! He talked about me on his Facebook page which helped people notice what I was doing. He also invited me to Pasadena California to one of his comedy shows. He donated money he collected from his autograph signing from that show and two others to my campaign. I have stayed in contact with Mick and I would say he is my friend.

I knew that Mick had trouble walking from the times I have spent with him. When I read his post on Facebook today that surgery would cost $60,000 and he didn’t have insurance I decided I wanted to help my friend.

Mick has touched the lives of so many people–from those he has worked with in the wrestling business–to the millions (and millions) *sorry Rock* of fans he has entertained over the years–to the many people like me that Mick has personally helped. It is our time to give back to this incredible man.

So I ask everyone to donate as much as you can but also remember every little bit helps. $60,000 should be easy with the number of people Mick has touched with his kindness and generosity.

Every penny raised will be given to Mick for his hip replacement surgery and hopefully we can raise this very soon so he can have the surgery done and then be back on Monday Night Raw making us all smile.

Thank You and Have A Nice Day!

You can also check out the embedded video above of Foley contributing to Spencer's charity.

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